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Last on College Man-

After I ordered the pizza, I went upstairs to meet Bella in her room. I was happy with our plans for tonight. Again… I felt like a normal guy having a leisurely date with his girlfriend. The normal aspect of tonight made me feel guilty about having coffee with Monica, because even though I didn't view it as a date… she did, and that was just as bad.

When I got upstairs, Bella was already lounging on the bed, waiting for me with open arms. I kissed her temple lightly as she snuggled into my side. She grabbed the remote and pressed play. I let out a sigh of relief when the beginning of Titanic wasn't playing, but Sleepless in Seattle. Saved.

It took me about ten minutes before I managed to muster up the courage to initiate the conversation.

So, I didn't exactly tell you the truth today… I mean, I did go to get coffee, but I didn't go alone.


I went on a date today.

Definitely not. I decided to just wing it… I sucked in a breath.

"Hey Bella… I need to tell you something."

Currently on College Man-

She picked up a slice of pizza (that she had become addicted to in the last hour) and I tensed as I waited for her response.

"What is it?" she asked, eagerly licking excess pizza sauce off of her lips… which was proving to be very distracting for me. I wanted to be the one to lick that pizza sauce off of her. All of her. Fuck, I was stalling.

Just spit it out.

"Well, do you remember how I told you I went to get some coffee while you were out today?" I asked, lightly massaging the skin on her inner thigh, subconsciously hoping that if I calmed her down, she wouldn't be mad.

"Yeah?" she took another bite of her pizza and her gaze shifted to where my hand was on her thigh. She looked up at me and deliberately bit her lip. I smirked, knowing what she wanted, but refrained and continued on with my story.

"I was out getting coffee, but-"

I cut myself off like the coward/chicken I was.

"But…?" she urged me on, her voice slightly breathy as she gazed longingly down at my hand. Jesus, she acted like she'd never had sex before.

"But I ran out of gas… so I had to walk a mile out of my way to get gas and walk back to the car."

Wow, I'm such a mastermind. I rolled my eyes at myself and mentally slapped myself in the face. Could I really be any more of an idiot?

"Oh, I'm sorry baby…" she mumbled, her gaze still locked on my hand.

I smirked, deciding to take her mind off of my poor lying skills by cupping her sex, stroking her softly through her tiny cotton shorts and finally giving her what she wanted.

She dropped her pizza on the silk bedspread next to us and whimpered into my ear, "Edward…"

I placed hot, wet kisses down her neck as she rolled her hips into my hand. My hand trailed slowly over her hips to trace the waistline of her shorts and she bucked her hips up to my hand eagerly, "Please, Edward… stop teasing me," she said breathlessly.

I lightly bit down on the love bite I gave her earlier and slipped my hand into her shorts; I grinned and quirked an eyebrow at her, "No underwear, love?"

She bit down hard on her bottom lip and looked up at me underneath her lashes, "Well, maybe I was hoping for something like this to happen."

I growled and pumped two of my fingers inside of her, causing her to arch her back towards the ceiling and let out my name in a cry.

"Edward! F-fuck."

I snickered and ran my tongue over my teeth mark on her neck, whispering in her ear as I stroked her clit with my thumb, "Are you thinking about my cock so deep inside of you right now? God knows I am," I growled.

She whimpered again and tossed her head to the side to reach my lips in a moment of pleasure and desperation. With the hand that wasn't working her pussy, I fondled her breast while I swiped my tongue on her lips. She shivered and reached up to cup my cheek in her palm.

"I'm so… close," she whimpered against my lips.

I pinched her nipple between my fingers and she came, screaming out unintelligible words.

"Fuck! Edward," she whimpered as she came down from her high.

I smirked arrogantly and brought my fingers to my lips, licking her juices off of them. I winked at her and nonchalantly picked up another slice of pizza, glad to know that she definitely wasn't thinking about my day anymore.


"Are you ready? Do you have everything?" she asked, looking around in my bag for a trace of something forgotten.

I rolled my eyes and leaned my forehead against hers, giving her a light kiss as I cradled her cheeks in my hands, "Yes, mother, I'm ready."

