Hawaii Five O

No Man is an Island

Awareness was slow in coming, but when it did it slammed into his mind much the same way as the fists had slammed into his body. He fought to breathe past the agony in his chest and used his hands to lever himself into sitting position. He leaned his head back against the cold stone wall and looked up at the high window opposite his position.

Streams of bright sunlight crept across the room, while small particles of dust danced in the air as if lifted by an unseen breeze. He knew he had to escape, but there was a difference between knowing what he had to do and actually doing it. He tried to climb to his feet, but closed his eyes against the nauseating pain in his right leg. He blinked several times in an effort to clear his vision, but the swelling around his right eye made it hard to focus on his surroundings.

How long had he been here, surrounded by nothing but four walls? How many times had he tried to escape, only to find himself thrown back in this hell hole with nothing but the sound of his own breathing to tell him he was alive?

He moved his arms, the aching pain a reminder that he'd spent several hours hanging by his wrists until someone had decided he was no longer a threat. He ran his fingers through his hair, wincing when his right hand came in contact with a wound above his right eye. His fingers came away sticky, but at least the bleeding seemed to have stopped. Not that it mattered, as he was pretty sure he would be dead long before he bled out.

He managed to get his feet under him and straightened to his full height. He leaned heavily on the wall and began the slow, painful trek toward the door that seemed an insurmountable distance from where he now stood. He breathed through tightly clenched teeth as he struggled to get one foot in front of the other. He heard the familiar click that he recognized as the bolt being slid across and he stared at the door as it slowly opened to reveal his captor.

"Well, it's good to see you awake again."

"Go to hell," he managed and stood to his full height as two men entered and latched onto his arms before they dragged him from his prison.