Chapter 41: Back to School

Walking to school on Monday, Haruka had no trouble seeing that Ranma's mood still had not fully recovered from the incident the previous day.

Yesterday hadn't been fun. After returning home, she had quickly found Ranma smashing bricks back in the yard until they were nothing more but red dust. She never had seen Ranma this angry before, so she hadn't dared to interrupt her venting until the redhead had stopped the smashing due to a hurting hand.

Instead, Ranma had started ranting.


"Can you believe it? The nerve that she told them!" Ranma shouted, loud enough that it was carried into the house. This was one of the benefits of having a big garden, one could shout and it would not disturb the neighbors.

"To think I was beginning to trust them, and they turn around and do this..." Ranma was so enraged and flabbergasted she could not find the right word to describe her current predicament

"Shit," Haruka supplied helpfully as she watched Ranma pacing back and forth, trying to work out her irritation, while she was sitting on the ground and kept her company.

"Huh?" Ranma stopped and looked at Haruka with a confused look, her anger temporarily forgotten by the vulgar word.

Haruka just shrugged and said "They turn around and do this shit."

Realizing that Haruka was helping her, Ranma continued with her ranting of the Inners. The words clueless idiots, brainless cheerleaders, lobotomized prissy princesses and other creative descriptions came to the forefront. It was not long before they started to make it into a game of Haruka supplying her entire repertoire of cuss words and creativity she had picked up on the track.

During that, Nodoka wandered out from inside the house, curious as to what was happening because of the shouting. She surprised them after hearing what they were doing by adding some creative descriptions that they were surprised even existed in the formal speech patterns she preferred. Who could have known something like that even existed?

By the time they reentered the house, Ranma was actually smiling and Haruka got rewarded with a toe-curling kiss that left her dazed. It took all of the blonde's willpower to not pick Ranma up, carry her to their bedroom, introduce the finer parts of mouth and tongue to the little redhead and to test out the spring of the new king-sized bed they had gotten that day, much to the delight of Nodoka.

Haruka was content to just hold Ranma close as they both fell asleep later at night. There would be time for all of this later.

-End Flashback-

Although Haruka had been able to help to divert Ranma's anger and grief, it did little to improve her own opinion of the other Senshi. While she would not do anything drastic, it had reinforced her perception of them being immature teenage girls whom on occasion did not think about the consequences of their actions.

'Unthinking... Immature,' she thought, although she had to admit that she had been like that herself not long ago, so she would not be the one to throw the first stone.

As they approached the school, she decided to let the issue rest for the time being.


Ranma walked through the halls of the Infinity Academy, looking for Dr. Tofu and Kasumi during his lunch break. After all, it would be better to make sure everything was alright after what happened last week and not finding them on Friday.

He'd started at the top of the building and worked his way down while chewing on a stick of Pocky. By now most of his bad mood had settled, but he was sure it would take a bit longer before he was completely back to normal. He however did not want to see even a hair of the Inners for the next days. He reached the end of the stick long ago, and was now near the bottom of the building. Typical, right when he wanted to get this over with, he would not find neither of them.

"…girl isn't here to protect you this time, and I SAW you do it!" he heard someone yell and looked over in the direction he heard the sound coming from to see the class where he normally took the theory portion of wood shop.

Frowning, as he was pretty sure he recognized the voice that had spoken, he stepped into the room, and sure enough, there was a group of angry looking boys surrounding a very dark purple haired girl.

"Is this a regular event, or something?" he asked, stepping into the room.

The boys looked up, startled, and backed away, trying to look innocent as the girl cowered. "We aren't doing anything wrong!" one of them blurted, as startled children are wont to do, but Ranma crossed his arms.

"Like I… my sister," he corrected himself, "said. You could at least have the decency to harass her one on one."

"But I…" One of the boys said, unsure what to say. If this boy was the brother to the redhead who had stopped him from beating on the freak a few weeks ago, he wasn't sure what to say.

"I don't particularly care," Ranma replied shortly. "At the least you could do is have the courage not to hide behind a crowd," he growled. Kneeling down in front of the girl, he looked her over. "You okay, Hotaru, right?"

The girl nodded. "Yes, I'm fine," she said shortly, but Ranma noticed that her lunch bento, a rather well made one by the looks of the ribbon and cloth, had been knocked down onto the floor and scattered around.

"You guys, clean that up," he ordered, glaring at the boy who had been instigating this whole mess. "I'm going go get her some lunch." The boy nodded sullenly and started to pick up the Bento as Ranma led Hotaru out of the room.

