Title: Sanding Wood

Rating: PG for now

Spoiler: Season 6 Knockout

Author's Note : Okay, I ended up writing on this after all. Officially out of hiatus. Sorry if this sounds like anyone else's story. I try to write my own thing but I'm always reading all of your fabulous stories so it sometimes happens.


"...out here." I hear the last of his words.

I'm held in the car by Gibbs holding onto my arm. I give up the fight.

"Abby." I can't look at him.

"Please look at me." I slowly turn my head and he releases my arm.

"I don't want you to leave." He places his hand on my face and wipes away tears with his thumb. I lean into his hand. I'm so exhausted.

He comes closer to me and whispers in my ear, "Let's go inside. Can't talk out here."

At that, Gibbs rubs my cheek with his and I relish the touch.

He looks into my eyes, "Okay?" I nod yes.

Gibbs moves his hand behind my neck and leans me towards him. I see him looking at my lips as he comes closer. He kisses me- a sweet lingering light kiss on my lips.

He looks up at me and smiles. Gibbs exists the passenger seat. I get out and start babbling about my keys. I bend down to look for them but Gibbs steps over to my side and picks me up.

"Later." He holds my hand and gives me my bag in the other. We walk together towards the house. He closes the door while still holding my hand. Gibbs brings me over to his living room. He hugs me tight at the entrance and talks quietly into my hair.

"Abby, I've always loved you but I needed to know you felt the same way. Being your boss and especially your friend made things...complicated."

At that I cry. The frustration of keeping my feelings for Gibbs to myself finally come to an good end. I am such a mixed mess of emotions.

Gibbs holds me tight as I am sobbing into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Gibbs."

"Don't be. Get it all out." He holds me tighter.

"I'm sorry for running away." He kisses my head.

"We both did." Gibbs rubs my back with his warm hand and I'm starting to calm down.

We hold each other rocking to non-existent music. When my last tear is shed, Gibbs breaks away from our hug. He brings me to the couch along with a box of tissues. He heads towards the kitchen while I sit down.

I must look like crap. Well, I feel like it from the crying but I also feel on top of the world knowing he feels the same way. No more hiding my my feelings.

He brings me a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin.

"Thought you might need this." I do as my head is pounding and my mouth is dry.

"Thank you." I pop in 2 aspirins into my mouth and drink the whole glass. Gibbs comes and sits next to me.

"Better?" he asks. I nod yes.

He reaches for my hand and rubs my knuckles with his thumb.

"I never knew. Thought I wasn't your type. Not a red head or the same age or...". He stops me with a finger to my lips.

"Smart, beautiful and a sweet personality that would knock any man off his feet. Red is only a color and why would 10 year age difference bother me." He raises my hand to his lips to kiss.

Gibbs then lifts my head up to reach my lips and kisses me slowly. I feel his hands brush up my arms and then his circles them around my waist.

Gibbs presses me against his chest and I dissolve like an ice cube in hot water. After a few more moments we both look at each other with smiles on both of your faces.

TBC -Gibbs age in the show would be 52. Abby's is not known so I am going by her real age which 42.