She blushed, "Well, I was just making sure… what time do you think you're going to be home today? Probably pretty early, huh, because of how early it is now? You should demand some later classes, eight thirty is criminal."

I smiled sheepishly, "I took on some extra courses, so I'll be home around six thirty."

Her mouth fell open, "Are you fucking serious?"

I nodded, "Yeah… do you want a copy of my schedule?"

"Please," she held out her hand expectantly.

I opened my messenger bag and pulled out a copy of my schedule, handing it to her. After she skimmed it, she looked up at me with incredulous eyes.

"It's going to be like this every day?"

I nodded. I could see the solitary thought that was running through her pretty little head. What about me?

She pouted, "Who even needs to take The Anthropology of Arabia to be a lawyer anyways! Half of these classes have nothing to do with your career!"

I shrugged, "Hey, listen to me. I'm not in Harvard Law right now, I'm in Harvard College… once I get into law school, I'll be able to take more specialized classes, but for now, this is how it's got to be."

She looked down at the floor, displeased.

I gripped her chin with my forefinger and thumb and lifted her head, moving my mouth towards her ear, "But I can promise you this, baby, you say the word and I'm yours," I dragged my finger along her quivering jaw line, "-don't think I've forgotten why I'm here," I said huskily.

She shivered, "O-okay… have a great day then."

I leaned down and kissed her with everything I had in me, winked, and left, grinning the whole way there.

I was so nervous, truthfully… I'd been wanting this for nineteen years, and now it was happening today. It was unreal.

I was chatting with some of my friends on Facebook again last night, and coincidentally, Monica was the only other one who had classes that started at eight thirty, so we agreed to meet up at the coffee cart beforehand.

Thinking about Monica made me feel guilty, because while I hadn't done anything to be guilty about or thought about doing something to be guilty about, I was still worried about telling Bella. I probably wouldn't end up telling her anyways, I mean, nothing happened, and I won't go out with her again.

Um… wasn't I going to get coffee with her right now?

I groaned, not the same thing… it was just because it was convenient.

I ended up having to park off campus because of the parking situations… and the fact that I didn't want to flaunt my car… and walked the rest of the way to the coffee cart.

I saw Monica with her leg bouncing up and down, scanning the crowd and looking for me. When she saw me, she grinned and held out a cut of coffee and offered me a hug.

"Hey Edward! I don't mean to sound pushy or anything, but how come you haven't called me?"

Actually, you do sound pushy, thanks. I looked down at my coffee and noticed that she had remembered my order from the last time we had coffee together.

I took a sip of my coffee to stall a little bit and shrugged, "I've been busy," –and I'm not interested.

"Oh, well that happens! What's your first class?" she asked, chugging some more of her coffee. Caffeine didn't suit her well.

"I have The Harlem Renaissance with Professor Irele. How about you?"

"Actually, my first class is The Architecture of Boston with Professor Hoffman at noon… I just came early so I could meet you here," she said with a smile.

"Looks like we both have that class together," but then I instantly regretted saying that- it meant she would be looking for me.

Wow. That's creepy. Suddenly, I felt like having coffee with her was leading her on. She came three fucking hours early just so that she could see me.

"Um… I have to go Monica. I forgot about some last minute homework."

She giggled, "Edward, it's the first day, you don't have any assignments. Well, besides the summer ones, but you already told me that you finished those."

Ah… shit…

"Yeah, so… bye…" I said eloquently, walking away.

"I'll see you in Hoffman's class!" she yelled after me, undeterred even by my blatant turn down.

I excused myself just in time to make it to my first class, taking a seat near the back and setting my things on the floor next to me.

I drummed my fingers on my leg, waiting for my first Harvard class to start, when Professor Irele came into the room with a stern look on her face.

Students began shuffling in and I took out some paper to take notes on. She didn't waste any time, eagerly and passionately making an introduction to The Harlem Renaissance. I vigorously took notes on everything she said, even though I personally wasn't very interested in the subject.

I wanted to do everything perfectly, and I knew that if my parents were here right now, they would be proud of me.