As the two walked down the hall, the young girl looked up at the boy oddly. She did not hesitate going with him, since he looked a lot like Ranko, and identified himself as her brother. She quite frankly would have given anything to be pulled out of that situation. Still, she had to ask.

"You're Ranma, right? Ranko's brother that she told me about?"

Ranma nodded, not really wanting to lie to the girl, but not feeling like explaining his curse at the moment. After the events of the last days, that was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

As they turned down the hall and into the main section of the building, she asked something else. "What you said, about if he attacked me by himself, Ranko said it too… what did you mean?"

Ranma shrugged, uncomfortably. "Ranko and I are both martial artists," he explained. "Unless there's a really good reason, we don't like getting in fights between two people or two groups, because we could be interrupting a honorable match."

"And what kind of reasons are good ones to interfere?" she asked, being rather confused. She had not heard of martial artists much other than in action movies, and she really dislike those.

"If one's obviously better than the other and he's beating them up just for the fun of it. That sort of stuff. Martial artists have to protect the weak." Ranma shrugged, before coming to a stop at a food stand that was set up near the middle of the floor. "Anything special you want?"

Hotaru shook her head, so Ranma began to order two pretty standard lunches, while several thoughts ran through her head. 'To protect the weak?' she thought. It was a very nice idea… if only she wasn't so weak herself. She frowned, once more wishing that she could become healthy, like her idol Hayase-San, or Ranma and Ranko.

Ranma interrupted the girl's thoughts when he tapped her on the shoulder, and she jumped back slightly at the sight of a plate of food held in his hand. "Did I startle you, Hotaru-chan?" he asked, trying to be comforting.

"No, I'm… I'm fine," Hotaru stammered, reaching out and taking the plate of food. "Thank you, Ranma-San."

He shrugged. "No problem, and just call me Ranma, okay?"

Hotaru nodded back shyly, and was about to say something when a voice could be heard from down the hall. "Ranma, there you are!"

Ranma looked up, seeing that it was Dr. Tofu walking towards him. "Sorry Hotaru, but I've gotta get some stuff done. You gunna be okay?"

The dark haired little girl nodded, holding her plate away from herself and bowing slightly in thanks. "I'll be fine, thank you… Ranma," she said, before running off.

He blinked in confusion, and wondered what that was about, but shrugged it off as Dr. Tofu reached him. "Guess this is about last week?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Not exactly, please follow me."

The gi wearing doctor didn't start to talk right away, leading Ranma into an empty classroom, closing the door. "Hey, Doc, is something seriously wrong?" Ranma asked, suddenly getting a lot more worried at the amount of privacy the man was seeking.

Tofu frowned. "That's something I want to find out," he said. "Has anything… odd... happened to Kasumi in the last few weeks?"

"Odd?" Ranma asked, confused. He'd thought Tofu would want to talk about the events of last week, but now he was confused.

"Yes," Tofu replied, "her aura's been manipulated." He then went on to describe his findings.

"Okay, let me get this straight," Ranma said, recapping what Tofu had told him over the past couple of minutes. "Ya think someone's been screwing around with Kasumi's aura because she finally got the courage to go after you?" The pigtailed boy snorted. "Even I knew she had a crush on you, it's not like it'd take people manipulating her to act on it."

Tofu shook his head. "No, I mean I've actually compared her aura with an old scan I did, now that I finally got the chance to with going berserk. It's definitely been changed."

Ranma blinked. "How did you manage to scan Kasumi's aura before? I mean, with how your glasses fog up, I doubt you could've seen it."

"It's actually an adaptation of one of Happosai's techniques…" Tofu started, before he saw Ranma's horrified and disgusted look. "No! I didn't do that!" he clarified, waving his hands frantically. "She gave me food wrapped in cloth sometimes, and I read off of that."

"Oh, um, sorry Doc." Ranma said, sheepishly, while the older man gave him an annoyed and put upon look. "So, what's different about her aura?"

Tofu shrugged. "It's been super-charged with Chi. More specifically, a massive boost of confidence." He frowned, then blushed. "It actually wouldn't make her act any different than she normally does, really, other than, well, being more assertive in doing things and talking to people. I'm worried."

Ranma stopped, tempted to say that if it was something so simple, not to worry about it, but Tofu honestly did look concerned so he ranged his memory back over his interactions with the oldest Tendo over the last few weeks. It was then that he blinked, his eyes widening. "I don't suppose having her aura sucked out of her body and then hit with a Moko-Takashiba at full power would do it, would it?" he asked.

