A month passed, and much the same occured. Every morning, Ed would wake up and bee line for the bathroom. A few minutes later, Roy would join him in kneeling by the comode to soothe him and hold back the long tresses of sleep tousled wheat hair.

Ed was miserable, he could admit. Anything sweet just came right back up, and he was abnormally tired...

All the time.

"Rooooyyyyy~" He whined, his hands searching blindly for the man who was usually right beside him. Said man was currently in the loo, brushing his teeth.

"Whath?" He snapped, this being the 7th time Ed had called him for absolutley no reason... at all.

"Come back to bed with me..." He sniffed, opening one eyes to peer over the mountain of blankets. "I need you to keep me warm."

"Ed, It's... 6:24, I need to get to work..." He set a stern glare. "And so do you. Get your stubborn little ass out of bed or I will pour freezing water all over your face."

Ed sighed. "Fine. You're so mean to me." He stood up, taking a moment for exaggerated stretches and an overdue yawn. Stumbling to the closet, he just pulled out a pair of obscenely tight black pants and a dark green turtleneck. He walked calmly over to the bathroom door and grabbed Roy's black jacket, throwing it over his shoulders with another yawn. After that, he struggled with getting his boots on, and headed towards the door.

"'Kay, Mustang. Meet you there."

Roy just stared after him, dumbstruck at what just happened. "So I'm just supposed to freeze to death? thanks Ed..."

Ed sat in the outer office, fidgeting. Every few seconds, his eyes would dart to his pants, and his hands would skim the underside of his waistline. Small noises of frustration made themselves known and after about half an hour of this, Breda turned to him.

"What exactly is the matter, Ed? The others perked their ears at this, them too wondering for all the world why Ed wouldn't just sit still. Ed grunted in annoyance.

"These pants fit perfectly a few days ago... now they just really hurt." He adjusted them again, sighing, "Don't tell Roy, but all of my pants are starting to get really painful, digging into my waist. I know it's not me getting f-fat because everything else is fine..."

After a few contemplative seconds, Hawkeye made her way over and gestured for Ed to stand. "Here, Ed, take off your jacket... Yea, okay..." She positioned his waist and looked it over, seeing how tight the hem really was. "Jesus, Ed, they look like they're cutting off your circulation! You can't wear these anymore... A tleast, not until we know what's going on."

"What is going on?" He whined, seconds away from taking his pants off.

"It looks like your hips are getting wider, maybe... Almost like, erm..." She blushed, wondering why that was what she was comparing it to.

"Like what?"

"Well," She began, hoping he didn't take it the wrong way, "It just looked like... Okay, If you had just met you, it really just looks like you're a flat-chested girl, with the way your hips are settled right now..."

Ed stared at her as if she'd gone insane, absently feeling around his hips. They were a bit wider, now that he thought about it...

"I need to go to the doctor, screw what Roy says..."

Sorry it's so short, but it IS an update. There's just alot of crap going on right now guys... I'm really sorry