Bella Swan went through life being the fat ugly girl that is best-friends with popular football star Edward Mason. Well, Bella has had enough and decides to sign up for MTV show Made. This will be a special episode that last longer than others. It will last three months, and will be from the end of the school year to the beginning of her senior year. This is her journey to becoming Made.

Perfectly made

Name: Bella swan


Sex: F

City, state, country: Forks, Washington; U.S.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Isabella swan, but I prefer Bella. My father is Charlie Swan and we live together in Forks, WA. My mother, Rene, lives with my step-dad, Phil, in Jacksonville Florida. I'm 17 years old and I turn 18 in September. I am a junior at Forks high. Um, my best friend is Edward Cullen. I love to read books, my favorite's classics. I'm probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet. I literally trip over air. I have long wavy brown hair, and brown eyes. And that's about it!

Why do you want to be made? (Details): I want to be confident in myself. I want to know what it feels like to actually live life, instead of hiding in my house. I want to lose weight for my family and my health. I want to be girly, instead of being a tomboy. I'm a normal girl, but I'm treated like the plague. I don't want that. I want to be beautiful, fit, and confident. I want to be made.

Signature: Isabella Swan

I folded the sheet of paper and stuffed it deep in a drawer. Note to self: Buy more stamps and envelopes. I leaned back in my chair and sighed.

"Hey, Swan," Someone yelled from the door. I jumped nearly a foot in the air, and glared at the intruder. He was laughing.

"Hey, Mason," I replied shortly. "Thanks for giving me a heart attack. I never wanted to live to be eighteen anyway."I shrugged nonchalantly, and smiled to let him see I was joking. He is so protective of me, from others, and from me. He tries to get me to exercise with him, but I have no motivation. I try, and then stop, never finishing anything. I feel bad, but break the rules again by eating my depression away.

That was, and still is my problem.


A 6-year old girl walks home from the worst first day of school EVER!

That day was her first day of kindergarten. She woke up this morning a bright happy little girl, excited to see what was going to happen today. Her parents sent her out on her way, after a few pictures of course. The sky was bright and sunny, but after a few blocks the dark clouds started moving in. She didn't see it as an omen, because it always rains in Forks.

Not long after, the rain starts falling. It starts as a light drizzle, the little girl is about halfway to the school. Little legs can only move so fast. The little girl now wished she took her fathers offer to drive in his police cruiser, but that would be stupid considering the school wasn't very far. It only seemed that way because of how small her legs were. It was raining harder now and the little girl was drenched, and all her new school things were ruined, seeing as the backpack was cloth.

As soon as she got to the school she was lost. Even though it was a small school, to a 6-year old it was as big as a castle! Since school seemed to have already started the little girl found a room with a desk and a little old lady behind it. She walked in and the woman looked up.

Her eyes visibly widened. "Oh, dear, what has happened to you?" She said clearly concerned. The little girl blushed and looked down.

"I was walking and it started raining. I'm sorry." The little girl said in a small voice thinking she was in trouble.

"Sorry? What for, sweetie? You can't control the weather. My name is Mrs. Cope. Here, come on, let's get you cleaned up." She said leading the girl behind the counter to a box filled with clothes. "Here, let's see. You're small, so this should fit. Go in that bathroom right there and try this out. When you come back out we'll get you into class." Mrs. Cope said pointing to a bathroom door. The little girl nodded and walked towards the door without bothering to look at the clothes.

A few moments later the little girl walks back into the office, dry, and still a little excited. Hey, it was her first day of school! Mrs. Cope looked up when she heard the click of the door. "Okay, those fit well! Here's your things, tell your teacher what happened and why some of your supplies are ruined. Here's a note to give to your teacher to explain your tardiness. Got everything dear?" She asked, and the little girl nodded her head. "Okay, what's your name so I can give you your teachers name and classroom."

"Is-Isabella Swan," The little girl stuttered nervously.

"Oh, here we go, you have Mrs. Spurlin. She is down the hall first door on the left. Have a good day!" Mrs. Cope smiled as the little girl walked out.

Every little head snapped in the girls' direction as she walked into the classroom, but her head was down as she stared at her feet.

" Look at her clothes! How old is she? Two? Really, who wears Barney anymore! Dora is like the best now!" Someone muttered to a now laughing little girl. Isabella heard and blushed. She walked up to the teacher and handed her the note.

"Ah, Isabella, we've been expecting you." She smiled warmly. "Here you can sit here. Let me take your things, I'll put them with the others' bags." She seated Isabella, and left her belongings with the rest of the backpacks and lunchboxes. Isabella looked around her table of four and locked eyes with a green-eyed little boy.

"Hello, I'm Edward Mason. What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Be-Bella." She got out.

"Well, Bella," Someone sneered her name from beside her. "Do you still watch Barney or what?" A little blonde girl said. She shook her head.