Tofu instantly narrowed his eyes. "And how, exactly, did THAT happen?" He asked, his glasses shining dangerously.

"Well, um, there was this…" Ranma started, trying to think of a way of explaining the monster attack without revealing his new 'side job' to Tofu. That would surely take some creative interpretation of the facts, as he felt Tofu would instantly see through any lie.

It took quite some thinking. The first part was easy, as the initial attack and the crystal absorbing the blast was quickly said without alteration, although Tofu looked for a moment as if he was about to rip into Ranma. He seemed to control himself by the fact that Ranma hadn't done it on purpose. As Ranma then spun it, getting knocked around by that thing hadn't been healthy and he was out of the fight, while two Senshi took care of it. That wasn't strictly a lie, as Ranma was out of the fight while Sailor Neptune had done the work. He just hoped Tofu would buy it.

Dr. Tofu was shaking his head once he'd heard the whole story. "Of all things..."

"Uh, Doc? Is this going to hurt Kasumi?" Ranma asked, hoping to steer it in a different direction.

"No, it won't. It will fade over time once her own energies start to replace it, though I suspect she will keep part of her new confidence. However, I have to warn you that it still is part of you and could have some strange effects."

"Strange effects?" Ranma asked.

"You won't notice anything. But considering it was your energy, it is still connected to you. Kasumi could get glimpses of your current emotions, if they are strong enough," Tofu warned Ranma. He didn't tell Ranma that Kasumi had told him that she hadn't felt that well yesterday, having felt upset for unknown reasons.

Ranma felt a little uncomfortable, but at least Kasumi would respect his privacy and not tell anyone else. Hearing the bell signaling the end of lunch break right then, Ranma quickly excused himself and left.

Dr. Tofu couldn't help but to roll his eyes once Ranma had left. Ranma was a bad liar and someone like him, who had spent years experiencing people trying to lie about how they'd gotten their more embarrassing injuries, could see through it right away. No, Ranma had not exactly lied, but he hadn't told him the full truth. There was something more to the whole issue.

However, he would not force the issue.

Leaving the classroom, Tofu couldn't help but to think about visiting her in the palor she was working at during closing time. The owners had said it would be alright and it would give them time to talk. In a way, slowly learning who Kasumi Tendo is was very nice and he knew she enjoyed the two of them just talking to get each other better known.


Tokyo was bathed in the dusk afternoon light of the slowly setting sun later that day. However, the four girls and two cats meeting at the Hikawa Shrine had little eye for it. They had different problems to deal with after yesterday's events. Now was the first opportunity they could talk without interruption.

"Where's Usagi? Shouldn't she be here with us?" Ami asked. She had last seen her at school and not since then.

"Don't expect her to come," Luna said. "She told me she's spending the rest of the day with Naru. After yesterday, they have a lot to talk about. And I have to forewarn you, she'll bring her here tomorrow so that she learns the whole story from all of you."

They knew they should've expected that someone sooner or later learns of their secret and thankfully Naru had promised to keep it secret. Yet, they didn't know how to feel about it, as each of them - even Makoto with her new flame - had people they were keeping in the dark about their secret. Everyone knew that it could become nasty the longer they let it fester, yet they couldn't find a way to reveal themselves.

"Maybe it's better that way. After all, it means Usagi won't learn of this whole mess," Rei said.

That was news to Artemis. "What? She still doesn't know of this Ranma?"

"No, we never had a chance to tell her. She was never there when it came up. And after yesterday it's pretty clear we shouldn't at all," Makoto explained, feeling that she didn't want to get into the bad graces of the Outers.

"This gets better with every minute. Keeping information from our princess," Artemis groaned, then saw that Luna didn't blink an eye. "You actually agree with that?"

"As much as I want her to take more responsibility, this is a case where I think it's better to leave her out of it. That's for her own good," Luna lectured him.

"You all are impossible..." Artemis decided in disbelief.

"Try to marsupial us out and you're gonna get it," Minako threatened and Artemis shut up, but winced at her butchering of idioms yet again. His face was still frowning with defiance. There was no doubt that he still felt that they were making a big mistake and would say so once it would blow up in their faces.

"And now that this is done with, What do we do now? Uranus and Neptune looked ready to turn poor Ami into a smoking hole in the ground. I don't really want to meet them again," Minako then finally came to the point of the meeting.

