You bloody idiot, Lina! Doon thought in a frustrated manner. I should've known better than to fall behind you. You were always a curious child.

Now, he was alone, all by himself in this seemingly never-ending darkness. Ideas of what he could possibly do were running quickly through his mind. He furrowed his eyebrows, and sat down onto the ground. Eager to discover what the floor was composed of, he swept his hand over the sediment. Surprisingly, he felt a smooth yet warm surface. Back in Ember, there was no such thing; he became unsure of what it could possibly be.

He shook his head, and told himself that if he was to ever see Lina or Ember again, he needed to start thinking immediately. There was absolutely no space for daydreaming or anything else really. The people of Ember were in danger, and the worst part was that most didn't suspect a thing. It was a wonder that most believed they were safe forever. Light bulbs went out more and more often, there were food shortages of many items they depended on, and yet, they refused to find a way to get out of that place. Doon understood that in the past, multiple people did actually try, but all came back with no results and unusual stories of monstrous beasts that lurked in the dark.

There was no way he could let his father down now. If the city was to die out, and he was the only one to live, Doon could never live with himself with that small piece of knowledge inside of him, knowing that he, Doon Harrow, the boy who had once been full of ideas, had failed his people. Of course, he could hide this part of him if he was to ever discover a new city somewhere and settle down, but he knew he would not be the same. It would come up again and again until his death. No joy that came to him would last for too long.

A few ideas began to form in Doon's mind, but he knew that none of them except one would work. His only option was to follow Lina's steps to find her, to go into the cave, into the light, and reappear at wherever Lina went. Even though his schooling was quite limited to certain topics, he knew it went against the laws of the universe. It wasn't possible to just simply disappear. Again, he reminded himself that it was for the good the people. No matter what laid beyond the light and the cave, he had to do it. He had to conquer his fears.

Doon felt somewhat ashamed of himself, ashamed that he hadn't been right behind Lina. If he was, he would have been right next to her to protect her. He felt as if he was just tagging along, being no help to Lina.

Rummaging through his pack, he took out a few sheets to form a pillow and a blanket. He lowered himself onto the floor. As he stared upwards, he wondered what else could be out there. Were those stories of all the fantastical creatures and cities with light that didn't need to be powered true? He wearied his mind thinking about them until his eyes fluttered and finally closed shut.