"I was walking to school and it started raining, so I was wet. I went to the office and they gave me some clothes." Bella said in a small voice.

"Good excuse," She snorted. "I'm Lauren, and I don't like Barney. I'm a big kid!" She smiled at Edward. Edward barely noticed seeing how he was staring at Isabella the whole time.

Another kid spoke up. "Hey, Edward, can I have that red crayon?" He asked. Edward nodded and handed him the crayon.

"So, Bella,-" Edward started, but was cut off by the teacher starting class.


The little girls' day was a little better. Edward was nice, Lauren ignored her, and a kid named Ben was drawing some picture the whole time, so she never talked to him. It was time for recess and Bella was walking with Edward talking about nothing in particular. Well she was walking until someone pushed her down. She sat on the ground for a moment trying to force back the tears until she looked up and saw Lauren walking away in the opposite direction. Edward blocked her view as he tried to help her up.

"Oh, my, gosh! Bella are you all right?" He looked scared for a minute.

"Sure," She shrugged. "I fall down a lot. No big deal." But she knew she didn't just fall this time. She just didn't want to make unwanted enemies that she seemed to already have. Edward looked at her, but decided to let it go. They started walking again, until they sat under a tree talking. A few minutes later, Bella gets hit in the head with something small. She looks around, but sees nothing unusual and shrugs it off. But then minutes later it happens again, but more than one this time. She looks around and spots Lauren looking around innocently. Bella was pelted with little acorns the whole recess, but couldn't do anything, because, really, what could she do?

*Back in the classroom after lunch*

Lunch, was like recess, but instead of acorns it was food. Mashed potatoes and chicken to be exact. And it was a nasty mess. Isabella was scolded for playing with her food, because that was what Lauren told the teacher. Bella was so scared she just sat there and took it. After lunch the class followed behind the teacher in a straight line. When they got to the classroom they learned Bella's' weakness; math. She could do some-the ones she could count on her fingers, but after ten she got lost. The teacher called on Bella for an answer that was higher than the number ten, and she embarrassed herself in front of the entire class! Edward said she was close to comfort her, but they both knew she was nowhere near the right amount.

After some math the class got some story-telling time. So they all listened to the teacher as she read some picture book.

Finally it was the end of the day and now she could go home! The little girl was disappointed. Today was not what she expected it to be. Everything that could've gone wrong, did. The only good thing today was Edward. Ah, Edward… Edward always made her feel better whenever Lauren would do something to make her day worse. Ugh, Lauren…

And with that she walked into her house. Her mom was in the kitchen when she walked in.

"Hey, sweetie! How did your day go?" She asked in a cheerfully happy mood. The little girl scowled. It's really annoying when you are in a bad mood, there is always someone around you that is as bright as the sun! She saw the girls scowl and frowned. "Bad day? Here, this is what you need."And with that she pulled out a tub of rocky road ice cream…

*End flashback*

Ugh, Lauren! She still likes to make my life a living Hell. She has liked Edward ever since that first day of kindergarten, and it is so funny because he doesn't even notice her! Edward is in most of my classes (amazing what he can do to the woman at the front desk just by looking at her!) and Lauren hates that he gives his attention to a fat ugly girl, instead of a skinny slut. Edward's technically not my only friend, I know a girl named Angela. She's really nice, but we're not that close. During lunch I sit with Edward and his football buddies. Jacob was the only one to talk to me. He was pretty cool, but I mostly talked with Edward.

"Anytime," Edward said coolly. Sigh. He was so amazing. He was the reason I woke up every morning and went to the hell hole they call school. He was the reason I stayed after school two extra hours just to watch him practice. He's like a shining light in a dark corner. He's everything I ever want, but I can't get. And to top it all off he was everything a girl looks for in a guy—sweet, charming, a gentleman —but the only thing people at school see are his good looks and popularity. As far as I know, Edward has never gone out with anyone, so this makes the ladies all think that he just likes a chase, and go after him stronger. It is so funny to watch, but so hard too. Of course Edward lets them down in a polite gentleman manner, but that doesn't stop them. Lauren is one that has not stopped trying from the beginning. She has tried almost every trick in the book, but Edward hardly notices her. The only time Edward ever notices Lauren is when he has to be with her which is at lunch. See, the football players and cheerleaders stick together in groups, like in every other high school, and Edward is captain of the football team, while Lauren is head cheerleader. And as head cheerleader, Lauren comes up with the most sluttish moves to get the attention of Edward when he's playing, but the only time he looks over, is to wave to me in the bleachers. "So, I wanted to ask you something," He said suspiciously. I raised an eyebrow, telling him to continue. "Will you go to the game?" He asked, sounding hopeful. I was confused. Of course I would go, I go to all his games. And this game decided if we would go to state or not, which is the first time since 1963! It has been a big deal, and all anybody can talk about all week.

"I always go to your games," I said, hoping he would explain.

