Chapter Seventeen: Training

Walking into the castle, Hitomi looked over at Rin.

"Are you sure you're feeling fine enough to practice with Lord Sesshomaru?" Hitomi asked concerned.

"I will be fine. I just got up too fast, that's all." Rin said with a small smile. "Besides, can't keep him waiting, right?"

"Please be careful. Do not overdo it, sister." Hitomi said.

Rin nodded to Hitomi and then entered into the practice room. After shutting the door, Rin looked over to her mate. Sesshomaru had already started practice without her. Then Rin noticed what he was wearing, or was not wearing. He had his black boots and white pants on, but he was completely topless. Rin blushed.

"I am sorry for keeping you, my lord." Rin said as she walked up to him.

Sesshomaru stopped practicing and looked at his mate. He walked over to her, after grabbing another sword.

"We will practice until dinner." Sesshomaru said.

"Very well, my lord." Rin said. Hold on just a little bit longer little guy. We're almost done for today.

Sesshomaru started showing Rin the routine he wanted her to learn. It was a routine with strikes, blocks, jumps, and twirls. Rin was keeping up and doing the moves as best as she could. But after about an hour, Rin started to falter again.

Just a little bit longer. Rin thought.

But when she went to do the next twirl, she lost her balance. The next thing she knew, Sesshomaru was supporting her form.

"Rin." Sesshomaru growled. "What did I tell you earlier."

Rin didn't look at her mate, but submitted to him right away. "Not to overdo it, my lord."

"And why is it that you lost your balance?"

"Because I over did it, my lord." Rin said in a low voice. He's so angry with me.

Sesshomaru helped Rin straighten herself up. He looked at her sternly; she looked down at the ground.

"I am sorry, my lord. I will speak up the next time I feel I am at m I will speak up the next time I feel I am at my limit. Please forgive me for disobeying your orders." Rin said, while bowing.

"There will be consequences for your disobedience."

Rin looked up at her mate quickly, and then lowered her head. "Yes, my lord." She said in a weak voice.

Sesshomaru picked Rin up bridle style and started walking out of the room.

"My lord! Where are we going? I can walk by myself!" Rin explained voice squeaky from being caught off guard.

"You shall be in our room for the rest of the night resting. That is your punishment."

"But my lord…"

"Do you question my authority, Rin?" Sesshomaru asked in a stern voice.

"No, my lord." Rin said looking down.

Walking into the room, Sesshomaru laid Rin on their bed.

"I will have Hitomi bring you your dinner. You are to stay here and rest." Sesshomaru said. He started to leave after stating this.

"Sesshomaru, please wait."

Sesshomaru stopped. "What is it?"

"Please stay with me." Rin said. She knew it was a gamble, but she hadn't been with him in so long. She longed for her mate. Rin sat up in the bed and bowed. "Please don't cut our time short. I didn't mean to overdo it; I just didn't want our time together to be cut short. You've just been so busy lately…"

Rin was cut off by Sesshomaru raising her head and kissing her on the lips. Rin was shocked at first, but then closed her eyes to saver the kiss. When he pulled away, she opened her eyes.

"I apologize for neglecting you, mate." Sesshomaru said.

"I know you have been busy. I just miss you, my mate." Rin said.

"Rest. I have dinner brought up to you. I shall return when you are finished eating."

"Yes, my lord." Rin said with a smile.

As Sesshomaru left, Hitomi walked in with Rin's dinner. "How are you feeling, sister?"

"I feel fine. Just a little tired."

"Well, I'm glad you are alright. Here's your dinner. Would you like me to draw up a bath for you?"

"I'd like that a lot. Thank you, sister."

Rin ate while Hitomi filled up a bath for her. After Rin was finished, she undressed and walked into the bathroom.

"Good timing. You bath is ready." Hitomi said with a smile.

"Thank you, sister. I appreciate it." Rin said to Hitomi as she got into the tube.

"You're welcome. I will get a sleeper ready for you."

As Hitomi left the bathroom, Rin relaxed in the tub. The baby then started to squirm.

"I'm sorry for today, little guy." Rin said as she rubbed her belly. "I won't let it happen again."

After saying that, the baby started to settle down. After rubbing her body down, Rin just laid in the tub.

I probably shouldn't soak too much longer. Thinking that, Rin started to get out of the tub. Man, my belly is starting to get big! I didn't even notice until now.

As she wrapped the towel around her body, Rin noticed that she could see her baby bump even through the towel. "Won't be that much longer until you're out, huh?" Rin said to her baby bump.

Rin walked out of the bathroom. "Hitomi, do you have my sleeper…" Rin stopped when she realized she wasn't talking to Hitomi.

"How are you feeling, mate?"

"I am feeling well, my lord." Rin said to her mate. Rin walked over to the bed and grabbed her sleeper.

I think tonight I will have a little fun with him. Rin thought.

Looking to make sure her mate was watching her, she dropped her towel. Getting a little daring, Rin started bending down to tempt her mate.

"Oh no, I dropped my towel." Rin said as she bent forward to grab her towel.

The next thing Rin knew, she was pushed up against the bed.

"Are you tempting me, mate?" Sesshomaru purred to her.

"Oh no, my lord. I would never…" Rin couldn't even finish her sentence.

Sesshomaru entered his fingers into Rin. She tried to hold back a moan, but she had no will power when it came to her mate. While Sesshomaru pumped his fingers, his other hand grabbed onto Rin's left breast. Rin was on cloud nine.

I already feel myself about to climax! Rin thought.

Right when Rin was about to climax, Sesshomaru pulled out his fingers. Right when Rin was about to protest, Sesshomaru entered his member into her. Rin leaned her head back in ecstasy. Sesshomaru started pumping into her nice and slow, and then started to speed up. Still grabbing Rin's breast, Sesshomaru used his other finger to rub her clit. Rin couldn't take much more of her mate's abuse. She was feeling so good. Right when she was about to climax, Sesshomaru bit into Rin's shoulder, bringing both of them to their climaxes. Rin fell to the bed panting while Sesshomaru pulled out of her and licked the bite mark. Picking her up, Sesshomaru laid her on the bed and then got into bed next to her. Rin snuggled up to her mate.

"Get some sleep, mate."

"I love you…"

That's all Rin could say as she fell asleep.

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