A/N from A.C.: Well, this is the end of Locked Away. I hope you enjoyed this adventure. I know I haven't been posting in forever... but I finally got this out. Sorry it's so short though. Love you all!

Nero pushed open the Counselor office door, breathing heavy from running there from his cell. "R- Roxas! You have to stop them!"

Weiss walked up behind him and set a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Catch your breath, Brother."

The younger of the two shook his head rapidly, "There's no time!" He darted inside the office and set his hands on the desk, "Roxas, please!"

The blond looked into deep crimson eyes and spoke softly, "What are you talking about?"

"They're going to kill Saix!" Nero's crimson eyes were wide, panicked.

"I know." Roxas said simply, crossing his arms over his chest.

The younger of the two brothers stared at the young counselor in shock at his simple response. Nero stepped forward, moving closer to the blonde, "Roxas... Roxas, please, you have to help him..."

The blond shook his head and frowned, "Nero, I don't care what happens to him. I'm sorry."

Nero looked down at the desk, his heart breaking at the thought of losing a friend. He looked back at the counselor, his crimson eyes making Roxas feel uncomfortable. "H- How can you say that? He's a human being! He's-"

"A human being?" Roxas interrupted, standing up from his office chair, "He's not human. I don't know what he is, but it sure as Hell isn't human!"

"He's my friend!" Nero shouted, his eyes narrowing. "He's our friend!" He motioned to Weiss who gave a firm nod but let Nero continue talking, "It's not fair for him to be put through this! He's got rights, he's messed up in the head, he just needs help!"

"Criminals standing up for one of their own. I'm not surprised." The blond spat coldly, his blue eyes mere slits as he watched the brothers.

Nero was taken aback by the comment, his eyes widened in shock and he took a few steps away from the other man, "You think that of us, huh? And here I thought you liked us." He turned around and walked over to Weiss, "Don't bother trying to get to us anymore, Roxas. And we don't need your help. We'll get Saix free without you."

"Nero, please... I didn't mean-"

"Save it." He held a hand up and let out a soft sigh, "Don't try to get on my good side."

Weiss snarled at the young blond, "You hurt my Brother's heart... you better watch your back you little blond rat."

Nero placed a gentle kiss on his sibling's cheek, "Don't worry about him, Weiss. He knows better than to mess with us again."

Opening the office door, the younger brother looked at Xemnas and Tseng who were standing by. He walked out of the room and began down the hallway, his brother following close behind. The two guards walked after them, making sure to match their speed. As they got to their cell, the younger of the siblings stopped walking.

"Where's Saix?" The raven-haired man looked at the two guards, "Why isn't he in his cell? I know he has time left!"

Tseng shook his head, "His execution has been moved up."

"No!" Nero yelped, "That's not fair!"

"Brother, please calm down..." Weiss stepped toward his sibling, worried.

"He has time left! Saix has more time! This isn't fair!"

Xemnas smirked at the younger man, "Life's not fair, brat."

. . . . . .

Rufus paced back and forth, loading his pistol, "Ready, mutt?"

The blunette snarled, trying to get out of the strong grips that were holding him still. The chains attached to his wrists and ankles clanged together, "Why would you even ask me that?"

"Because I like to piss you off." The blond smirked, "Why else?"

Baring his fangs, Saix growled loudly, "Fuck you! You know I can escape. You can't kill me!"

Aiming his pistol at the prisoner, Rufus laughed, "I can, and I will."

"Try it, you jackass!"

Rufus' finger hovered over the trigger of his gun, focusing on his target. He pulled down on the trigger and the bullet flew from its chamber, smoke rising in the air. Saix thought fast, tugging on the chains that one of his guards held onto. He moved out of the spot in one quick move, pulling the guard to replace him. The bullet struck, burying deep within the chest of the guard. A scream echoed in the courtyard, and Saix took the chance. He growled angrily as the chains forbid him to run as he wanted to. He kept his eyes on Rufus for as long as he could, and he could tell that the Warden was in shock over what just happened.

Saix moved as fast as he could with the cuffs around his ankles and wrists. He reached the end of the courtyard, staring up at a tall wire fence. He knew about it; he had heard the stories about prisoners trying to escape this way and how 'successful' they had been. But he had no other choice, the blunette began climbing, trying to reach the top as fast as he could.

"There he is!" Saix could hear Rufus' voice and suddenly a bullet flew past him. "Faster! Get him!"

The blunette climbed over the top of the fence, ignoring the searing pain as barbs from the coils at the top cut into his flesh. He jumped down, tucking and rolling as he hit the floor. The fates were with him - for some odd reason - and he hear the cuffs from his ankles break as he hit the hard ground. Another bullet zoomed past him and then another, and he looked over his shoulder, watching as the blond Warden ran for the gate, along with some guards, though they were a few yards away.

"Good luck catching me again, you blond douchebag!" Saix called over his shoulder.

He started running faster and laughed, knowing that he'd make it even harder to find him.