"How should I have known I blundered this badly?" Ami winced. "First I anger him after Juku and then I spead around his secrets." Blushing, she hid her face behind the book she was holding.

Ami was dreading Friday. She had a feeling that Ranma knew exactly who she was, the way she had looked at her, as if recognising someone, left little doubt to it. How would he treat her during Juku? How angry would he be? That alone made her feel rather unwell, especially since she fully deserved his anger for being insensitive about his secrets.

"I still can't believe there's a Senshi that's only part-time girl. Kind of freaky." Minako really couldn't imagine it, as the ramifications were downright scary.

"-Snort- See, I think that's exactly why he didn't want this to be public knowledge," Artemis lectured her. Sometimes, Minako was a bit thick. "How would you feel if one of your secrets is publicly announced?"

"But this is not public though, it was between the Senshi," Makoto protested. "We would never tell anyone else about it."

"I don't get it. What's with all this secrecy?" Minako wondered. "Don't they see it's easier when we work together?"

"Their jobs and your jobs were different" Luna informed "You four were meant to kept the peace within the kingdom, and theirs was to protect the kingdom from any outside invasions. As a result your paths never really crossed. Before Serenity II. delegated the jobs as such, it was very chaotic as who was doing what, that it just caused so much unnecessary confusion."

"Oh, I still don't understand why they are so sensitive about the issue" Rei declared with a frown. "We all are Senshi. If they won't help us, I don't see the point in helping them."

"Not this again..." Ami knew it was difficult for Rei to keep her cool. "We certainly won't gain their trust by acting like offended children."

"I- what?" Rei wasn't used to Ami voicing scorn to others.

Ami however was not done. "I won't deny my responsibility for this mess. I should have tried to talk to Ranma at once, before telling you. But this won't release you from trying to make an effort to mend the rift, regardless how."

Seeing how adamant Ami was on this subject, the others did not want to continue on this subject anymore.

Although, Ami's course of action was clear. Rei and Minako were not about to let things go, the scowl on their faces was clear. Makoto, on the other hand, wanted to see how things would develop, but she was leaning toward Rei and Minako's conclusion as well.


Two days later found Haruka facing one of her most feared enemies.

"Dresses, yuck!"

Haruka grumbled as she forced herself into a dress that Nodoka had insisted on buying for her. As much as she did not like it, the Senshi of Uranus wanted to help Ranma to forget about the incident a few days ago, even though she knew he by now was in a better mood than that day.

It was Wednesday and she could still see the lingering sadness in his lackluster eyes.

She snorted, she must be in love for her to wear something this feminine, but Ranma's recent behavior worried the masculine girl. For two days now, she'd seen Ranma almost exclusively as a girl, today Ranma hadn't bothered to turn back to male at all, for whatever reason. Haruka loved his girl form, but she had to make a point tonight that she loved him for him regardless of what body he was in.

She smirked, that even sounded weird in her own head.

She released a long exaggerated sigh; the pain she had to endure for love.

As she reluctantly took a look at the low-cut dress that showed off some of her cleavage, she slipped on the heels that would extend her already long legs. She took a hesitant step forward, feeling her ass jiggle, and then followed up with her other foot. She was so used to wearing flat shoes that it took a bit to get used to, since the last time she'd worn real heels was two years ago at the insistence of her mother.

'Yeah, that went so well... Thank all goodness I somehow can balance without a problem when being a Senshi,' she thought, remembering the heels of her Senshi boots.

She nodded her head in approval, and took a deep breath, hoping this dress and what she planned for tonight would finally help Ranma out of his funk.

When Haruka found Ranma, he was in her girl form and performing a kata in the backyard. A look of frustration was etched on the redhead's face. She was in the middle of a long kata that Ranma had been teaching her for a week now. She still could not perform the aerial roundhouse kick followed by backward spin punch down without dropping her guard yet. She shudddered when remembering yesterday's training session. Haruka decided to go find some warm water to change her lover back into a guy for their date, while Ranma finished with the last parts of her katas.

When Haruka returned, Ranma was winding down from her kata. Feeling Haruka's presence behind her, Ranma turned around. The blonde Senshi took this opportunity to splash the aquatransexual.

"Why you do - URK!" Ranma's protest was cut short when he spotted what Haruka was wearing.

