I need to write something Seussical related, or I'm pretty sure my head is going to implode from lack of creative outposts!

Yes, Seussical! I've finally flipped my lid enough to write Seussical stories! Before you call your local insane asylum to take me away, please take into consideration that my school's musical this year is Seussical, and I'm in it (Yertle the Turtle... and yes, I'm aware that a baritone usually sings that part. If I had it my way, I'd be the Cat in the Hat.), which results in a LOT of story possibilities! (There may or may not be a story featuring a certain Who that I know lots of girls fangirl over... I'm working on it.)

So, after a very interesting trip to the Eden Prairie Mall, me and Maren (you remember her, right? She's the girl that forces me to keep writing!) came up with an idea for Seussical bloopers! Much of this idea was based off MMW's Seussical Jr's own blunders, Jewel-Gurl73's "Beauty and the Beast Bloopers", and Softly Spoken Heart's "Oh the Letters You Can Write" (which I love by the way, props to her for coming up with the idea). Also, just because I'm in Seussical Jr does NOT mean that I will keep it to only that. The real Seussical has too many blunder opportunities to pass up!

If any of you wonderful people out there have suggestions for bloopers, or are just confused, please review! I will try and answer your questions as fast as I possibly can.

On with the show!

The beginning of the show
JoJo: Spots the iconic red and white striped hat. Now that is a very strange hat. I wonder what's under a hat such as that! It could be a creature they call the Gazat, who balances things on his head, cause it's flat! Or a stripe loving pinster from Upper Mount Bat. Or a sort of a, kinda of a, hat wearing...
Cat in the Hat: Cat! Music starts. I can see that you've got quite a mind for your age! Why, one Think, and you've dragged me right- Ducks as various objects are thrown at him.
JoJo: While throwing the objects. Get out of my house you creeper!

After 'Oh The Thinks You Can Think'/Opening
Cat: Our story begins with a very strange sound.
One of the nameless Jungle Animals farts loudly.
Cat: Alright, who's the wise guy who gave Marty the bean burritos?

After Gertrude eats from the Pillberry bush
Gertrude: What was that? Something's itching me. What was that? Something's twitching me. What was that? Feathers begin sprouting on her forehead, blocking her vision. ... Are those feathers I see?
Dr. Dake: ... Results may vary.

During Alone in the Universe
Horton: singing. One small voice in the universe. One true friend in the universe... who believes in me... silence. ... JoJo?
A flushing noise is heard as JoJo runs back in scene
JoJo: Sorry, sorry!

During Amayzing Mayzie
Mayzie: Now I'm... Amayzing Mayzie! As- AUGH! Trips and falls over her own tail.
Cat: Applauds Bravo! Brava!

Before Oh The Think's Reprise
JoJo: Get out! Go away! You got me in trouble
Director: Cut! JoJo, the line is "You got me in trouble! Get out! Go away..."
Take 2
JoJo: Go away! Get out! You got me in trouble!
Director: CUT!
Take 3
JoJo: You got me in trouble! Go away! Get out!
Director: CUT! Alright JoJo, now you're just TRYING not to get the line!
JoJo: Holding back laughter. Sorry, sorry.
Cat: Appears from nowhere. Ya know, when you get mad, you get these tiiny little wrinkles that form around your forehead

Whew! So, third story! Great huh? I PROMISE that I'll update this one more! In fact, I have rehearsal today (6 hours!)! So, we'll probably get some bloopers in there! YAY!

If I owned Seussical, Cat in the Hat would teach all my classes, JoJo would be my little bro, and McElligot's pool would be my backyard. Unfortunately, I don't, so none of these things are true.

Peace, love, and Seuss forever!

-Em Cabot