Disclaimer: *bored voice I do not own Yugioh or any Yugioh characters. I do not make any money from this fanfic. *brightens* However, I'm pleased to say I was inspired by a fellow deviant and this plot is all mine (save for the inspiration coming from Vampire Yami being sealed in the Sennen Puzzle only to have Yugi-chan free him). xDDD

Warning: Contains Yaoi, Lemons, and the usual Tea-bashing. (I've read some good Tea-bashing fics, and I have some new torture up my sleeve for her. No longer will she be finished off so quickly... *maniacal laughter* Me: Shaddup, you crazy kook! *Dr. Frankstein from Young Frankstein pops his head out* Willy Wonka: Sorry, but IT'S ALI-! *hits him over the head with a wooden mallet* Me: That should shut him up long enough to write this...)

Yugi cried as he lay on the ground, bloody and bruised from yet another beating by Ushio and his gang of thugs. Shakily, the tri-colored haired teen got to his feet and slowly shuffled to the Game Shop just blocks away where he lived. It was always like this whenever Jii-san went on a business trip. Yugi never told the old man about his problem, not wanting their livelihood to suffer because he was too weak to protect himself.

The petite teen somehow made it up the stairs to his bedroom. Like usual after a beating, he sat at his desk and worked on a golden puzzle he had worked on for the past 8 years. He knew it was dangerous to fall asleep with a concussion, and he always waited until he was sure he didn't have one before sleeping the injuries off. He was just grateful he was a fast healer: In fact, it had gotten faster as of late, especially around the time he only had a few pieces of the puzzle left. He figured the magic said to be contained within it was trying to protect him somehow, and that only spurred him to try and complete it faster.

Click! In went another piece.

Click! Just two more.

Click! Yugi reached for the last piece, one bearing the mark of the Horus eye. Yugi stared at it for a moment, mesmerized, before placing the last piece where it belonged.

Suddenly, the concussion Yugi had feared hit him like a brick wall. He began to pass out, his last thoughts before falling unconscious were for someone to help him. The Horus eye glowed and a dark form began to materialize behind the fallen boy. A man looking very much like Yugi, only with tanned skin, lightning bolts in his hair, and crimson eyes appear, looking at the boy in concern. The mysterious stranger picked up the boy and placed him on the bed, checking his forehead. The boy didn't appear to have a fever... He used his shadow magic to check for unseen injuries and found the boy's concussion. It was pretty bad. The boy would die soon without help.

The tan-skinned man bit his thumb, contemplating what to do. His fang drew blood from the digit he was biting it so hard, and he quickly removed the finger from his mouth, an idea forming. Humans became vampires when one drank the blood of an impure human. Would the blood of a pure-hearted vampire be able to save the boy?

The vampire placed his bleeding thumb into the boy's mouth, hoping this would work. He didn't want his destined soulmate to die before he got to know him. The creature's blood trickled down Yugi's throat and he coughed. The boy stirred and his eyes began to open. Breathing a sigh of relief, the vampire returned to the puzzle in a flash of golden light, not feeling this was the best time to introduce himself.

YES! A demonic form of Yami with a pure heart! xDDD You knew this HAD to be coming someday! Oh, and like my little spoof in the beginning? I watched the movie "Young Frankstein" recently, and couldn't resist due to the title I gave this fic. xDDD