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I stare at my reflection in the mirror.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Losing my mind on a tiny error.

I nearly left the real me on the shelf.

Jessie J's voice blare through my headphones and I stare out the window. The plane should be landing soon. I told him I was coming back; I promised him I wouldn't let a night of mistake change us. I've changed, though. It's what I wanted, I think.

I'm not sure…

Funny how you can want and want for so long, but when you finally achieve your goal, it means nothing. Sure, I've changed, but as I come closer and closer to my destination, that familiar tugging in my chest pulls harder and harder until I'm breathing heavy and leaning forward in my seat.

I'm coming home.

Where we left off… (3 months before intro)

"STOP!" I turn at the sound of the voice and look over to find a camera crew. A large camera comes closer and I realize the man behind the hunk of crap was the one who screamed. Alice looked at him, annoyed. "Isabella, when Alice says she's your MADE coach, scream, jump up and down," He looked at me from behind his camera and frowned. "Or just scream."

"Alec!" Alice hissed punching him in the gut. He winced and I looked away, seriously contemplating just closing the door.

"Um, Renee and Phil are sleeping, so if you don't mind keeping it down, please." I said quietly. Alice smiled and Alec rolled his eyes.

"Whatever just look excited and do it again." He motioned for Alice to go and she walked back down the porch steps. She looked back.

"Close the door, Bella. We're re-doing the take." She smiled and hopped into the van they were in.

I closed the door, my hand inching towards the lock. I sighed and dropped my hand to my side, limply. A knock at the door sounded moments later. I opened it and took in the whole yard, something I didn't do before. I tried a surprise face, but felt like a complete idiot, so I just went with slightly parted lips, hand over mouth thing. Alice announced she was my MADE coach again, almost the same way she did the first time. I squealed slightly, and my hand muffled the embarrassing sound. The dude behind the camera yelled to stop again and then proceeded to invade Renee's home. All I could do was step to the side.

Alice made her way to the couch in the living room where several others were. The camera dude was yelling at his people incoherent nonsense. I almost smacked him for yelling when he could've used his inside voice perfectly well.

"Shut up, my mom and her husband are asleep upstairs. If you wake them up, you will face the wrath of an annoyed Renee." I warned. The camera dude snorted.

"Listen, I've been doing this for a while, I know what I'm doing," He continues before I can interrupt with a snarky comment. "You're going to smile, hug Alice, and explain why you want to be made. Got it? Good." I roll my eyes and seriously think about flicking him off and tell him to take his camera, get out of my mom's house and go somewhere the sun don't shine.

But then Miss Sunshine herself walks up, gripping my arm, asking if I wanted to take a walk. I reluctantly agree and we head out the back, camera crew following closely behind.

"Ever want to punch that douche in the face?" I ask no one in particular, but Alice answers anyway, ignoring the snorts and laughter behind us.

"All the time," She deadpanned. I laughed. "So, tell me why you want to be MADE," She nods her head behind us and I frown. Creepy camera dudes following me everywhere? No thanks.

"I lived in a small town Forks, Washington my whole life. The weather report described my days before…Voldemort," I say, ignoring the confused looks. "Dull and lifeless. My mom left my dad when I was, like, seven and I stayed with my dad while my mom moved here. She tried to get me to move with her, but I wanted to stay. She didn't understand, she knew how much I hated the place, but I was angry at her, and I was content with my life. I didn't know what it would lead to, though and if I did know beforehand, I would've left with her. Maybe I wouldn't look like a walking Shamu." My hand gestures to my body. Alice looks like she wants to say something, but I hold up my hand. "I met him in kindergarten. It was the worst and best day of my life. I had to walk to school and it started pouring half way there, so I was late, cold, and wet. Not a great first impression. Oh, and since I was soaked I was stuck with lost and found clothing. Even in my Barney shirt, he smiled at me and made me feel like I wasn't the crap Lauren seemed to like to call me." I scowled and continued. "I came home that first day, happy and upset. The disappointment overruled my happiness, though and my mom decided giving me comfort food was a good idea. So, after a few years and things started getting rocky with the parental, food was my best friend when he wasn't there. I started growing bigger than my classmates to a point of no return and now, here I am, explaining to you my life story in short." I roll my eyes, my voice thick with sarcasm.

"Bella, why do you want to be made?" Alice asks quietly.

"What's it like?" I ask, stopping our walk abruptly, turning to face her. She stares in confusion.

"What's what like?" I look away and tell her to forget about it. She pushes, though. "Bella, what's what like?" Her voice is harder, more demanding.

I turn to her again, tears in my eyes, taking all my power for them not to spill.

Being beautiful, skinny, loved? I bury my face in my hands. "God, I'm such a loser." I hear Alice tell them to turn off the cameras.

I'm left alone for a while and I stare out into the ocean, watching the sun rise higher into the sky, and then falling. It's familiar in a comforting way. This memory doesn't hurt as much.


