Hey, I'm Ella Soliel! This was originally on my Quizilla account, and I am putting it here too. My style of writing will change as we go along, because I learned different and better ways to write stories.

Description: When Amy Reed, 16 year old girl turns into a Nobody and is taken to the Organization, she finds love with the guy she hates most- Zexion.

Back Story/ETC. Of main character;

Looks: Dark brown hair, red eyes.

Personality:Hard to get to know,sarcastic,sometimes rude.

Story: She was just a little girl when her family was killed by unknown causes,and Amy was the only survivor. She hated everything after that. She used to be so happy about everything, but when her family died, her happy attitude went upside down. The only thing that made her happy was watching people suffer,and she had to cause it. One day as a teenager, Amy was attacked by Heartless. She could've fought back,but her life was boring she decided that if she died then she could stop making other people suffer,and that'd make their lives easier.

Story Start

Chapter 1: Explaining

Amy's POV(point of view)

I don't understand why I didn't die. I thought to myself in my room. I looked outside my window and watched an ambulance carry away 2 bloody bodies. They're wasting their time. I thought as I smiled when they carted the bodies into the ambulance and drove away. "If only I had caused that." I huffed and busted my window. My hands had cuts on them, but I didn't care. Ever since I had died and came back differently, I've had powers. I grabbed a squirrel from the tree by my window, and watched as my cuts healed as the squirrel died. I dropped the animal and laughed, "That was fun!" I enjoyed making others suffer pain and humiliation. I often insulted people on the street and watched their friends laugh at them. And pranking people for no reason but to make me feel better. I never felt fear, in fact ,now that I think about it ...I never feel anything. My life sucks. I complained as I looked in my mirror. My red eyes were redder,and my brown hair got darker after that day a few months ago.I remember what happened;Small black creatures were in my room.I was so bored with my life that I just sat there as they attacked...So weird.I thought and went to sleep.

The next morning I didn't bother getting breakfast.I sat in my room when I suddenly got the strangest feeling,that someone was going to confront me. And I don't know them! My blood red eyes were filled with anger at the thought of an unknown person wanting to talk to me,when I hate people liking me,or even wanting to talk to me.I quickly put my sweater on and walked outside, then went to the park and sat on a bench. Just rain for more than one day!I like the rain. I sighed in my head and saw a couple walking in the park.Perfect timing, morning will have something good in it after all. I thought and grabbed a frog from the pond in front of me and took off my wristband,then made a slingshot with my left hand. I laced the poor frog on it and flung it on the woman's head."AHHHH!"She screamed and ran away. The man was shocked and went after her. Not so fast,loverboy! I thought and smiled as I grabbed another frog and flung it to him. He freaked and ran. What a baby..I rolled my eyes and sat back on the bench,and got the feeling that someone,or someones were on their way to talk to me. You people don't give up,DO YOU? I asked of no one and jumped into the tree above me."Where's that Nobody?"A boy's voice asked.I looked down,two hooded people were below."Mansex is gonna kill us if we don't find this chick today."The other figure said.I couldn't help but snicker. Whoever he's talkin about must be their boss!HAHA!What a joke!I laughed in my head and covered my mouth and climbed onto another tree and crawled away."What was that?"The first voice asked and looked up.

Yes, this story is about a year and a half old. Now, before you CU people start blabbing about grammar, I have to tell you that every time I save the website deletes some stuff. So it may or may not look wacky.