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Lily frowned as she woke up. Her three days were up. It was a 'Watch out for James Potter' day.

She got up and got ready. She ran a brush through her thick red hair and changed into a cream, v-neck sweater and fitted blue jeans.

Saturday too, how wonderful.

Lily rolled her eyes and then widened them as she applied some mascara, making her green eyes look even bigger.

She pulled on a pair of comfortable cream boots and tucked her wand into one of them. Grabbing her strawberry chap stick Lily finally left the dormitory to find Alice waiting for her in the common room.

"Good morning Alice," Lily greeted.

Alice looked up from her magazine with a smile, "Oh good, you decided to wake up. Come on, breakfast ends soon."

Lily nodded as her gaze swept across the rest of Gryffindor common room. There was no sign of him. She sighed, "Alright let's go."

They left through the portrait hole and headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, Alice chatting animatedly about the conversation she and Frank Longbottom had in Potions the day before. As they approached the doors to the Great Hall he made his appearance.

Oh Merlin.

Here she comes.

"Alice," Lily pulled on her friend's sleeve, tugging her to a halt. She shot a pointed look at the messy, dark haired...boy before her and Alice got the message.

"Oh Merlin, Potter, don't embarrass yourself. Get out of the way," Alice snapped as she tried to shove him from his spot in front of the huge wooden doors.

James grinned, "No can do Prewett, I have a mission."

"Prongs!" Sirius called. He noticed Lily and Alice and nodded, "Oh, hey Evans, Prewett. James, are you coming to the pitch? We've got a few of Ravenclaws willing to take up the challenge."

James turned his attention away from Lily for a moment to look at Sirius, "Blokes, right?" At Sirius' confirming nod James continued, "The short redhead and the scrawny prudish one?"

Sirius confirmed this as well, "Yeah, and the tall, awkward one."

"Alright. I'll be there," James agreed. He turned back to Lily, "Good morning Lilyflower. I see you slept in today."

Lily cringed a bit at the terrible pet name and then glared, "Potter, move."

He smirked in response.

Alice gave Lily a pleading look as if she could do something about this, "Lily breakfast is over in twenty minutes. I like being able to breathe in between each bite of toast and sip my pumpkin juice not inhale it."

"Aw Lilyflower, I'm sure you're hungry too, don't you want breakfast?"

"Potter, move," Lily repeated.

"Only if you'll go out me," James continued to smirk and Lily frowned.

"I'm sorry, Potter, miracles aren't happening for either of us today. You're still here, and I won't date you," she smiled 'sweetly' and James sighed.

Sirius grinned as a pretty sixth year walked by, "Later, Prongs."

Alice and Lily both stared at him in disgust as he walked away and James looked at Lily.

"One date," he said.

"No." Her stomach was on the verge of growling as she stared at the doors behind him.

Ugh. Alice better thank me for this.

Lily stepped towards James slowly, a smile forming on her lips. She moved closer until she was millimetres away from him and placed a hand on his chest.

Quidditch does a boy a good.


She slid her hand up to his neck to play with his hair. "Potter, I don't want a date...per se...I'd rather just..."

Alice's eyes widened in shock at her friend's actions before she caught on and, sliding past a distracted James Potter, easily reached the door behind him. The moment the door was pushed open and Alice had slipped through James became aware of what was happening.

She tricked me. Her and her strawberry-ness.

He grabbed hold of Lily's wrist and gave her a scolding look, maintaining his cool.

"That wasn't very nice."

"You're not very pleasant yourself," Lily retorted. "I'm hungry and you're in the way of my breakfast."

James let her into the Great Hall, no longer seeing the point in trying to stop her, "I'll join you."

"Why? You already ate," Lily said in frustration.

"Well because I love you," James replied seriously.

Really? Really? That's what you think? Oh my goodness I'm so excited I can't even...wait, yes I can. I LOATHE you.

Lily voiced this thought and James chuckled despite the sting. "That's what you think."

She loves me. Yep, yes she does. She just doesn't know it yet.

I loathe him. He's such an idiot. He just can't take a hint.

James, Lily, and Alice all sat down at Gryffindor table, both Lily and Alice immediately helping themselves to toast and eggs.

"So what are you ladies doing this weekend?" James asked.

Lily glared, "None of your business."

It was just a question.

"Well now I'm intrigued," James grinned. "What isn't my business?"

Lily raised an eyebrow, "Get your mind out of the gutter Potter. I'm finishing a potions assignment then reading a book."

"How interesting," James said sarcastically.

Lily shot him a look, "I'm relaxing. It's Saturday, there are no classes there really isn't much to do."

"Au contraire," James told her as he got himself some pumpkin juice. "It's Saturday, there are loads of things to do."

"Well I'm spending the day with Frank," Alice smiled widely.

"There's something," James pointed at Alice, "Saturdays are good for dates."

"Dates?" Lily repeated incredulously.

"With me."

"Saturdays are good for dates. But dates are only good when you like the person you're with." Lily bit into her toast contently.

"You know, that's the difference between you and us," James started, thinking aloud.

"What do you mean 'you and us'?" Alice asked.

James shrugged, "Like you," he gestured at Lily and Alice, "and Remus, Sirius, Peter and me. Us."

"Well what's the difference?" Lily took a sip of her pumpkin juice, "The fact that we're girls and you're immature, obnoxious, arrogant, egotistical boys?"

"No, the fact that we know how to have fun and you, well you two wouldn't know fun if it sat on the tip of your nose," James punctuated this by tapping the end up Lily's nose and Lily swatted him away violently.

"That's because your idea of 'fun' is being stupid in a group." Lily shook her head at him, "You guys just can't fathom the idea of growing up."

James looked insulted for a second before leaning forward on the table, angling his body towards hers. "You wouldn't stand a week with us," he challenged.

"I don't think I'd want to," Lily spat.

Alice looked between the two of them, "Oh this could get dangerous."

"No really," James continued, "you wouldn't last. And why? Well because Miss Lily Evans doesn't know how to have fun. It would just about kill her."

Come on, come on, come on...

"You mean your petty little games and pranks?" Lily scoffed. "Right, because being an idiot and goofing off every chance you get is ever so difficult."

Is that what she sees it as?

"Like you could do it," he crossed his arms and smirked.

Three, two...one.

"I could too. But unlike you I prefer to act my age."

There it is.

"Fine. You think you can? One week."

"One week?" Lily repeated inquisitively.

James nodded, "Yeah. One week Lily. One week so you can prove it. You'll spend one week with me. Me and my mates."

"Fine. Easy," Lily shrugged.

"Deal," James held out a hand but Lily made no move to shake it.

"How about a bet?" she offered.


"If I win...you don't ask me out. At all. Not ever again," Lily decided sternly.

"And if I win, you're my girlfriend," James grinned.

"What?" Lily shrieked. "No, no way."

"Are you afraid you'll lose?" James taunted.

Lily's jaw set as she shook her head, "No way in hell. You're on."

She held out her hand. He shook it.

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