A/N from A.C.: I always wanted to write one of these. This is a FFVII and KH crossover, but does lean more toward KH people. There will be lots of pairings, XemSai and Nero/Weiss for sure.

I hope you enjoy!

Square Maximum Security Prison was home to the most dangerous beings across worlds. The men and women housed here were mostly always set on life sentences or sentenced to death within a few weeks. The people split themselves up into groups; the Soldiers, The Tsviets, The Organization, et cetera, though some groups are friendly with each other, some are not. This prison kept killers, rapists, arsonists, and more locked away behind bars and far away from normal society to keep people safe.

The Cafeteria was one of the busiest places in the prison, as the men and women would just sit around and talk among their groups, heavily surrounded by guards, mind you.

"Hey, check out the new meat, Weiss."

The white haired prisoner looked in the direction that his 'friend' pointed to and his eyes widened. "Fuck no... It can't be..."

"Well, don't he look damn good. Y'know, if you ignore the orange jumpsuit." The redhead next to him grinned.

Weiss turned to glare at him, "Axel. Shut up and don't you dare touch him."

"Can't touch the fresh meat, Weiss? Why the fuck not?" Axel nearly pouted at the rejection.

With his teeth gritted, the older man hissed, "That's my brother, dumbfuck." He quickly stood up from the cafeteria table and walked to the new prisoner.

The white haired man tapped his brother on the shoulder, only to get spun around and slammed down against a near empty cafeteria table. The older man wheezed at the raven-haired one, "Nice to see you too, Nero."

Crimson eyes went wide as he looked into grey ones, "... Weiss? Is it really you?"

"Of course. Now, can we stand up? My back is starting to hurt."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Brother!" Nero quickly stood up and stepped back watching as Weiss stood and cracked his back. "I missed you so much, Weiss."

"I missed you too. Now, come with me, meet my friends." The elder brother took his sibling's hand in his and led him to their cafeteria table.

"Hello, my friends. I'd like to introduce you to my brother, Nero." Weiss started pointing out some of the people at the table, starting with a man with spiky red hair, "That's Axel, he's here for arson."

"How would arson lead you to a maximum security prison?" Nero asked, taking a seat at the table.

"If you burn down an elementary school you end up here." Axel laughed.

Weiss rolled his eyes, "Right, anyway, the blue-haired guy next to him is Saix, he's here for murder, rape and cannibalism."

Nero's eyes went a little wide as he moved his seat closer to his Brother's, "Great..."

The blunette smirked in his direction, showing sharp fangs. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Yeah... Hi." Nero looked to Weiss, "Next one, please?"

"Of course, Brother." Weiss pointed to a small boy with slate colored hair brushed over on eye, "Zexion is here for a multitude of things, among them, he murdered several people and tricked others into doing his dirty work."

And here Nero thought the boy looked harmless.

"Vincent over there," Weiss motioned toward a sulking raven-haired man, "is here because he tried to blow up a building in a busy town." He motioned again to the last person at the table, "Her name is Rosso. I'm sure you've heard of her."

Nero arched a brow, "Rosso the Crimson?"

"The very same."


Weiss looked at his brother, "How exactly did you get thrown in here, Brother."

"Oh, you don't want to know." Nero smiled, relaxing back against his chair with a soft smile. "I'm just glad you're here with me."

Saix looked over at the two brothers and smiled, "What a touching reunion, Weiss. However, I do think that it is nearly time for us to see the counselor, am I not correct?" He kept his voice in an ever-present monotone and got up from his seat.

"You're right, Saix. Thanks for the reminder." Weiss said, standing up along with the blunette. "Brother, would you like to join us?"

"Uhm... Sure." Nero mumbled as he was pulled to his feet, the clawed hand on the blunette digging into his arm.