The little girl is grown up now, almost fifteen years old. She and her best friend are at that stage where they want to try everything. That's why they're now about three miles into the forest, stuck in the land of green.

"Maybe we should go back," The girl whined. She was tired two and a half miles ago, but decided not to say anything. Her best friend looked too happy.

"C'mon, its right up here, I promise." He took her hand and smiled pulling her along with him. He swore up and down he found this amazing meadow with a river nearby and everything. They were gonna go swimming since today was a good day in Forks, Washington. The sun was out and the temperature was a solid seventy degrees, which is about as best as it can get, really.

She let him drag her another half mile into the forest before she stopped. She saw a light in the opposite direction of which her best friend was taking her. The girl tugged on her friend's sleeve and pointed towards the light.

His eyes lit up and he nodded, going that way. He made sure to keep her hand in his grasp and frankly, she wasn't complaining.

They made it into a small field and she scowled. Everything was brown, which changed the scenery from her life, but it was so ew. Seeing his best friend's face, he chuckled. The boy kept pulling the girl, though, across the field. He knew she would love his place. He had only been up there a few times, every time he came in from a different direction, so he had no solid path. He reminded himself to make one.

They break through a group of bushes and trees, coming in a small, round meadow. The girl's eyes light up, looking anywhere and everywhere. The boy chuckles again, pulling into the center. He brought a backpack full of stuff, like first aid (Never know with the girl), snacks (Because they were sure to get hungry), and change of clothes (Because he fully intended getting wet).

The girl was still surveying her area when in the corner of her eye, she sees the boy remove his shirt.

She might've fainted for like two seconds before gathering herself. She's seen her friend without a shirt before, but that was when he didn't look like the guy on the Hollister bags.

Teenage hormones—love to hate 'em.

The girl doesn't remove her clothing, because she wore her bathing suit here, like her friend. She had on a pair of basketball shorts and an old t-shirt. Her friend had on basketball shorts, too, sans t-shirt, since he just removed it.

She was hesitant at first when they reached the river, but somehow, her friend convinced her it was safe. They held hands as they jumped in together. The water was freezing, but they didn't care. The boy dunked his head under and when the girl turned to swim away, he grabs her foot from under water, pulling her down with him. She squealed and laughed as her head emerged, slapping him on his chest.

They had slash fights and just floated around for a while before they got hungry and cold, deciding to get out. They changed out of their clothes into their spares, hiding behind bushes and trees, of course. The boy brought sandwiches and some juice in a thermos. The girl laughed and asked if his mother packed his lunch this morning. They bantered for a while, eating, laughing, and soaking up the limited amount of warmth the sun gave off. They're wet clothes were drying beside them and were sure to be still damp by the time they would have to pick them up, but they didn't care.

They watched the sun rise and fall as they just spent the day together in that meadow, blissfully unaware of anything else.


By sunset, Alice shows up again, but I ignore her.

She sits next to me silently, bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them, resting her chin on her knees.

"I'm sorry," I mumble. She mutters something, but I can't hear her.

"Thank you," She replies. I'm confused.

"For what?" I'm staring at her staring out at the ocean.

"For letting me in," She answers simply. "You don't seem to be the kind of girl who does that often."

"I'm not," I sigh. "I'll try my hardest, I promise, but I was wondering if I could get into kick-boxing," I wonder aloud. Alice laughs.

"Why kick-boxing?" She giggles.

"Because with that Alec dude, I'm gonna have to blow off some steam." I laugh as Alice bumps her shoulder against mine. We watch the sun fall beneath the water and decide I should get back. Renee's gone when I'm back and most of the crew is just lounging around as if they own the place. I wondered where they were staying.

"Ah, Bella, you're back! I saw the footage from earlier and I have to say, nice tears." Alec smirks at me, and then walks away as if that was a compliment.

I start after him, but a hand rests on my shoulder. I look back at Alice, who shakes her head, and slump into myself.

I announce I'm going to my room and Alice follows along with a few other people. I scowl, but choose to ignore them. You volunteered for this, Bella, stop complaining. This kept running through my mind like a mantra.

Or maybe it was that annoying voice I keep trying to ignore…

God, I'm crazy.

Aint gotta tell me twice…

Ugh! You're back? No talking in front of people. I may be crazy, but at least I don't look crazy.

Says you.

Shut up!

No. That was mean. Apologize.





"Yes." I ask and turn around, ignoring the snort in my head. I realize I've been standing at the end of the hallway, just staring at the wall. I shake my head and apologize, walking into my room. I head straight out to the balcony and stare out over the water.

Alice and her group of peeps follow me out and we just sit there, staring out into the water.

Too soon, though, Alice breaks the silence with a small giggle. I look at her like she has two heads, but she just smiles and asks, "So, you've met Voldemort?" She laughs again, and I sigh.

"It's a long story," I warn.

She smiles. "I've got time,"

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