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The Moon Incarnate, indeed. She had been born under the winter equinnox's full moon, shining as brightly as it, pure, raw power rolling off of her.

And being as closely bonded with the moon as she was,she underwent the same changes that the astre did. During the day she faded to the point where no one really noticed her, despite her being always there. But during the nights, especially the full moon nights,she became as un-ignorable and radiant as the moon that she rose and fell with.

During those nights, her hair would glow a bright silver, her eyes like mercury trapped within her irises. The water tides would respond to her just as they did to the moon, and she almost floated over the floor, especially in clear nights.

Contrastingly, during new moon nights, her hair dulled to a dirty blonde, her eyes darkened to a colorless gray that tended to black, and her ever-present powerful,silvery aura diminished greatly.

She also had a "dark, unexplored half" never seen by anyone but those who also posessed one and that also hid it. And could she be terrifying when someone brought the dark side to attention. To the present, only one person had ever seen her in full-raging splendor. And she had not survived. Her mother's death had been ruled as a "tragic accident" but Xenophilius knew better, and tried his damnedest not to anger her.

When she had arrived to Hogwarts, she had met Virginia on the boats. And she had instantly know that this tiny, quiet redhead girl was just like her.

And she had been proved blatantly right when the sorting hat put her in Slytherin, much to everyone's astonishment. She'd however noticed a pair of redhead twins grin knowingly. She had also been sorted into Slytherin, and she had sat comfortably down right next to the Ice Prince, as people had begun calling the Malfoy heir ever since he had returned for his second year quite a bit changed. The Ice Prince had merely arched an eyebrow at her, before turning to the raven-haired boy that currently had Virginia sitting in his lap. The Dark Prince had smirked at her and passed her a small piece of parchment.

We have been waiting for you for a long time, Moon Princess. With you, the most powerful blood line has awakened and the moon acknowledges her beloved once again. Should you embrace your full inheritance, you shall rule the world and guide our race to be strong and pure again.

She tilted her head, long, silky hair falling on her face, and smiled the smallest of smiles.

The Moon Incarnate, indeed.