Ever the opportunist, Haruka took this chance to plant a forceful kiss onto Ranma's lips. Ranma was too shocked, first by the lovely sight in front of him, and second by the kiss he was on the receiving end of. It took a while for his brain to reboot. When Haruka was breaking the kiss, Ranma bit down on her lips eliciting a soft moan from Haruka. Ranma's arm came up and wrapped around Haruka's waist as he returned the kiss with as much passion, holding on for dear life.

Ever since that night in the mountains, Ranma had felt somewhat conflicted with his sexuality. He did not know how exactly he should feel about the entire thing. While he liked that Haruka loved both of his forms, it had made him wonder where her preferences were stronger.

A dream two nights ago had further convoluted things for her, no, him.


Ranma watched a dimly lit room, although the room had very sparse furnishing in it, the few things that were in it were extremely extravagant. Not extravagant to show off one's wealth, but extravagant for things to be practical and comfortable. Her eyes darted around the room, her mind for once was conscious of her own surroundings. It just felt so disconcerting to watch an experience from the outside-in. It almost felt like she was snooping, and that feeling left a distaste in her mouth. She unconsciously slapped her lips together several times, trying to get that awful feeling out, but it was to no avail.

Where was this?

On its own, the information came to her. This was Uranus Castle on the moon of Titania, situated at the edge of the city. Ranma didn't waste a thought to this infodump. Instead, she slowly walked towards the nearby balcony, where she spotted two people.

Well, two very naked young women, as Ranma was greeted by the sight of their naked asses.

Ranma didn't even try to speculate why they were standing on the balcony in the nude, feeling surprisingly little shame seeing them like this. She did recognise the previous Sailor Uranus, the strong resemblance to Haruka was a bit frightening. The other woman was harder to recognise, but she finally realized that this was the previous Neptune. This woman looked nothing like her with her long and slender build, aquamarine, wavy hair and a very feminine face. She also had an air of class, elegance and grace that Ranma wanted outside of martial arts.

"This sight never loses any of its beauty, regardless how often I look at it," Neptune gently told Uranus, while gazing at the greenish gas giant in the sky.

Uranus chuckled. "It's not that different from what you see from Triton. I guess it is more of a way for you to live out your exhibitionistic streak."

"I see nothing wrong with showing that I have no secrets. Should someone spot us, I would feel no shame." Neptune then started to caress Uranus' butt. "Besides, I don't hear you complaining."

"Mmmhhh, why should I? After all, you are a sight I can't get enough...gah!" Uranus gasped suddenly when a finger slipped between the globes of her butt. "You know I'm ticklish there!"

"Ooooh! I forgot your namesake is ticklish," Neptune giggled.

"Ohhh, you proper lady. Now you're gonna get it!" Uranus declared before she chased Neptune inside and both fell into the bed, where a tickling war quickly escalated into something more.

Ranma couldn't help but feel extremely aroused by what followed, watching those two really getting into it. She couldn't help but be amazed at their sheer creativity and could have sworn that she felt their touches as well. All of the experience of that night, the feeling of the previous Neptune transferred to had an effect on her, the dream dissipated when she climaxed from all the lust coming into her mind and body all at once.

When she woke up at the morning, her boxers were soaked and she was confused. Was her former life trying to tell her something? Too bad that she couldn't ask Setsuna, as embarrassing as it might be, since she was on leave and not due back until the end of the week.

-End Flashback-

That had convinced him that perhaps Haruka really would be more comfortable with him around while he was a girl. He could've just asked her, but his machismo would not allow it. It sounded too much like whining.

Now Haruka was giving him a venue to release it, his heart expanded filling with love for his cute tomboy. Finally breaking the kiss, but still reluctant to remove his arms from her waist. Ranma pulled her tighter inhaling her intoxicating scent.

"So what do I owe for you in a dress?" Ranma rasped out, he was still short-breathed from the kiss.

Haruka laughed at his seriousness and led him into the house for him to change before letting the date be on its way.


As Ranma and Haruka entered the house hours later, flushed from the night's dancing, they found Setsuna sitting next to the kitchen counter with a bottle of scotch and a bucket of ice. For some reason, she was taking swigs from the bottle and then popping an ice or two afterwards as a chaser. The scotch was by now about two thirds gone. The usually collected guidance councillor was a mess. Her hair was mussed up and somehow one of her buttons on her business suit got undone and her somewhat conservative turquoise bra was hiked up.

They hadn't expected her back this soon. After all, she hadn't even bothered to tell them of the last attack in person and instead had called them over the phone. Her being back early meant that there was some sort of trouble ahead.

