Hello everyone. I'd like to remind you now that BioShock, and all of it's glorious ideas, concepts, art, etc. DO NOT belong to me. never will most likely. Also, the following events take place after the GOOD ending 9I always strive to get good endings in games) and as such you should remember that all the NPC's were spared and such.

This is also my first FF, so any reviews for helping improve it would be most appreciated!

The cool waters quietly lapped at the side of the boat, creating a constant rhythm that Eleanor, much like all the little sisters that had followed her up to the surface, adjusted to quite quickly. The sun gleamed across the surface of the water, welcoming a new day; and if Eleanor had her way, a new era. Slowly rising, she let the wind quietly caress her hair. She slowly opened her eyes and began to smile. This was the surface, this vast, open, and free world was all hers to enjoy.

Eleanor turned to her new friends, all the little girls who now surrounded her, all gently tugging at her suit. She sat back down and hugged two of the children. The rest laid their heads on their Big Sisters body. Eleanor laughed, causing a domino effect towards the rest of the children. They were free. Free of Rapture, free of terror.

Free of Mother.

No, Eleanor thought, Mother was still with them, hiding in the back of their pod, which served as their only home. Lamb had done many things, none of which were remotely forgivable, but that was what made her Father an excellent man. He not only forgave, he forgot. If they could teach mother to think like that, then maybe they had hope to restore her to a human. Just maybe-

"What have you DONE?" cried out a voice, shrill and void of any empathy.

The sisters turned to see their once captor standing in the hatches frame, twenty feet from their spot on the deck. Eleanor stood up and pushed the sisters behind her slight frame. Her mother, Sophia, was drenched in briny water from head to toe, even having to wrench her hair out before standing up in her usual manner.

"Well. This is fixable. We can salvage the situation. Eleanor, round the little ones up into here. We'll burn that…that,' She pointed to Delta with a sickening look in her eyes as she tried to keep composure, "that MONSTROSITY when we renter "Fontaine Futuristics". Come along now, Mother has important business to attend to." Sophia reentered the diving pod and input the correct sequence that would guide them home once more.

"No" Eleanor stated.

Sophia stopped her number crunching and walked back to the doorway. She lower her glasses and gazed at her Daughter. "What did you say to me?"

'No, we will not- shall not- let you take us back to that hellhole. Father died so that these children and I could have a future of our choosing."

Sophia strained to remain calm. That one simple 'No' had confirmed her fears; her experiment had failed, and now Eleanor had become truly self aware, even cursed with the dreaded ability to desire.

Eleanor turned her back to Sophia. They would talk later, but first she wanted to enjoy the surfaces beauty one last time before leaving. Before she could truly take it in, however, she felt a small tingle at the back of her mind, as if something wanted to talk to her. Then she felt…darkness. It was already too late to stop what was happening behind her…

"I am so sorry Eleanor, this was my fault, I should have kept you in a tighter lock-down…Now, we must start over again…this time I shall succeed…" Sophia mumbled, finally losing her last bit of sanity. She had taken Delta's life, but he had done far worse. He left her alive and with the ruins of her life's work. She looked around the pod for a weapon, preferably something using projectiles. Finding a gun hidden in one of the many compartments that covered the area, she opened the barrel and examined it's contents. Six bullets. Excellent, she could take some of the girls back and start over again. Maybe one of them would be the perfect Utopian after all.

She breathed out and took a step out of the pod. She tried to aim down the small sights, but was unable to through her brined glasses, etched with the salt from the underwater city. She sighed and took them off. Now she would have to be closer to Eleanor to get a good shot off. She took a few steps and slowly smiled. Everything would be better this way she told herself. Before she could take another step and get in range, she felt a tug at her feet.

She looked down at the hand that now grabbed her ankle. She didn't needs to see the owner of the heavily armored leather glove to know who it belonged to. After everything that had happened, Delta was alive; Maybe just faintly, but alive nonetheless. She tried to shake him off without any commotion, as not to alert Eleanor or any of the little girls of her presence, but his grip actually tightened.

She pointed the barrel towards him and attempted to get him to let go. Delta loosened his grip for a second, as if thinking about his position, then his view port turned a bright red before crushing the doctor's ankle. He slowly moved his other hand to the ledge of the pod, grasping the side. Sophia assumed that he wished to stand, but the she realized he was shifting towards the ledge, not away.