The next three hours of note taking caused my hand to cramp up, and I stretched out my exhausted muscles as I walked to the cafeteria to pick up a quick bite before going to Hoffman's class. There was another twenty minutes until class started, so I took out my phone and noticed I had a text from Bella.

I hope you're having a great day, I miss you.

I smiled and sat down on the bench, biting into my sandwich and replying.

It's better than I thought it would be. I miss you too. What are you doing?

Thinking about you.

What about me?

Wouldn't you like to know.

I would, actually, but we'll save that for later. What are you doing today?

Going to the spa with Alice. HEAVEN.

I have to get going to my next class, baby, see you at six thirty.

I didn't wait for her reply as I headed to my next class with a bright smile on my face- nothing could possibly ruin my mood right now.

Finally, I was living the life of a college man, and I fucking loved it.

When I walked into the room, I noticed Monica sitting in the very front row. I made an involuntary face and quietly walked toward the back, but I cringed when she called my name.

Damn it. She noticed me.

I sighed, knowing I had no choice but to go sit with her. Oh well, not even Monica could ruin my mood. I gave her a smile and sat down next to her, barely listening as she talked on and on about how excited she was to finally be here.

I let out a sigh of relief when Professor Hoffman walked in, glad that I didn't have to listen to Monica babble anymore. My reactions to Monica were confusing me. This was the epitome of the type of girl I was usually interested in, and now every time I looked at her, I compared her with Bella.

Again, I took so many notes that she made a face at me when class ended.

"Wow… dedicated student," she muttered and giggled as we left class, thinking she was being coy.

I nodded, not really having anything to say to that.

"So do you have any other classes today?" she asked, hopeful, as if it would be the same class. I hoped not.

"Yeah, my next class is Reform, Republic, Terror and Empire with Professor Winnie. You?"

She frowned. Yes, not the same class!

"That sucks, it would've been nice to have the same classes together! Oh well, my next class is Multivariable Calculus. See you later Edward, and hey, call me later, okay?"

I sighed, "Okay, sure," I said, not committing to anything.

I spent the next fifteen minutes after that talking with Chris and Joshua (who were in Irele's class with me) about the rest of our classes for the week. All of my first day nerves were gone, and I felt so comfortable assimilating into this life of a college man. I felt like I had been going here for years.

This day had passed in such a blur, and it was nothing like I thought it was going to be… it was fast and stressful and amazing.

And now it was the last class of the day with Professor Winnie.

I was, again, fully prepared to take notes, but Winnie was one of those professors that was big into introductions, so that was a pretty boring (three hour) class.

I yawned by the time his monologue was over… at six fifteen. Finally, time to get back to Bella's house.

I sped back to her house, eager to change into something comfortable… since all the teachers had been busy with introductions, we didn't have any research for the classes to do. On some level, I was disappointed, I just wanted to be immersed in the entire experience. Although, I am kind of excited about my classes tomorrow. Let's see, I have Frontiers of Europe with Professor Plokhii, The Anthropology of Arabia with Professor Caton, and Rogues, Heroes, and Significant Others with Professor Gaylord. All in all, they were extremely easy classes, but I couldn't get into the law stuff until I graduated from Harvard College and moved onto Harvard Law. I smiled in excitement at knowing how successful I'd be. My work load wouldn't be too much, but oh well, at least it meant I would be able to spent more time with Bella.

I was getting hungry too though, so I hoped Bella hadn't eaten yet. I sighed as I pulled up and got out of the car. I opened the door and noticed Bella on the phone, so I set my bag down and kissed her cheek.

She hung up when she noticed me and tossed her phone on the couch, turning around in my arms and kissing me, "Hi… how was school?"

I shrugged, "Overwhelming and long, but I loved it. It was better than I thought it would be."

"I'm glad… I'm guessing you haven't eaten yet?"

"No, I haven't, and I'm starving!" I said dramatically, and Bella giggled. I automatically thought back to how Monica laughed, and decided that I liked the way Bella's laugh sounded much better.

"Good thing I'm having Joana make some teriyaki chicken… I figured that was something you'd be familiar with. I've never had it, but I thought you might like it."

"It sounds delicious," I said, pulling her into a hug.

