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It was a cold night, one of many that she would have to endure, though she should be used to it, one could never be used to the frozen ground beneath your back, the way the rain felt as you slept, when you wore clothes that others considered warm, but were anything but. She had been used to the feeling, the grumble in her stomach from hunger, the ache in her throat from thirst and the feeling of never being able to stay warm, no matter how hard she tried. She had survived so far, survived since childhood, in the cold rooms of the orphanage and into adulthood in the streets, she had survived and she would keep surviving.

Clarissa had never had a home cooked meal before, never had a doting mother or a father whom would read her stories and keep her close. No, Clarissa had anything but a normal life.

A gust of wind caused a shiver to roll down her spine. She pulled her sweater on tighter even though it was three sizes too big for her petite frame, though it did little to turn the cold away. On nights like these, all Clarissa could think, was how her life should have been like and not how it turned out.

Her mother, with red hair and green eyes like herself, her father, with dark hair, dark eyes and a warm smile, possible siblings, a grand house, with a couple of dogs. All the things she had wanted in life, and all of the things other children got when they were adopted from the orphanage, and yet, no one had ever picked her. All she could smell was the damp mould from the ceiling of her room, the odour of faeces from the toilets that never seemed to have been cleaned.

Clarissa tried to ward off the memories of that terrible place but no matter what she tried they just kept coming, invading her thoughts and her dreams.

She was walking along the green halls of the orphanage, her feet cold and bare, her hands trembling and numb, the cold biting at her skin.

"Clarissa Fray, you're next!" Mrs Vonness called; she really was a vile woman.

Samantha, a girl that Clarissa had become close to passed by her, having just finished what a Mrs Vonness was about to do to her.

"Be strong Clary," She said, squeezing her hand.

Clarissa had always like the nickname Samantha had given her, Clary, it was unique in its own simplicity.

She walked into the once white bathroom; it was now green with time, mould and uncleanliness. She looked up to the opposing figure, who smiled darkly at her, with two teeth showing, the rest missing.

"Now, strip." Clary had qualms about taking off her clothes, especially in front of this woman; she was only eleven years old.

Nonetheless she did as she was told and then a bucket of below freezing water was thrown on her, causing her to convulse furiously. Mrs Vonness slapped her across the face, too hard, and Clary recoiled, remembering not to shake.

As she was scrubbed down, though the cold water did little work of the dirt on her body, in her fingernails, the clumps in her red hair, but it was the only thinking time she really got in this place.

The only thing she had to think about was whether or not she would be adopted that day. The only reason Mrs. Vonness would clean the girls was when there were potential parents visiting.

Please god, if you're there let this be my day, please, get me out of here

Clary had to keep herself from crying every time she thought that she would be adopted, but it never seemed to happen, and she never knew why. The parents she had met seemed thrilled to meet her and seemed to really like her, but something always happened to make them not want her anymore.

"Don't get your hopes up Clarissa, you are going to be stuck here until you're sixteen, and then, you will be out of this place, and left on the streets." She grinned a toothless grin at her and Clary balled her hands to fists, resisting the urge to slap that smile from her face.

It was true, the older an orphan, the less likely adoption becomes. It was a terrible rule, but one that was very true.

Clary was brought out of her dream by an earthquake.

Well, in her sleepy state it seemed like an earthquake, it was really a man, shaking her awake.

She blinked into alertness and looked at the man.

He was beautiful.

His golden locks fell across his face and were in great contrast with his molten amber eyes and golden skin. The planes of his face seemed to have been chiselled from marble. He was an angel, and that was when Clary understood.

This was it, she had finally died, the streets had killed her. Though Clary didn't understand why an angel had been sent, she should be going to hell that was where all bad kids went, so she had been told.

Mrs. Vonness had found her praying to god for a family.

"Stupid, insolent little girl, you really think that god will help you?" She laughed a cruel and menacing sound. "God doesn't love you, he only loves those that are not simple, those who have love, those who have a family. He doesn't know you exist."

Clary couldn't believe she had listened to that vile woman. Now there was an angel before her, readying her for her journey to the kingdom of clouds.

"I'm ready." She said, before the light became too much and she passed out.

The last thing she was aware of was the feel of feathers against her fingertips.

Jace Wayland walked along the streets of Manhattan, eyeing the girls that were eying him. He had just left his office and was now heading home. Normally, he would have called a driver, but he felt like walking for a little while before returning to his home.

He inhaled to smell of New York City, he had lived here is whole life, he had travelled the world, but nowhere smelt as delicious as the big apple.

Jace had just finished his walk and was about to call his driver to come get him when he heard it. The sounds of a struggle and Jace, thinking someone was in trouble, ran to the sounds and when he came to an alley he couldn't see any figures but could still hear the sounds. He walked into the alley, deeper.

I shouldn't be here, I could get mugged.

The sounds were right near him now, but he still could not decipher where they were coming from. He went to turn out of the alley and back to the street when he saw a mess of red curls. Curious, Jace crouched down and discovered the sounds were that of a homeless woman, a beautiful woman. He shook her, trying to get her to wake up.

Her eyes opened, revealing a tremendous emerald green colour. The woman looked at him curiously, as if he was a saviour, and then she spoke, her voice soft.

"I'm ready," She said, before her eyes shut again, her fingers running through his hair.

Jace thought that she was dead, until he saw that her chest was still moving. He was about to put her back down and be on his way, but he couldn't do it, this woman had nowhere to go, and he had no clue whether it was by choice or not.

"I'll get you out of here." He placed her on the ground and pulled out his cell phone, calling his driver and then his home.

"Call Isabelle and tell her to run a hot bath and then prepare some clothes, and you, prepare the guest room." He hung up as his driver approached.

"Aldertree, over here,"

The aging man approached, seeing Jace knelt beside the woman.

"Sir, what is going on?"

"Never you mind, just open the back door. Now!" Aldertree ran back to the car, and Jace picked the woman up, brushing her hair back from her pale face.

Jace lay her down; placing her head on his lap and Aldertree hit the gas, weaving carefully through the New York traffic and back to Wayland Manor.

The car, a Mercedes Benz CLS-Class, had a cream leather interior and Jace could already see some of the dirt rub off the girl and onto the seats, but he didn't dwell on that, the only thing he could think of was why such a gorgeous woman was without a home.

Was she a drug user? Did her family die in some freak accident? Was she an angst ridden teen afraid to confront her inner demons?

It seemed to Jace that she had been homeless for a while. Her cheek bones stood out on her face, as if she hadn't had a real meal in years or ever. He kept stroking her hair, and listening to her mumbles.

"Angel, my angel, gold angel, saviour, please, find me…"

Jace had no clue what that meant, all her knew was he had to take care of her, though why, he had no clue.

His phone buzzed and he picked up, hearing Izzy on the other line.

"What do you want?" She yelled.

"Isabelle, listen, I have a girl with me—"


"No, this is different. I found her in an alley, she needs taking care of. I can explain it more when I'm there, but run a hot bath for her."


"Isabelle please," He must have sounded desperate because she fell silent.

"Where are you?" She asked, a lot calmer now.

"We'll be there in ten minutes."

"See you then." She hung up the phone and Jace went back to stroking her hair. Her eyes fluttered open and Jace looked straight into them.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"You are safe." Was all he said; "What's your name?"

"Clarissa," she answered before passing out again.

"Clarissa, pretty name," he exhaled and then barked at the driver. "Aldertree how much longer?"

"About two minuted sir,"


He stroked her hair, wondering what it was about this woman that had peeked his interest.

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