Steve slowly came awake, to find a kindly looking older woman smiling down at him. "Hello Steven dear," she said softly, laying a hand on his arm. "We didn't want to wake you. That sweet Kono said you hadn't slept since it happened." She blinked back tears, and Steve knew instantly who she was, recognized her from the photos all around Danny's apartment.

"Mrs. Williams," he began, and suddenly he was wrapped up in her arms, and suddenly the sobs came, wracking his body, making him retch, and Danny's mother held him through it all, rocked him gently, rubbed his back, murmured soothing words in his ear.

"My son knows how much you love him," she promised, as Steve sobbed into her shoulder.

"He doesn't, he doesn't," Steve gasped out.

"You're his husband, dear, of course he does," Mrs. Williams said reassuringly, and before Steve could open his mouth, there was a sudden slow stirring from the bed. "Daniel?" She hurried over to the bed, Steve's long legs putting him one step ahead of her.

Danny's eyes opened to the sight of Steve and his mother, tears and relief spilling from their eyes, huddled over him. And what Steve saw in Danny's eyes made him turn tail and run.

Mrs. Williams found Steve perched on a chair behind his house, his bare toes raking through the sand, over and over, two empty beer bottles on the table next to him. She gently took the third bottle from him, and sat in the next chair.

"He knows what I did, doesn't he?" Steve asked softly, staring down at his now-empty hands. "I could see it, when he opened his eyes, that he'd heard you say husband."

"He did," Mrs. Williams admitted. Reaching over, she rested a hand on Steve's shoulder. "Even in that hospital bed, just out of a coma, he still managed to move those hands of his quite a bit."

Steve laughed, and felt a hand on his cheek, as Mrs. Williams turned his face to look at her. "And then he tried to get out of the bed to come find you, and his father had to hold him down, all while he swore up a Jersey storm. So I said I'd come get you. Also that he needed to watch that mouth of his, that being part of the Governor' s special task force didn't mean he could forget his manners. He started muttering something about a super seal?"

"Did Grace explain?" Steve asked, a smile finally spreading across his features as he got up, moving towards the door.

"After she came flying in the room and into Danny's arms," Mrs. Williams said with a soft smile as they walked through the house. "She insisted that her and Danno's Steve was a Super Seal. And then she bought Danny a stuffed seal from the gift shop." Steve couldn't stifle a laugh, and then Mrs. Williams continued. "Danny's been cuddled up with Grace and the seal ever since."

For a moment, Steve forgot how to breathe. Mrs. Williams had to drive the car.

Steve could see into the hospital room, could see Grace curled up against Danny's side, the seal held in Danny's other arm. "Steven, I can see your giant self lurking outside the door," Danny called out, his voice hoarse and exhausted, but still so clearly his own.

"Uncle Steve!" Grace called out excitedly, waving an arm at him. Steve strode into the room, and bent down as Grace wrapped him in a tight hug. "Danno's ok!"

Steve could only nod, his eyes glued to Danny's. "Monkey, would you mind going with Kono and getting your Danno a pudding cup?" Danny asked, running a hand over her pigtails as he held Steve's gaze.

Grace kissed Danny's cheek before hopping off the bed and flying out of the room. "Husband, huh?" Danny said immediately.

"Danny, I-" Steve began.

"Don't you, "Danny, I"!" Danny shouted, wincing at the strain on his throat. Steve quickly poured him a glass of water, and Danny took a quick sip, working hard to keep his voice lower. "You told everyone, and I mean everyone, that you are my husband. My daughter thinks you are my husband."

"I explained it to Grace," Steve quickly interjected desperately, but Danny waved him off.

"My ex-wife thought you were my husband. My parents. Nurses I've never seen before have been coming up to tell me how lucky I am to have such a devoted, and hot, husband!" His hands waved so fast Steve was afraid he was going to dislodge the IV. "Now correct me if I'm wrong, Steven, but we are not married, are we? I didn't sleep through a ceremony, or forget a honeymoon?"

"No," Steve mumbled, looking down at his hands.

"Leave it to you to just charge right ahead and get us married without ever even kissing me!" Danny suddenly said, and Steve whipped his head up to meet Danny's grin.

"Danny, are you-" Steve started, the words catching in his throat.

"Are you seriously going to make me get out of this hospital bed to show you how to kiss m-" Danny started, and before he could blink Steve was on the bed, lips pressed against Danny's, hands rubbing up and down Danny's arms as he slipped his tongue past Danny's teeth, heard Danny moan as he lightly nipped his lower lip.

"I think I can figure it out," Steve grinned against Danny's skin, and then his face grew serious. "I thought I'd lost you, Danny. I thought you were going to leave me."

"Never, babe, never," Danny whispered, kissing his way along Steve's stubbled jaw. "You're stuck with me. Course now you really have to make an honest man of me."