Chapter One: The Auction

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Waking up with her head pounding, Rin groaned. She slowly opened her eyes. Rin tried to see where she was, but it was too dark. She moved to push herself up and felt the ground. It felt like dirt. After sitting herself up, sore all over, she tried to remember how she got there.




Why did this happen? What did my village do to deserve this?

She hugged her legs and silently cried. She lost her family to the attack. She let tears fall thinking about her mother, father, and brother. A whole group of demons came and killed a lot of the people in her village. She was hoping that maybe some of her friends made it.

Suddenly, a door opened and light filled into the room. After adjusting to the light, Rin noticed that she was in a cage. But she wasn't alone. There were at least a hundred cages, all were filled with people. Humans. She also noticed that wasn't wearing the kimono she had on before the attack. She was wearing these rags that just covered the private parts of her body.

How did I get into this? She thought while blushing.

Rin heard the sound of talking start filling the room. Two demons walked into the room. One was a tiger demon and the other was a snake demon.

"I can't wait for the auction. We have a good bunch this time," said the tiger demon.

"I know," said the snake demon. "It's just too bad we can't bed some of them. We got some vixens this time around. That village we took down a couple days ago had a lot."

I've been out of it for a few days? Rin thought.

"Well, we better get them up and ready. The auction starts soon," said the tiger demon.

"EVERYONE GET UP," yelled the snake demon.

Rin looked around while she watched everyone start to stir. She heard children start to cry for their mothers and fathers. She couldn't help but to feel bad for the children.

The demons started to go from cage to cage, tying everyone's hands together and tying them together. When they came to Rin, she just glared at them. She wasn't about to show them that she was scared. They went to grab her and that's when she made her move. She kicked the tiger demon in the leg, and then bit the snake demon when he tried to grab her. She ran for the door. Her attempt to escape failed when a neko demon came out of nowhere and grabbed her.

"You guys need to pay more attention," said the neko demon.

When the snake demon and tiger demon collected themselves, they tied her up and added her to the line.

"You're lucky we can't touch you little girl. You're price is too high to punish you," said the snake demon.

Rin didn't say anything. She just glared at them. She might be scared out of her mind but she wasn't going to let these damn demons think she was.

After everyone was tied in rows of 15, the demons started leading the lines out one by one. It took about 20 minutes for each line to go then have the next line go. Rin was in the third row to go. When she got up there, she looked out into the crowd. There had to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of demons. Rin couldn't believe how many there were out there. She knew demons took humans as slaves, but she didn't know there were so many.

This world has fallen to the demons. Rin though.

Rin kind of felt like there was no hope. She's heard the stories of demon Lords and Ladies. They beat their slaves and use them as concubines. That thought struck fear into Rin, but she tried really hard to hide it. She looked through the crowd wondering which one of these monsters were going to buy her. That's when she saw the most beautiful being she has ever seen in her life. He had the silkiest silver hair she has ever seen. These deep golden colored eyes looked right back at her. She couldn't stop looking at the crescent moon and strips on his face.

Wait, he's staring at me! Rin blushed and looked away as fast as she could.

Rin didn't realize that they already started the auction until the announcer was next to her.

"Next is this little gal. She's about 17 years old and can go everything. She's beautiful and can run a household. She's also a virgin, she feisty so that could make her amazing in bed. The biding will start at 500,000 yen."

Rin just looked at the announcer.

500,000 yen? How could they sell someone and get so much… She though.

That's when she noticed how many where bidding. She couldn't believe it. She looked into the crowd and saw the silver hair demon again. He was also biding. She was thrilled but scared at the same time. There was something about this demon that demanded respect. The next thing she noticed, the biding was up to 2,000,000,000 yen. There were only two demons biding now, the silver haired demon and this tiger demon.

"I have 2,000,000,000 yen. Do I have 2,225,000,000?" said the announcer.

"3,000,000,000 yen," the silver haired demon bid.

Rin's mouth just dropped. The tiger demon wanted to bid, but it seemed like he just didn't have the money to really spend that much. She just watched the silver haired demon as he watched the announcer.

"Sold to Lord Sesshomaru, the Great Lord of the West!"

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