Chapter 5

Now it's Hiccup's turn.

Wait till you see how this turns out.

Astrid took the baby.

"Listen to me," she said hysterically "this baby's a little terror!"

She held the baby with one arm.

"The little devil had me running all over the place," Astrid complained "and she pulled my curtains down!"

"She pulled my hair repeatedly." Tuffnut said

"Your the one that won't get a haircut." Ruffnut said

Jaydette squirmed.

"Is that how she's been held all day?" Hiccup asked

"I don't know." Astrid said

Jaydette started crying.

"Now what do you want!" Astrid cried

"You're scaring her," Hiccup said "give me the baby."

She handed over the baby.

"Come here." he said quietly taking the crying baby

He cradled the little one and gently rocked her back and forth.

"You have to be gentle with babies," he said "they don't like yelling, when you're stressed they can feel it."

Jaydette stopped crying, she cooed contently and snuggled into his fur vest.

"She's content?" Astrid uttered

"How'd you do that?" Fishlegs asked

"She just wanted a little attention," Hiccup said "babies like to be cuddled."

"You mean that's why she crawled all over my ceiling interior?" Astrid asked

"Yeah..." Hiccup replied "wait, how'd she get on the ceiling interior."

"I don't know," Astrid said "I fell asleep and she escaped the playpen."

He didn't responded, he just took the baby inside.

Later the others stood outside the door listening, Astrid had her ear pressed against the door.

"I don't hear anything." Astrid said tensely

"That's never a good sign." Tuffnut said

They continued listening, but there was nothing but utter silence.

"What if she killed him?" Fishlegs asked frantically

"How would a baby kill someone?" Snotlout retorted

Astrid looked back at them.

"After what I saw today," Astrid said gravely "I don't doubt anything."

"Maybe she fell asleep." Ruffnut suggested

"That baby capable of many things," Fishlegs said "what if she saved her best for last?"

They listened for another five minutes and still heard nothing.

"It's been too long," Astrid proclaimed "I'm going in!"

She kicked the door down.

"That was a little extreme." Ruffnut said

Once inside they saw Hiccup sitting in a chair rocking the sleeping baby, who was curled up in his fur vest, back and forth in his arms.

The baby was sucking on a bottle.

Toothless was laying on the floor beside him.

"My door!" Hiccup groaned "Are you crazy, you almost woke the baby."

"It was so quiet," Astrid said "we got worried and...she fell asleep?"

"She was tired," Hiccup said "babies are hyper when they're tired cause they try to stay awake until they're ready to fall asleep."

The baby twitched in her sleep but Hiccup shushed her and she stopped.

"Did no one give her a bottle?" he asked

The five viking kids looked at each other quizzically.

"When did you get the bottle?" Astrid asked

"Back when we first agreed to do this," Hiccup said "us vikings have to be prepared no matter what the job is."

The baby finished the bottle and Hiccup put it down.

Toothless looked at the baby closely.

Jaydette opened her eyes, she smiled at Toothless and grabbed his snout.

"Ny Fwury." she squealed

She shoved her hands up his nostrils making him snort.

"Ah, careful." the dragon said

She clawed Hiccup's shirt.

"Heecup." the baby squeaked

She buried her face in his chest and squeezed his front.

"Easy," he cringed trying to remain cool "I'm a boy it's little more tender there."

Jaydette babble nonsensically and nuzzled his ribs.

Then she looked up and saw Tuffnut and his glorious tuggable hair.

She squealed and reached out.

"No way." he said

However, Ruffnut pushed his head down and the baby proceeded to joyfully yank his hair.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" he whimpered "you really suck!"

The joys of child care and child rearing.

My niece talks more than any kid I've ever known, not to mention she picked up her swear words quickly.

Also, is it normal for a two year old to want to play video games? she plays with my game paddle all the time and shout "go! go! go!"