Sophia screamed as Delta roared. Eleanor turned around to see her Father holding onto to her mother's ankle. She stood for a moment, stunned by what was occurring, before realizing that the darkness in her mind was her Fathers last will. She let their minds connect through the ADAM within her veins, and she imagined a cold, dark, descent.

He was going to drag Sophia down into the water, and he was the anchor.

"Father, no!" Eleanor cried, attempting to close the distance between her and Delta. She lost him before, she couldn't do it again. She felt tears begin to stream down her cheeks as she ran forwards; attempting to stop what was already decided. She swore she heard a voice in the back of her hear say something, and it was only after she witnessed her Father throw himself over board, dragging her biological mother into the depths, did she realize what those words were. I love you, Deltas last words to a daughter he gave everything up for.

She collapsed at the edge of the water, sitting and staring at the world that had truly taken everything from her. Lowering her hand, she touched the ripples where her once Big Daddy had dragged down her captor. She stared into the water, and for the first time since she was young, she broke her mothers rule. And she cried for everything that could've been.

Water rushed past both of the tumbling figures. One was a steel man, created from science and brought back through emotions, the other, a soulless woman who had long ago surpassed the mark of forgiveness, beyond redemption. The man once known as Johnny Topside struggled to remain conscious, the pressures and the fatigue finally reaching him, but he knew he had one duty. He remembered one memory from his time as a diver. Then he set his plan into motion.

Delta grabbed Sophia with his other hand, closing her throat and releasing her ankle. He could feel his eyes burning with hate. This woman had tried to take everything from him, tried to destroy Eleanor, and now, he finally was able to prevent her from having control over the situation. His suit was still sealed, despite being in a blast only minutes before. He guessed his soft tissue had taken the blunt of the damage. He roared defiantly as he forced her mouth shut

As a diver, he was taught that when a body reaches a certain depth, the air in the lungs will react with the outward pressures of the sea. It was around 1 extra atmosphere's pressure every 30 feet. He thought they had fallen around 1300 feet already, so if he could just keep he closed for a little longer…

Sophia's eyes grew wide and she fought with a newfound aggressiveness. She clawed at his visor that was now emitting a constant scarlet hue onto both of their falling frames. Delta simply stared on through his porthole as blood began to flow from her nose and ears; the pressure was crushing her lungs inside of her. He began to leave Sophia to her fate before he noticed the glimmer of something in her hand.

Delta had long given up seeing his daughter when he launched himself over the ledge of the pod, which made the notion of Sophia pointing the gun at his head completely agreeable. He had only one regret, and that was wanting to see Eleanor to the city. Sophia, her eyes bulging and lungs collapse, pointed the barrel into the glass and, with her last living movement, pulled the trigger.

Then, the lone figures released one another. The lighter of the two was swept away by currents, never to be seen by the eyes of humans ever again. The other was dragged down by his sheer weight, unaffected by the moving waters, straight down towards the location of his second birth. As his feet trailed past his body, he felt the last flicker of life leaving him. He was going to die alone. But it didn't matter, Eleanor was safe. He let his mind fade out, and then his body descended.

In the once majestic halls of Fontaine Futuristics a lone machine hummed to life. Its sole function was not only time consuming, but quite expensive, resource wise at least. Inside its mechanical workings thousands of calculations were going on. Then they hit a speed bump.


The machine paused for a second. Something about smells and humans was blocking its functions. It stood in silence, deep in processing before coming up with another method of construction.


Suddenly, the machine stopped and began to ring out a loud, lone tone. Light poured out from behind the glass doors. Soon, the envelope of white faded and the door silently slid open, dropping the heavy structure onto the floor. The machine quietly turned off, it's function complete. It sent out a small telegraph signal along its cable alerting it's main network connections that it would require a redirection of materials to replenish it's depleted amount.

Somewhere along that line, a dusty conduit sprang to life, slowly turning on primary functions before seizing control of the material lines. Thousands of microscopic amounts of ADAM were feed into a tiny machine. The pipe quickly converged into a larger housing mechanism. The main turbine began to activate and then the whole room lit up. It was time to get down to work…