You've all seen World Dumbest, da? Well here's the Hetalia Edition. Lithuania is the person explaining what's going on.


Chapter 1: #20: Mutant Corn!

Lithuania: "In Tampa, Flordia, Alfred F. Jones is running away from the cops. In a space ship."

England: "Where the bloody hell do you get a space ship from?"

Lithuania: "Alfred was able to fly over The Gulf of Mexico, but an unexpected rainstorm shorts out the ship and causes Alfred to crash in Cuba. He didn't fall on land, but on eight foot mutant corn!"

Romano: "Eight foot mutant corn, the hell!"

Cuba: "…pink lemonade was poured on a couple of our corn crops."

America: "HAHA! The hero saved you though!"

Cuba: "Shut the hell up burger boy!"

Lithuania: "Even though Alfred was in a different country, he was still arrested."

America: "I did not remember that part."

Lalan: "Did you happen to be drunk at the time?"

That's the end of number 20 of Worlds Dumbest Drivers one.