She smiled again, "Good! While we wait for her to bring it over… do you have any homework tonight?" she asked, biting her lip.

I smirked and peppered kisses all over her face, "No, I don't, did you have anything in mind?"

Instead of a reply, she wound her arms around my neck and pulled me in to kiss her. My own arms automatically wrapped themselves around her.

"Goodness gracious, what am I possibly going to do with you, Edward Rochester?"

My stance faltered a bit as she referred to my current alias. It made me uncomfortable when she addressed my 'last name' because I either thought she already knew, or would get a clue from the look on my face. I hated lying to her, but decided to think it through later and get back into character.

I shrugged and playfully bit her shoulder, "So how was your day with Alice?"

She sighed, "Really fun, I feel so relaxed. Did you make any friends," she grinned playfully.

"No," I said into her hair, "-I'm the social outcast who sits in the bathroom during lunch."

She rolled her eyes and shoved at my chest, "So do you want to eat?"

I nodded and took her hand as we walked into the kitchen. We had a nice dinner, and ended up talking about my future job. I noticed that when we talked of the future, neither of us ever brought up how I would have to end up leaving. I didn't quite know why… but it wasn't something we had talked about.

And now, a few hours later, we were in bed. She was cradled in my arms, asleep, as I swept my fingers up and down her arm.

I thought back to earlier that day, when I was thinking about Rochester. I knew it wasn't my real name, and I hadn't ever been the best liar. I wondered if she was just humoring me, and got instantly panicked. Oh well, does she really have a reason to care?

Yes, you're going to be living with her for the next seven years or so.

I suppose she does have a reason to want to know my last name. She was paying my way through college.


She was paying my way through college.

My brow furrowed as I looked down at her sleeping form. She said she already paid, and if she had paid, then she would've had to have paid for Edward Cullen… not Edward Rochester.

My entire body stiffened at the thought. Why hadn't she brought it up? Asked me why I lied? Yelled at me?

But instead, nothing… maybe she really didn't have a problem with it.

Dumbass. Of course she'll have a problem with it. Chicks hate liars.

I groaned, much too loudly, and checked to make sure I hadn't woken her up. I hadn't.

I promised myself that I would talk to her about it tomorrow.

Even with that thought, I wasn't able to relax enough to sleep.


She yawned and stretched her arms above her head, "You look really tired, didn't you sleep last night?"

I shrugged and refrained from yawning, "Not really… I actually wanted to talk to you about something."

"What?" she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she looked at the kitchen, undoubtedly wondering why Joana was taking so long with our breakfast.

"Well, you know how you went to pay for my college tuition last month?" I fiddled with my fingers uncomfortably, wondering if she could sense how nervous I was.

She nodded, "Well, technically, I was getting a massage while Marcel paid, but essentially it doesn't matter. It was paid for," she waved her hand in the air noncommittally.


That was all I said, panic setting in. So Marcel knew… why hadn't he come talk to me about it? Why didn't he tell Bella?

I sighed, thankful for his discretion, and wondering if I could possibly corner Marcel later and ask him about it.

But now, it was time to get going, because I was going to be late if I didn't leave within two minutes.

I got up from where I was sitting and set my laptop on the table, kissing Bella's cheek before hurrying out to my car.

My classes went by really fast that day- probably because I was so nervous about talking to Marcel. I wrote down the main points of the lectures so that I could look them up when I got back to Bella's house… I knew that I wouldn't be able to focus on learning today when I knew that my entire college career could crumble at any second.

And all because of a stupid lie.

Bella was home when I got back to the house, and I was sorely disappointed. I really wanted my chance to talk with Marcel, and I knew I wouldn't get to talk to him today. Bella would wonder why I needed to leave, and then she would get suspicious… and I definitely didn't want that.

I sighed as I pulled in, knowing that I probably wouldn't have my chance to ask him about it until the weekend.

Bella waved at me from the door with a grin. I visibly relaxed just from the sight of her and couldn't help but grin back.

I pulled her into my arms tightly the moment she was within reach and kissed her forehead.

"How was your day?" she asked, pulling me into the house.

I shrugged, "Good, I guess. I have some research to do for my classes, though."

