Monkey Around

A lone hat slid into view. It was followed by three more in quick succession and then the Wickersham brothers flipped into view to retrieve their hats. "There's a rustle in the bushes. There's a tremble in the trees. Hear it like a whisper, smell it on a summer breeze," Zach sang.

"Mm-hm," the rest all sang.

"Something big is getting nearer. Something big is coming through. Got some monkey business, that's what we intended to do," Zach sang.

"Come on I wanna monkey, monkey around. Come on, we wanna monkey, monkey around. Come on I wanna monkey, ooh we wanna monkey around. Ooh," they all sang. An unsuspecting Horton walked into view with his clover.

"Oh, the Wickershams, um, hello," Horton said tentatively as the monkey brothers surrounded him.

"Well it's bigger than a bread box," Axel said.

"Hey it's wider than a whale," Terrell added.

"Peanut butter breath," Zach said.

"And scared to death from head to tail," they all sang.

"So you're still talking to dust, oh that's hot," Ian said.

"A dust speck that's all full of Whos who are not," Axel added.

"There aren't any Whos, why I don't hear a sound," Terrell finished.

"Come on we wanna monkey, monkey around," they all sang and then Axel grabbed Horton's clover and they dashed off, tossing it around and teasing Horton. Zach was the last one onto the narrow path in the woods and he hesitated before Dani a moment. Then he kissed her on the mouth and darted off after his brothers.