They Ran, They were always running, the world they knew was dark and dangerous, they thought out every little move they made, She was scared, he tried to reassure but they both knew this would end in violence but they stuck together no matter what, they promised each other they would fight it out, they didn't know what would happen or how it would play out but they didn't think of it, the thoughts they had weren't pleasant but they refused to think of what would happen if they lost each other, it was hard enough already. Caring gets you dead but they cared anyways they couldn't stop running 'cause they knew they had something to lose; each other. They hated it and they were tired but what else could they do, this whole thing was like a sick little game and the rules were simple you lose; you die.

The truth is a terrible thing but they had to face it sooner or later, They weren't perfect, yes they'd done horrid things but they deserved to have friendship and that exactly what they had and it's what kept them handing on, they were open books and people but there's only so much a person can take and they were getting closer and closer to the edge, they fought, they made up, they ran, it was an ongoing cycle that neither of them particularly liked but stunk it anyways to keep each other safe well that was until they had the stupid idea to kidnapped the human doppelganger and hand her over to Elijah, she could tell he was scared, she always could why hadn't she let him get out of there she'd made some crap decisions in her life but nothing as bad as this, the look of dread that cross his face made her stomach turn, the look of pure trust in her made her want to get him out of there before it was too late but that's what it was too late, what happen to her best friend that day was the most sickening site she'd ever seen, she cried out but that did as much use as no use, he was gone, he was really gone her Trevor gone in the matter of what? Seconds maybe minutes, he'd always been there to catch her when she fell, to make sure nothing ever hurt her; not ever and now he was dead. They ran, they stopped, he died, she forced herself to carry on for Trevor, everything she did was for Trevor and there wasn't a second when by that she didn't think about him and how much she missed him because they were family...forever.

I really wanted to write something about Rose and Trevor, it's really short and not that good but it's still it's better than not writing it at all like I was gonna do