Her smile faltered, "So we don't have time to…" she trailed off, disappointed.

I inwardly groaned. I knew that I'd need to make time for Bella, but I had a lot of research to do… oh well, I best prepare myself for a sleepless night.

Not that I didn't want to fuck her… God, I want to fuck her.

I shook myself from my thoughts and smirked at her, winding my arms around her and pressing her flush against my chest.

She grinned at my suggestive stare and leaned up to kiss my jaw line. I sighed at the feel of her lips against me and rolled my hips into hers, making sure she felt how hard I was.

By the whimper that passed through her lips, she noticed. Her hands eagerly fisted in my hair and shoved my face down so that my lips collided with hers.

She moaned when I slipped my tongue past her lips and trailed my hand up her silk blouse, cupping her breast in my hand. I groaned as my thumb slid over her pebbled nipple and she arched into my touch.

"Do you like that, baby?" I whispered huskily, again pressing my prominent erection into her stomach, "Do you like it when I touch you like this?"

She opened her mouth to respond, but all that came out of her mouth was my name in a breathy moan.


I smirked and pinched her nipple between my fingers, "Yeah?" I cooed down at her, "You do like that, don't you?"

In an instant, my hand was gone, and she groaned. I smiled at her disappointment and began untying the silk bow located on the edge of her blouse.

"You know," I said casually, sliding her shirt over her shoulders and resting my hands on her hips, "- how you were worried about me not having enough time to do this with you?"

Her eyes rolled back into her head slightly when I thrust against her center again, "Y-yeah?" she responded, barely able to speak.

I chuckled, "Well baby," I cooed, "-tonight, I'm going to show you that you don't need to worry about things like that. And do you want to know why?"

I yanked the zipper on her skirt down and shoved it down her legs, watching as she eagerly kicked it off. I took my sweet time pulling her panties down her legs and unclasping her bra. I stepped back and took a moment to admire her in all of her shaking, naked glory.

She was panting, waiting for me to tell her why.

I stepped back towards her and rested my hand on her hip, "Do you want to know why, baby?" I asked again.

She nodded, looking up at me with lustful eyes.

My hand traced along her leg until I was cupping her wet sex. She moaned and I leaned close to her so that my lips were grazing her ear, "You won't need to worry about that anymore because every fucking day, your tight little pussy is going to be well cared for," I slipped one of my fingers inside of her and she gasped, "-if you know what I mean…" I bit her earlobe lightly, trailing off suggestively.

She certainly did know what I meant, and Bella fucking loved the way I was talking to her now. It was to the point where she had to hang onto me in order to stand upright.

And just like that, I brought my finger to her lips, watching with my jaw slack as her tongue swirled around my finger.

She released my finger with a pop and I growled, gripping her hips too harshly as I lifted her onto the counter.

She fumbled while pushing my pants down my legs and I tugged my shirt over my head.

I smirked at her and lifted both of her legs over my shoulders, teasing her opening with my cock.

She whimpered and pulled her lip into her mouth, biting down on it.

"Please…" she begged.

"Please what?" I asked, pushing the head of my dick into her, watching as her face contorted into a mixture of pleasure and desperation.

"Fuck! P-please, Edward, fuck me…" she gasped out, bucking her hips towards me.

I growled and grabbed onto her hips, wildly thrusting into her so hard that she might fall off of the counter.

"Jesus…" I grunted as she called out my name, loud enough for the fucking world to hear.

She felt so good, I clenched my jaw to keep myself from coming too soon.

Dead puppies.

Old women in bikinis.

Crying children.

Those thoughts bought me more time, and Bella clenched around me.

I looked down at her with hooded eyes, and knew she was close. Never slowing my pace, I leaned down to take her nipple in my mouth and rubbed my thumb in tight circles around her clit.

"Cum for me, baby," I growled against her and she arched her back, crying out unintelligible words as she climaxed.

The sight of her coming did me in, and with a few more thrusts, I found myself unable to keep going.

