Number Seven.

Random chorus: "Number seven~"

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#7: Over The Bridge, Into Ze Bushez.

Lithuania: "In Spain, police are in pursuit of a drunk driver. Antonio Carriedo."

Romano: *Laughing his ass off*

Lithuania: "With a chopper overhead, it looks like Antonio is already caught unti-"


"-l. He goes over a bridge."

*Antonio then lands in bushes, and some trees*

Armenia: "Over a bridge, without a ramp, into a bunch of trees, and a bunch of bushes. Smart. Real, smart."

Romano: "Idiot." *Smirks*

Lalan: "Wait. Spain has choppers? Shit!"

Lithuania: "When police search the trees, and bushes. All they could find was Antonio's car."

Qatar: "Is Spain a natural hider, or is he a ninja? I could never run, and hide that fast."

Lesotho: "I guess that was smart…?"

Antarctica: "I would NEVER do that. There are places I don't want to be. Like, a rapist's car, a scientists' creepy lab, India's BACKYARD."

India: *Smirks, then chuckles*

St. Kitts: *Inside a tree* "HAHA suckers! They'll never find me here. No one ever thinks to look inside a tree."

Lithuania: "he is found three days later."

St. Kitts: "SHITS! I got found! DAMNNIT!"