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The Silver Bride: (KaZe Vampire Knight Yaoi) Kain Akatsuki is a the powerful Nobleman's son, top of the charts, being his family over through the ruling vampire family 50 years ago. And he has chosen his bride-or well his father as at least- Zero Kiryuu of the Royal hunter tribe. Kain is a cold and cruel man, just like he was taught, and the only thing he wants Zero for is the promise of a male heir. One day Zero gets fed up of his finance's cold attitude and goes on a little adventure, disguising himself as his twin brother Ichiru he sets off and finds something he never thought he would, Love. And what about our little Ichiru? Is he in for more then he expects? 11 votes

Luv Letters: Pairings are SasoDei, IruKaka, SasuNaru, ShikaKiba, NejiGaa and ItaKyu. There will be a total of 18 chapters(maybe more if you want) Each pairing will get at least three chapters, and they'll be like one-shots. Sum: The ukes get letters from their semes. Read along as the love letters melt the ukes hearts away.(I don't really know how to make a sum for this) 8 Votes

Where Gold And Black Meet: (SasuNaru, animalism, its like Loveless {Ears & tails} Naru is a fox and Sasu a wolf) The young pups feet pounded on the cold ground. He could hear the men behind him. 'What do they want!' the pup screamed in his head. The tree roots threatened to trip him, but no matter how many times he fell, he just got back up. 'I can't let them get me!'...Naruto is a rare fox breed. A golden fox, also known as a ROYAL fox. Non-Hybrids are taking over the world, and the capture young rare hybirds, such as Naruto, to sell as...sex slaves. Bcuz lets face, the only banging an old rich man wants is a broken little fox...But this little fox, it's broken...yet. When he escapes his cage one night, he runs to what seems the safest place for him; The forest, where a big bad wolf safes him, bringing him to the foxes den. But once he feels at home, hes thrusted into a terrible war between to two ruling kingdoms: Foxes and Wolves, the same clan that the wolf who saved him belongs to. Can Naruto stop this war without losing everything he just got back? Or will he have to fight and kill the wolf-man that he just can't help but love? Votes 7

Get Your Gun: (IchiRen, ByaKen) The Kurosaki family is forced to move into the Dark Karakura, the bad side of Karakura Town. Gang and Mob leaders are the ones ruling the city, the current top two dogs; Kenpachi Zaraki and Byakuya Kuchiki. Renji Abarai is a tough guy and oh so sexy. Ichigo just can't seem to get him out of his head. The thing that sucks, Renji is on Byakuya, vice captain to be except. And well little Ichigo, he's on his way to being Kenpachi's personal spy…and punching bag(NOT abusive fic, they're fighting partners) Can the two red-heads stop this war before it tares them apart…or maybe Ichigo has an idea…maybe the gang leaders need a little…fun…with each other. Votes 5

Starting Over: (GaaShika Sum) This little redhead's life couldn't be more...f*cked up. His dads an ass, who repeatedly reminds him that hes a mistake, his boyfriend is cheating on him left and right, and his only best friend, a little blonde named Deidara, hasn't been around to help Gaara with his problems. Now Gaaras gotta figure out how hes gonna leave all of his shit life behind and start all over? Yup you guessed ,Gaaras moving! Now at the school, everyone should be chill? Nope, this psycho is consistently groping poor Gaaras ass, and it's taking every ounce of Gaara's willpower not to kill the kid, but hey a least the music teachers kid is hot...(It's Gaaras life BEFORE 'School Lovers' and Naruto moved to town. NO SEQUALS FOR THIS) Votes 4

Red Wolves: (IchiRen Bleach) Ichigo Kurosaki is your normal college senior. Ready to face the world and take on it's battles in one year. Though it's battles are a little different then he thought they'd be. When his Biology Professor decides to take the class on a hiking trip for a weekend, Ichigo gets lost on the wrong path, and falls down to what he assumed his death. He wakes up and finds a red wolf standing before him, battling a creature he's never seen before. Can Ichigo survive in this new world long enough to find his way home? Or will he be sucked in by the Howls and Lust of the Red Forest of the Red Wolves?(Part one of two; Part two will be call Grey Hollows) Votes 1

Close Call: (Renji x Ichi or Shiro? Find out) Ichigo and Shiro Kurosaki are normal twins. They share everything, from cloths to thoughts. From crushes to dreams. Though they were never interested into the same guy, EVER! Shiro was into kinky sex and Ichigo wanted someone who'd wait for him to be ready. In their senior year of high school both boys are single and ready for fun before heading of into the world of college. And still they shared no common guy appeal. That is until Renji Abarai moved in next door in their apartment complex. Red hair, tattoo covered body, hard abs, sarcasm, yet sweet and completely off limits. Oh yeah just want Shiro wants…and so does Ichigo. Can the twins find a way to give up on Renji or do they risk their close bond in fighting over him? They'll have to keep track of how many close calls they get because who knows they might ran out… Votes 1

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