Panting, I pulled out of her and watched as she laid there in post orgasmic bliss. A lazy grin spread across my face as I kissed both of her ankles before lowering them from my shoulders. I picked her up and carried her upstairs towards her bed. I covered her with the warm duvet and pulled on a pair of shorts.

I opened the door to leave.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Well… to do my homework."

Her face fell, but she nodded.


I looked back at Bella, and then towards the stairs. I sighed, walking back towards Bella and crawling back in bed with her. A priceless grin spread across her face as I took her into my arms.

I had to admit, this was much better than working on homework.

I waited until she fell asleep, which was about an hour later, and slipped out of her room. I went downstairs and opened my laptop with a yawn, getting out my bag to see what I had to look up.

Fuck, I needed some coffee… I went into the kitchen and brewed a pot before sitting back down at my laptop.

What felt like days later (but was really only three hours), I was finally caught up, and sighed in relief. The coffee was still running through my system, so I decided to get back on Facebook.

Monica was on, and within ten seconds of me being online, she sent me more than five messages.

"Good grief…" I said, reading them.

Hey Edward! What's up?

I had soooo much fun getting coffee!

We should do it again sometime!

Do you want to go to lunch with me tomorrow?

I know this awesome place in Cambridge Square!

The food is always great there!

I took a couple minutes figuring out how to respond. I didn't want to be rude, but I knew that I couldn't lead her on either.

I'm sorry, Mon, I'm busy tomorrow at lunch.

There, short and sweet. I even threw in the nickname to soften the blow.

Ooh, Mon ;) love the nickname, Eddie! Okay, what about Thursday?

Shit. I guess my blow softener didn't work as well as I thought. I'd have to be straight with her.

I'm busy at lunch every day this week.

There. No one is busy every day, so maybe this would get my point across.

Um… okay then. We'll have to get together next week!

I breathed a sigh of relief.


I replied noncommittally.

Love you sweet cheeks, I'll see you tomorrow.

My eyes widened at the words. Hadn't I been clear enough? I didn't know how to respond to that without hurting the poor girl's feelings, so I just didn't reply at all.

I yawned again, feeling the coffee start to wear off. I walked back upstairs and crawled into bed with Bella.


When I woke up from the most amazing night's sleep I had ever gotten, it was nine o' clock. I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, disappointed that I hadn't been awake to see Edward off.

Today was his third day, and I could see that he was visibly happier. Ha, Alice was right. He was happier.

I sighed and pulled off my lavender eye mask, squinting when I saw the sun. I giggled, realizing that I'd been asleep for twelve hours. How lazy.

But then again… Edward's very good at wearing you out. God, just thinking about how good he was got a huge reaction out of me.

I walked to the other side of the room and pressed Joana's button on the intercom.

"Joana, I'd like you to come over and make me some Eggs Benedict with some iced tea. Also, last week, you forgot to clean the bathroom on the third floor, so don't let it happen again."

"Yes, Ms. Swan. Is that all?" she didn't hesitate to respond to me.

"Yes, Joana, that is all."

I changed into a dress Alice had gotten me for my birthday last year and walked downstairs. When I saw the counter that Edward had taken me on, a grin spread across my face and I let out a giggle.

I looked around the living room and saw that Edward had left his laptop open- probably because of the research he had to do last night. Some part of me felt bad for keeping him from his homework, but most of me was just relaxed from what Edward did to me last night. I walked over to the laptop and put my hand on it to close it, but saw some blonde chick on his chat window.

My brows came together in confusion as I sat down on the couch, looking through it.

Who the fuck was Monica, and why was my man calling her 'Mon'. And fuck this, why was she telling him she loved him?

I considered the fact that they might be of some relation, but in my heart, I knew it wasn't true.

A single tear fell from my eye.

So, having never been to college, I hope my fifteen year old depiction of it wasn't too screwed up. I even made up his class schedule, it was kind of fun. If there were any wrong details in my description, don't focus on them too much, as I said before, this chapter is meant to express his first day of school, not an informational piece on Harvard.

I guess Bitchella does have feelings after all. I wonder how Edward will explain away that one.

And if you didn't read the first A/N, my absence is explained there.

Chapter question- Why do you think Marcel hasn't tried to warn Bella about Edward's lies?