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"Not here."

How childish Dawn was being, Cynthia thought, as the young trainer ignored her order and continued trailing kisses down the side of her neck.

"Please, Dawn…" But, no. Dawn simply smirked-the devilish expression made Cynthia go weak in the knees.

"You promised." Dawn whispered, her hot breath hitting Cynthia's ear and oh, her legs started to tremble.

"Yes, I realize this but-Dawn!" Dawn's hand had made it's way down her pants, fingers easily undoing the button and easing the zipper down.

Yes, Cynthia had promised Dawn intimacy, however, she wanted to go about it in the privacy of their own home. Not in the very crowded entrance to the Pokemon League. Receptionists, trainers-even members of the Elite 4 were roaming about, and as much the fact terrified Cynthia, it also excited her.

The thrill of being caught-

Of seeing the shocked faces of the trainers, or the Elite 4...Lucian…

With a groan, Cynthia turned her head, and allowed her lips to collide with Dawn's.

"If we get caught…" Cynthia hissed out, legs spreading on instinct as Dawn's fingers pressed against her through the damp material of her panties.


Cynthia bit her bottom lip to suppress a groan as thosetalentedfuckingfingers slipped inside her panties, and pressed against her clit hard.

"D-Dawn..!" Her fingers began to move, making quick, fast circles that made Cynthia's knees give.

She wrapped an arm around Dawn's waist for support, stifling moans and obscenities as the younger girl slipped a finger inside of her.

Cynthia mentally thanked Arceus for the PC that she was pressed against; however, her eyes were still wondering wildly around the room, staying vigilant for any sign of suspicious. "Stop. Just relax." Dawn muttered, sliding another finger inside of the Champion, twisting and curling them while her tongue darted out to lick the flesh of Cynthia's neck.

"Oh, Dawn…yes…harder…" As requested, Dawn thrusted her fingers harder, roughly brushing against Cynthia's walls with her fingertips. Cynthia's legs spread wider-as much as the space she was in would allow, and bucked her hips into Dawn's hand, eager for more friction.

Dawn's fingers stretched-stopping for a fraction of a second-she locked eyes with Cynthia and wanted to moan when she saw the look of panic and pleasure on her face. It was all so delicious and perfect and wondeorus that she wondered why she hadn't thought of cornering her lover at the entrance to the Pokemon League before. She'd never felt Cynthia get so wet before…and come so close so quickly-

Cynthia's walls were already starting to tighten; clenching around Dawn's fingers as her clit began to ache while she grinded against Dawn's palm.


With another one of those devilish smirks, Dawn curled her fingers; and held-harder-more pressure-and then release-again-curl-stretch-

Cynthia spasmed, tightening and drenching Dawn's hand as she barely managed to stifle a shout of pleasure.

Panting, she rested her head against the back of the PC, watching with a grim expression as Dawn wiped her hand on the black fabric of her coat.

"Dawn…well, now, that was inappropriate…"

"Oh, sshh. Just hurry up and take me home. I'm so hungry."

"…for dinner, or…?" Cynthia quipped, straightening her clothes and taking Dawn's hand in hers.

"Now look who's being inappropriate…."

A/N: I hate the length of this, and I sort of dislike the ending, but I found it amusing, so. I wrote this little piece of smutty-smut for my amazing friend, Erica, so I certainly hope you enjoyed it, dear. ;) 3