Steve saw it all, the man coming toward him, the glint of steel, Danny pushing Steve out of the way, the knife sliding into Danny's stomach once, twice, three quick times, right below his vest.

Danny let out a gasp of surprise, a cry of pain, and then fell to his knees, collapsing onto his back, body arching with a strangled scream. Steve dropped to his knees, laying his violently shaking hands on Danny's blood-drenched skin, trying desperately to find a way to cover all the wounds at once. "Hold on Danny, hold on, you're going to be ok," Steve pleaded, keeping his hands pressed tight against Danny's stomach, bringing his forehead down to press against Danny's, keeping their gazes locked together.

"Babe, n-no I'm not," Danny choked out, eyes starting to close, but Steve grabbed Danny's face, squeezed it between his hands, forced those eyes open again.

"You have to be," Steve begged, and he lowered his lips to Danny's, kissed him desperately, tongue against the roof of Danny's mouth, lips pressing hard enough to leave bruises. He felt Danny start to violently shake and pulled back, taking his coat off and wrapping it around Danny's body, keeping the pressure on Danny's stomach.

Steve barely registered the footsteps, Kono's scream, sobs, Chin's voice barely able to choke out the words, "Officer down. Assistance needed immediately!" All he heard was Danny, each word a labored, painful effort.

"Tell…Grace…her Danno loves her," Danny gasped out, his hand inching forward to grab Steve's weakly. "Danno…loves…you too babe."

Danny's eyes closed, his breathing stopped, and Steve swore he felt his breath stop too. He'd never seen Danny this still, this quiet, and it was enough to break him down, but Steve couldn't let it.

Throwing the coat aside, Steve ripped off Danny's vest, began the compressions and breath, the count in his head and the feel of Danny's chest under his hands the only things keeping him together.

Danny's chest suddenly heaved, his head tossed back with a strangled breath, his eyes flying open, and the paramedics rushed onto the scene.

Steve staggered backwards as the medics descended. "He was stabbed three times," Steve choked out, hands flapping uselessly at his sides. "He stopped breathing once, but I brought him back in one minute eleven seconds."

The medics carefully loaded Danny onto a stretcher, and carried him into the ambulance. Steve kept pace with them, and started climbing in with Danny.

"Sir…" one of the medics began, raising a hand.

"I'm his husband," Steve blurted out. His eyes widened, his hand flying up to his mouth, as he realized what he'd just said. As he opened his mouth to explain, to say he knew full well that wanting to be the husband of someone he wasn't even dating, and actually being said person's husband, were two very different things, the medic stepped aside, allowing Steve entrance to the back of the ambulance.

Without hesitation, Steve shut his mouth and climbed in, immediately grabbing Danny's hand and bringing it to his lips, murmuring "I'm here, Danno, I gotcha."

To be continued…