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Two nights before the second task, Harry and Hermione were trying to figure out how Harry was going to breath uder water.

"What about this hermione?" Harry asked passing her the book.

It was a bubblehead charm. A sixth year level charm that creates a bubble around your mouth to breath.

"I don't think there's enough time. It took you weeks to master the summoning spell. And we only have a day left," She replied handing back the book.

"So that rules out spells, and potions," He said leaning back in the char, having tossed the book the table.

Hermione lened on the tble flipping through another book.

"Maybe I could get McGonagall or Moody to transfigure me into a fish or something," He said jokingly.

Hermione hadn't caught onto the joke, and replied, "I doubt McGonagall will do that, and Moody likes you to much."

Harry just shook his head. Glancing at his watch, it was close to midnight. He yawned and got out of his chair. Grabbing the book out of Hermione's hands, she was about to protest when he showed her the time, and tossed it on the table.

"We aren't going to find anything tonight."

Hermione agreed, and waved her wand and sent the books back to their shelves.