Once, a long time ago dere was a mareen called doommarine doom marine went to teh uacc base on marz and he went with swannn and his bobby graud campe bell teh marine and teh bobby graud and swannn got n to teh base on marz and it waz overtakoon bai demons a evil demon lungeed at teh marine and hit him in teh face but teh marine gotz teh chainsaws out and hit demonz then swannn and his bobby graud went to teh center of teh base to find teh poral to hell while teh marine staied behind.

then teh pinke demon came and teh marine got out teh chiansaw and started cutting then teh marine got a message from swannn and his bobby graud thaat they were in troubles so marine got gernaid and threw it zombee an demonz bleewed up in firez then the marine went in to portol to helll to find bobby graud and swannn but they were kill by demons so teh marine got his they cards and went in teh researchee placee in hell and found teh bfg den the marine find the guardon of hell and teh soul cude

teh marine fooht against guardon of hell and he defeeted him and got teh soul cude den teh marine went to teh end of hell to facee teh cybber demown he got teh soul cude and threw it at teh cybber demown and it rarwed nad fall in to hole den teh marine know tet he saved teh earths from the demowns nad zombies ad evill peeple tehn he stoood there and fell later teh marinesz from teh earth find him and he tell dem what happend then he coogh nad die later at earth der was a memorial dedcate to marine bowb for savin teh earths.