He looked a little nervous and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, but,-" He was cut off by Charlie walking through the door.

"Hey, Bells, what do you think of this—Oh, hey Edward, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the school getting ready? Big game tonight, eh?" He smiled at Edward.

Edward shrugged, looking a little uncomfortable, which is weird, because we were like a family and Charlie was like Edward's second dad. "I was actually asking if Bells was coming, then I was gonna head out." He gave Charlie a pointed look, and Charlie looked like he remembered something.

"Oh, yeah… OK, well, I'll be in my room if you need me." He said about to walk out before I stopped him.

"Hey, dad, what did you need before?" I asked. He blushed, and looked away.

"Just your opinion on this tie," He said walking out the door.

Edward raised his eyebrow. "Since when does Charlie wear a tie, other than weddings and funerals?" He asked, I shrugged. He got this evil glint in his eyes, but there was also amusement, so I wasn't scared.

"What? I know that look, Edward. You're up to something," I said. He shrugged, looked towards the door, then back to me.

"Agent, Swan, we have a new mission," He said in a whisper. I almost laughed. We haven't played super secret spy agents in ages! This was going to be fun!

"And what is that agent, Mason?" I questioned in the same hushed tone. He smirked, clearly glad I was playing along.

"Well, were looking into the mysteries behind Charlie's tie." He said simply.

"Oh, of course, the tie. So, how are we going to do this?" I asked.

"Follow my lead," He whispered, as he got up and tip-toed to the door. He opened it as quietly as possible and snuck out. The whole time, his back was pressed against a wall. I had to stifle a laugh at the seriousness on his face. He looked over at me when I didn't succeed in being completely quiet, and broke into a huge grin. He beckoned me with his finger to come forward, and I easily complied, following in the same way he did—back against the wall and all. We were at Charlie's door and heard shuffling inside, as Charlie was obviously getting ready for something. Edward twisted the knob very slowly, and peeked inside. After a few minutes, Edward was about to burst out laughing, so I pushed him away from the door, and had myself a look. How Edward lasted so long, I'll never know. Charlie was in front of the mirror in dress clothes—His black church pants and a blue button down shirt—making different poses. Most of them where he was flexing his non-existent muscles in his arms, and some where he was trying to look sexy, I suppose. I couldn't stop the laughter that came out of my mouth when he looked at the mirror and said "Hey, Sue, what's up baby?" In a deep husky voice. Charlie turned around and saw me and Edward peeking through the door and stomped over. Me and Edward sat up and ran back to my room, trying to look indifferent—which is really hard, considering what we just saw. We made it to my room before Charlie got the door to his room open. I smiled my best angelic smile at his beet red face. I couldn't tell if he was angry or embarrassed.

"Hey, dad, what's up?" I asked as innocently as possible. He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Who you all dressed up for, Charlie?" Edward asked, trying to keep a straight face. I was never a good actor and even worse at lying, so it surprised me how calmly I could do this!

"Huh? Oh, no one. Well, actually, I have a date tonight. Sorry, but I'm probably going to miss the game kid." He said, sounding regretful. I think he was more upset about missing the game, then actually hurting Edward's feelings for missing the game.

"A date? With who?" I asked innocently, since I already knew who. Sue Clearwater. Her husband, Harry, passed a few years back and ever since then her and Charlie have been spending more time together. I wonder if this is their first date, or just a special one. Probably their first considering how nervous Charlie is.

"Sue Clearwater," he said. I nodded.

"Have fun," I said in a sincere tone. He nodded. Edward got up and took out his wallet, and said,

"Here, Charlie," Edward said. "they're the keys to the Volvo, you can't take the cruiser, and Bella's truck sucks." Edward chuckled.

"Hey!" I said. "My truck has got personality,"

Edward and Charlie laughed. "Yeah, but it also has some running problems." He pointed out.

"My truck runs just fine," I said angrily.

"So, that's why I've been picking you up for the past month?" He asked. Damn it! I can't tell him the reason I called him to pick me up was because I wanted to be with him. Talk about awkward moments. But I have to defend my truck. I sighed and gave no answer. He smiled smugly. "The best thing about your truck, is probably the stereo." He said.

"You mean the one you bought me for my birthday?" I grumbled. He heard me and laughed.

"OK, kid, thanks, but how will you get to the game, seeing as Bella's truck is…" Charlie trailed off as I glared at him.

"I'll take my Vanquish. I'll take Bella, if that's alright with you." He said to me. I nodded, ad he smiled. "So go have fun with your hot date, Charlie!" He laughed again. Charlie nodded and left. A few minutes later he said he was leaving, and we wished him good

luck. Edward had to leave soon, so we just hung out with each other for a while. Too soon it was time for him to leave and I bid him goodbye. He would be back around 7 to pick me up, and I had this weird feeling I my stomach, and I don't know why, but this felt like a date.

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