Wings we got'em Fangs we also got'em, Claws we still got'em, Horns, not very big but still we got'em, Inhuman speed yeah we got it. Pretty much the tools essential to be a vampire, well the horns not so much but they mostly stay hidden underneath my hair. Also the wings not very useful when running after prey but the flip side is that they disappear into thin air when we want them to well not disappear but their matter melds with the other matter around them so they can bend and other things can go through them. Now the claws are pretty cool though, their retractable just like a cats but they retract over our regular nails so its pretty cool but sometimes annoying as well. Our claws are attached to our anger so when we get pissed off or anything similar our two inch razor sharp nails shoot out and that's pretty painful when its so sudden. You know kinda like Wolverine's claws when he first uses them but just no healing and blood.. well maybe a little but not much a couple of drops here and there. But the inhuman speed thing is way awesome we can run anywhere we want to and nobody sees a thing until we stop. Our fangs can only come out when we push a certain spot right under our jaw line they grow to be about an inch and a half at full length but retract into human sized canines when not extended so we can blend in. But enough about all the things that we can do I haven't even told you who I am.

Konbawa, or Good evening as the Americans say, my name is Haruno Sakura and I am a vampire. Yes I know that I am a myth but I can assure you I am as far from a myth as the sun is from Earth. I was turned into a vampire at the turn of the feudal era. Back then I was the daughter of the emperor's advisor and had been promised to Emperor Uchiha Madara himself but the day before the wedding a stranger dressed all in black had swept into my bedchamber and grabbed me. He took me to a cave far away from my home and broke my neck he then proceeded to drink my blood until I was almost dry. Then he forced the stolen blood back into my mouth and that's when the pain began, it spread throughout my body but mainly stayed where my neck had been broken painfully healing it. The air around me suddenly felt like an icebox and I started to shiver. When I had regained awareness the man who had taken me was gone. I had searched everywhere for him not a sight, hide, or hair of him was to be found. While looking for him I happened to come across a mortally wounded samurai, my body had instinctively slipped into crouch. Smelling the blood my front teeth started to ach really badly reaching my hand up I touched a spot on my neck and suddenly my aching teeth shot out of my gums. With a startled cry I fell back and landed on my ass. Gingerly I felt my teeth and gasped they were longer then normal, never in my seventeen summers had I felt or seen teeth that long. Slowly getting over my shock I stood back up and slowly made my way over to the dying samurai. Kneeling down I placed my head at his side where the gaping wound was and started to drink the blood that was seeping out of it, while my mind was screaming at me to stop. The strangled cries of the dying man would still haunt me to this day, once he was dead I grabbed his katana and strapped it to my back. Just because I was a woman and the daughter of the emperor's advisor did not mean that I couldn't use any kind of weapon. Moving on I wondered from land to land searching for my maker, the vile man who did this to me.