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Oh god.

The sweet rush of blood into his mouth made his eyes roll back into his head, and a low moan emit from his mouth. The rush was terrifying, but exhilarating. Aidan tried to think of all the ways that this was a bad thing, but he couldn't manage to work past the sweet liquid that was pooling in his mouth.

It wasn't as good as it would have been with a live human, but it was infinitely more satisfying than a bag of blood. Rebecca was right. There wasn't no competition between the satisfying yield of flesh and the rim of a mug.

It was heaven. When Rebecca bit him there had been a rush. There was something inherently erotic about a vampire bite; the sharing of fluids, the lightheaded euphoria as the heart struggled to beat one more time. But it wasn't the same as biting a vampire. The blood was cool, and wasn't fresh. There was no enticing heart beat that drove the need to feed. No vitality to the skin, or compulsive livelihood to the eyes.

And yet there was a certain amount of power to it.

The biting was hot, the sharing of blood and all, but there was also a fight for dominance. Even though it was give and take, there was always someone in control. And in this case it was Aidan. It had been so long since he had had this type of relationship with another vampire. Bishop was right – it was cold out here alone. They had been kings – no, gods. Bishop and he had ruled over all under them – together. That had been the crucial aspect. They had been together.

Rebecca would never compare to that. There was no give and take in this relationship. It was all wrong. And god, he would give anything to be strong enough to walk away. But that time wasn't now. He wasn't strong enough yet. But all it would take is time – time allows for all things.

Aidan was old enough to know that.

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