This story is a highschool AU, with UsxUk and maybe some PruCan as a second pairing. It focuses on the different types of 'underground' music and anything that isn't too main stream to show just how fake high school makes you. So characters such as America have been forced into Tripp pants and fishnet with various piercings. The rating may go up later on and they are 15 in the flashback but 17 currently.

Also I don't own Hetalia

Underground: NĂ¼ Metal

The Beginning

"Its just like a cigarette, its something that I do
Once in awhile but between me and you
Its just like a cigarette Nobody's really fooled
I dont want the truth, I wanna feel fucking cool"~ Fort Minor 'Cigarettes'

The alley was how it all began, one day after school a short British blond haired green eyed teen named Arthur Kirkland stared up at the grey sky a cigarette hanging loosely between his chapped lips as he leaned against the graffiti covered alley wall as usual . It must have been quite the sight for anyone passing by, the student body president of the most prestigious school in the country standing around like any other teenage delinquent.

"I always wondered what you did after school." Arthur turned his head sharply to see the star player of OliveBranch Academy's (American) football team Alfred F. Jones had found him.

"Well if it isn't the hamburger gangster himself, am I in your territory or can you kindly piss off." The American only chuckled pulling a crumbled box of something from the front pocket of his blinding blue hoodie. For a moment he thought about the consequences of getting caught smoking so close to school grounds due to the American's loud mouth.

"Naw, just wondering if you had a light. Don't really feel like going home today." Since when did he smoke? The shorter teen wondered fishing out a lighter from his back pocket.

"Well, that makes two of us." The two stood in silence and nicotine haze. "You're oddly quiet for once. Any reason you don't feel like going home?" The Brit commented after some time flicking the remainder his cigarette further in to the alley.

"You're rather chatty for once. I don't know. Just don't want to be alone I guess, makes it too tempting," Alfred shrugged in return also finishing his own cigarette. "What about you?"

"Avoiding my brothers, all royal pains in my arse. Don't you have a twin brother?"

"We're not twins only half brothers. He's three days older than me and Canadian."

"That's rather unusual, I must say."

"My family's rather different in general. My father was German while my mother was Native American. Not to mention I have fifty cousins, one in each state, who share the same birthdates as the day that the state they live in became a state. It's pretty damn freaky."

"So which state are you?" Arthur chucked slightly amused, the boy was rather odd to begin with, surely it was genetic or he was lying.

"Not a state, born on July 4th in Washington D.C. then lived in various states for most of my life. What about you?"

"Born in London, but my family moved here when I was four. I get to go back every summer to visit my oldest brother and get away from the others."

"Hmm" they fell back into a comfortable silence. "I better get going, Mattie should be back from the library by now. We should do this again some time."

"Yeah we should, but don't think I'll be going easy on you when we're in school." The two shared a smile before the blue-eyed teen pulled his hood back over his face and vanished around the corner.

Soon it became routine, the two teens would share a cigarette in the back alley and talk about nothing. Only when they left there was something different between them, a connection that they couldn't figure out.

Unlike other previous days the feeling made itself obvious leaving both unsure of what to do with the building tension between them as their eyes locked sapphire meeting emerald, empathy of the unknown darkness in their minds.

"So, what did you mean by 'it's too tempting'? You said it the first time we were in the alley." At this the taller of the two turned away biting his lower lip.

"Don't worry about it, I shouldn't have said anything. Just being stupid or forgetful rather, bringing up old wounds."Alfred shied away hiding his face further with shadow cast by his hoodie. There was something in his voice now, almost something that said that he wanted to tell the truth.

"I don't understand you. At school you act like some damned fool, some wannabe gangster badass, or your own twisted version of Captain America. Yet, when you're alone you change completely. You stop smiling, trying be fake, and I want to know why." Arthur took a step towards the American, then gently pushed back the hood hiding the blonde's handsome features. His finger tips brushing Alfred's cheek.

"I don't understand you. You act so serious, so proper. Like if you're not perfect the world will fall apart or you're afraid to be different or show emotion. I don't know why, but I just need to get some type of reaction out of you," Their eyes met once more, only this time was different a hint of realization crossed Alfred's face. "You're the one who plays guitar in the music room during lunch."

"How'd you make that connection?" Arthur pulled his hand away his cheeks flushed.

"You have calluses on your fingertips, the kind you only get from playing guitar. I know that because I play as well."

"You're changing the subject."

"You're the first person to get this close. Do you really hate me like you say you do?"

"No, it's just an act. I'm jealous of you, how is it you are able to jump into the fray? How do you not have to fight with yourself to figure out what's right or wrong? Do you even think half the time?" Alfred laughed.

"No I don't, emotion not thought works best for me. I'm wired to act on impulse."

"Maybe I'll have to give in to impulse just once."A dangerous predatory glint flashed in the Brit's eyes.

"What-mmf" the blue- eyed teen was cut off my a pair of warm lips against his, but soon enough the pressure was gone just as soon as it came.

"I want to get to know you Alfred. I know you're not this happy go-lucky wannabe gangster you pretend to be, you're more than that. I also know that I could fall in love with you if given the chance." Arthur glanced down his green eyes holding a far-off look, a blush bloom across his face.

"I highly doubt that, if you knew who I really was, you wouldn't fall for me. Not if you cared for your life."

"Maybe I don't, you're not the only one with secrets."

"Well, it's not a secret that I'm head over heels for you." Alfred smirked capturing the shorter blond's lips.

"What are you staring at Jones? And didn't I warn you about listening to your iPod during school hours?"

"And what are you going to do about it?" Alfred pulled the earbud out, watching as Arthur winced hearing what the bespeckled blond had been listening to. Everyone knew how much the Brit hated rap music, not that Alfred liked it that much himself.

"Come see me after school, I do believe it's your third detention this week." They stared at each other for a moment longer, the hatred that was normally there had faded insted it was replaced by want. Anyone observing them would have noticed it, but the two blonds lashing out at each other as a normal thing during school hours.

"I can't wait."

"Don't worry I'll make it worth your while." With that the Brit left smirking, England was getting even more anxious to be free and Alfred could tell. He quickly switched his iPod to something more fitting. All around him the alter egos were starting to show, even his smile was starting to fall. Good-bye Alfred and hello America.