Piercing golden eyes stared into crimson and Saix gave a low growling purr, "So sad I am going through therapy. It would disappoint the Doctor so if I had a little taste of you." He ran his free hand down Nero's side, forcing a shiver up his spine. "I bet you taste amazing, young one. So lean..."

"Saix!" Weiss snapped, taking hold of his brother's other hand and pulling him away from the other man quickly, not noticing how the blunette's claws sliced into Nero's arm. "Leave him alone. You aren't to touch my Brother."

Licking the blood from his fingers, Saix nodded and began to walk out of the cafeteria, "Of course, Weiss."

"Come, Nero. Let us get going." He led his brother out of the room, ignoring the guards that came around the three prisoners as they walked. "Our counselor's name is Roxas Strife. He knows all about us and will want to know about you as well."

Nero kept a hand firmly over his wound and nodded, "Alright..."

They walked into the small therapy room and saw that Saix was already spread out on the couch, smiling over at the doctor; his lips stained a faint red color from the blood he had licked up earlier. The golden eyes moved from the blond man behind the desk to the door opening up in the room as the blunette sat up.

Roxas stood from his spot and Nero was generally amused as to how short the boy was. "I'm glad you finally showed up on time for a session, you two." He looked over at Nero and arched a brow, "Who are you?"

"Nero Sable."

"Ah, Weiss' little brother, eh? Okay. Sit down." Roxas sat on the side of his desk and picked up his notebook and pen as he watched the two men sit beside Saix. "Okay. Let's start with Saix... How have your cravings been?"

Saix growled and leaned forward with his hands on his knees and his hands clasped together, "Not so good ever since the fresh meat showed up." He looked beside him at the younger brother and licked his lips, "He looks tasty, right, Doctor?"

"Saix. Look back at me." Roxas mumbled, scribbling things down on his notepad, "You know that you aren't supposed to think like that. People don't eat other people."

"Oh? Why not, Doctor?" Saix smirked at the blond, "Some mice eat mice. That is all human beings are after all, nothing but little mice!" He reached over toward Nero and swiped his fingers in the still dripping blood on the pale arm. He licked at his blood fingers and purred happily. "Humans are very delicious no matter how you take them after all. Eating them or fucking them, maybe both!" Saix let out a deep chuckle.

Rolling his eyes, Roxas chided the blunette, "Saix. This isn't helping your case. We're trying to keep you out of an asylum. Stop talking like that."

The blunette sighed, "Fine..."

"And I heard about the fight you got in with those guards, Saix. Not good."

"They pushed me to it!" Saix shouted, gripping the arm of the couch and digging his claws into the red plush, "He started it, that fucking jackass made me!"

"Saix... You bit him. You took off a good chunk of flesh."

"He brought it on himself." The blunette responded with a huff, sitting back and crossing his legs, "He was lucky he did not taste good or he would not be here today. Not to mention the other one..."

"The one you tried to rape, yes, we talked to him too." Roxas sighed and shook his head, "This has got to stop, Saix."

Nero cringed at the thought of Saix biting flesh off of a man and eating it. He did again at the mention of attempted rape.

"Why? I like my lifestyle, and I really do want that guard... What was his name?"


"Ah, yes," The blunette purred, "Xemnas... Do you think he might taste like chocolate? He looks like it. Or maybe with a nice chocolate sauce. Mmm. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!"

"Saix. I'm serious," Roxas' voice took on a warning tone like that of an angry mother scolding her child. "No more talking like that."

The blunette merely rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "Whatever."

Bright blue eyes turned on Weiss, "Now... How are you? Are you still getting feelings of a need for power?"

"You know very well, Rox, that I have been doing fine." The elder brother waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

"You've been doing fine compared to the cannibalistic rapist." Roxas pointed at Saix who gave a happy wave and a fang revealing smile. "But you're still not fixed... and don't call me that."

"I've been doing fine, Roxas. And now Nero is here, so I'm even better. Got it?"

"If you say so, Weiss. Now, Nero... What about you? What are you in for?"