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Mama? Why Are You Crwin' ?

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The woman walked onto the train platform holding her sons tiny hands. They were two years hold and they were her world. She loved them more than anything.

This women did not look like a mom. Not in her fitted jacket, cream blouse, a pencil skirt that went to her knees, and her black pumps that gave her an extra height of 2 inches.

She looked down to her boys and smiled they refused to wear anything different from the other. Both wearing white shorts that reached passed their knees given to being to big, and a royal blue shirt also too big for their tiny forms. Black sneakers adored their little feet and a black wind breaker jacket to keep them safe from the harsh spring wind.

Oh yes she loved her boys.

The train pulled into the station and they walked out of the train. The little boys ran out not wanting to get caught in the door. They turned to face their mother. She knelt down pick one up and the other. They giggled at how strong their mother was. They loved their mother very much. They couldn't say much about their father, though. They had never met him. But today they would. It was a birthday present. Their mother had promised them that they would get to met their before they were three. And they were turning three this month.

"Mama?" asked Joey, the older of the twins.

"Yes, dear." the women answered

"Will, papa wike us?" finished Jagger, the other twin.

The women looked at her son then at her other son. She sighed.

"Honestly, babies, I don't know."

The boys smiled at the nickname their mother had given them. Their smile disappeared when she said she didn't know. 'How could dis be? Mama knows evweryting!' the twins were panicking if their Mama didn't know, who would?

Sasuke paced his father's study. He was waiting for his father to sign the papers. Fugaku signed as he read the papers his son had put in front of him. "Sasuke, are you-"

"I'm sure, Father."

Fugaku signed, his little boy was moving out. His little boy was most likely a father! He remember the day Sasuke came home in tears…



It was the middle of the night. A strong rain had just began to pour. Fugaku couldn't sleep. His youngest son had just graduated collage and was coming home with a girl! Sasuke had told him that this girl was beautiful and very independent. Fugaku had seen pictures his wife, Mikoto, had taken when she went to go visit Sasuke during his winter break.

Just as Fugaku was going up the stairs, a loud banging came from the door. Mikoto came out from the master bedroom tying her bathroom closed. "Who could that be at this late of an hour?" she asked. Fugaku shrugged not knowing. He moved his way towards the door, opening it just a crack, shutting the door and quickly removing the chain lock. Swinging the door open reveling a tear streaked, rain soaked, heart-broken Sasuke. Mikoto gasped, running down the stairs pulling in Sasuke and wrapping him up in a huge only a mother could give.

Itachi and Kisame carried all of the luggage in, then they all sat in the living room. Sasuke, Itachi and Kisame changed into dry cloths. Kisame holding Itachi's hand while he cry for his little brother. Mikoto and Fugaku wrapped Sasuke in parental love. But even with all of the love he didn't feel loved. "M-m-m-ommy?" Sasuke sobbed out.

"Oh, honey! I'm so sorry!" Call it mothers intuition, Mikoto knew her baby had been hurt. Badly.

"How could she just leave like it!" Sasuke screamed clutching his mother for dear life. Fugaku rubbed circles on Sasuke's back, this calmed him, but didn't heal his heart.

"Mom, Dad?"

"What is it, son?" Fugaku was worried his son would breakdown again, there for causing him to break down.

"Hinata's pregnant."

~*End Of Flashback*~


Fugaku wiped his eyes at the memory. "Why, Sasuke? You can stay here." he pleaded his son to change his mind, but always failed. Sasuke stopped pacing, and turned to his father "I need to move on with my life."

Fugaku's eyes watered again. He knew Sasuke still loved Hinata. And he knew that Sasuke would never be able to move on. So did Sasuke. But he had to try, no matter how bad it hurt.

Hinata felt her twins grasp her hands as she sat them down in the front lobby. She smiled trying to make them see it was safe. Once they smiled back, she turned and walked to the women sitting at the front desk. This was Sasuke's work. If he wasn't here she didn't want to go see his parents house. To be honest, she didn't want to see him at all. But this was for her babies, so she had to suck it up and face the man she'd been running from for 3 years. Granted it's not a lot of time, but when you get pregnant and have to go through it alone, it's a long time. "Excuse me." Hinata asked politely. The women set her eyes on Hinata, scanning her. "Yes?" she answered in a clipped tone. The women was young and she was sick of women trying to steal Sasuke away from her! "Is Sasuke Uchiha in?"

The secretary smirked, she knew it. "I'm sorry-" her phone began to ring. "One moment please?" She said to Hinata as she picked up the phone. "Hello, Uchiha Corporation, how may I help you?"

Hinata could hear the person on the other lend but couldn't make out the words. "Oh, um yes, Mr. Uchiha." Hinata's heart skipped a beat. Sasuke. She felt like crying. "No, Mr. Uchiha, no one came to see you." Hinata whipped her head and glared at the secretary. That little bitch! The secretary smirked and stuck out her tongue in a childlike manner. Hinata huffed. She grabbed the phone, almost ripping out the women ear ring. "Hello, Mr. Uchiha, yes I am here to see you. We have matters that need to be discussed. Oh and one more thing, I think you should fire your secretary." Hinata slammed down the phone hanging up. The poor women gapped at her. "Next time you wanna play bitch with me, you should reconsider." Hinata whispered. "Come on, babies.' the two boys hopped off the couch and ran to their mother. The three headed towards the elevator, once in Hinata pressed the level 13 button. It was Sasuke's favorite number, and the last level in the building, so she knew his office would be there. She smirked to the women as the doors closed. Then she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. The boys giggled with excitement. They were going to meet their father…there was no turning back now. Joey, being the more bold twin, began jumping up and down, while Jagger clung to his mother. Looking up at her face, he realized something..his mother was crying. "Mama?" Joey looked at his mother and as their mother looked at them with sad, heart-broken eyes, both twins said "Why are wou crwin'?"

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