When they walked up to the older Senshi to check what caused her to be this way, they heard her lamenting to the bottle "What diety have I pissed off, for me to have this fucking job," she slurred out almost completely incoherent.

She then turned around, facing the other two Senshi, and waved an unstable hand pointing at the two, her hand circling lightly, but the finger was pointing at the black haired youth. "You," she said accusingly, then took a drag out of the bottle, "are so infuriating sometimes."

Ranma was about to protest, when he was silenced by a glare by Setsuna that dared him to interrupt her. He didn't out of fear, she could be really scary at times after all.

"I was not planning that you reveal who you are to the Inners until after the artifacts have been found, but noooo, your chaotic matrix had to reveal your identity to the Inners already!" she finished with a frustrated slam of the bottle on to the counter.

"I was so enjoying my tanning in Barbados and when I just did a remote check on the Gate today, I got a fat warning that something big had happened! Thanks, now I have to find a way to prevent even more damage!" the last part came out more like a three year old throwing a tantrum.

The two looked at each other and an unsaid joke was said in between them, and they bit their lips trying not to snicker at Setsuna's pout, but a few short snorts came out anyways. Setsuna either did not hear it, or she just did not care.

"Can't you just talk to them?" Haruka dared to ask.

Setsuna snorted. "Ha! They only know me as a mysterious voice from something that looks like a ball with a cat face painted on it! I won't reveal that I exist until the right moment." She then took a breath before she'd rant on.

"See, the Inners are naive. They want world peace. They also think they can solve everything in the world with love and justice. They may be idealistic, but it does not mean their belief system is wrong. As Winston Churchill said 'Show me a young conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.' They are young, so let them be."

"I've watched them fight; they don't know how to fight, nor have they put any effort into learning how to fight. They are not doing themselves any favors, nor are they doing those who they are trying to protect any favours by constantly utilizing the same tactics of unload-firepower-in-the-hope-it-hits tactics," Ranma countered with a hint of disdain in his voice, Haruka just silently nodded in agreement with what her boyfriend was saying.

"While you got a point, not everybody is like you two, who had gone through so much at such a young age. You can't expect to hold everybody to the same standard you hold yourselves to," Setsuna said, acknowledging Ranma's perspective.

Haruka chimed in right then. "People's lives are at stake here. Do they not realize that they may be putting more people's lives in danger when they are shooting magical blasts everywhere?"

Letting out a sigh, as Setsuna was not expecting to win this argument, she decided to change tactics. She had hoped that the rift between the Inners and Outers would not come to pass, but it seemed that it was already too late to prevent it or to mend it. The damage had already been done.

"Fine, I am not asking you to like them, but at least try to be civil with them," Setsuna said feeling defeated and finishing up the last of her scotch. "If you feel you're more mature than them, act that way towards them."

Ranma and Haruka didn't answer. Setsuna was asking a lot from them. To be the better person and not lash out at the Inners in anger, that was more difficult than it sounded.

A smirk broke out on Setsuna's face, wanting to extract some form of revenge for losing. The mischievious smirk had an almost vicious undertone to it as she had seen how Haruka and Ranma had come through the door. They got it bad. This smirk disturbed the two entirely.

"Oh I had put some extra large condoms in your bedstands, try not to use them all" the green-haired Senshi said as she took a final turn while going upstairs.

What Setsuna said was completely lost to Ranma, but Haruka's face was burning red.

'Was I that obvious?' she thought.


Ranma had definitely learned from his previous experience. He was a lot less clumsy than before, much to Haruka's joy. It was pleasurable, the rough texture rubbing inside her felt so different than the tender smaller fingers of a girl. It's not the tenderness that comes with the smoothness of skin. The starting tone for it felt so different as well. For once, Haruka relinquished control to Ranma, trusting him completely.

However, Haruka was not idle while Ranma did all of the work. She was squirming under Ranma's rough but tender kisses. She did not expect herself to feel so aroused from that bite earlier, but she was thankful that Ranma was holding her, because her legs did not hold.

They were both naked he was laying on top of her, and she was rubbing herself on him incessantly while her hand hand squeezed between them and had a firm grip on him. Both of them were not ready for the final act, but at the same time they both wanted release. She was rubbing herself on him, and he was using his long fingers on her. It was not long as both of them reached where they wanted to go, with a double silent cry.

Not minding the sticky mess they caused, they held onto each other tightly as both of them fell into a dreamless sleep.


Beta-read and co-written by Tribun