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Six months later

Going to a wedding alone was humiliating. Clary sat on the wooden pew, squirming to get comfortable. She hated churched. She hated uncomfortable seats. She hated having to sit here alone.

She understood why she was here and not with the others.

She saw Jace standing there and glared at him. She blamed him for this and it was his fault. He grinned back at her.

That son of a bitch grinned at me!

Clary scowled and faced away from him, letting him know how angry she was. It was all for show though, she wasn't really angry with Jace even after everything she could not stay mad at him.

Clary fiddled with her dress and avoided the gold eyes she knew were watching her. She wore a gold and black fishtail gown with an intricate pattern in black lace, it covered her completely but was tight around her curves—maybe that's why sitting is so uncomfortable—on her feet she wore opened toed black heels, though you couldn't see them because of the dresses length, her makeup was minimal and her hair down and in neat waves.

She didn't wear any jewellery—well, one piece. She smiled at the memory as she fiddled with it.

Two weeks earlier

Clary threw her bag on the bed and followed after it.

It had been a long, agonizing day. Jonathan had been pushing her to get the claims done and she had had to stay back. She was supposed to go out to dinner with Jace tonight at seven but it was already ten and she was exhausted. She didn't even know where he was.

She felt awful, she hadn't gone out with Jace in weeks. She really wanted this night to be perfect but she couldn't get off work. Clary reached for her bag, pulling out her phone and dialling Jace's number only to get his voicemail, she hung up without leaving a message.

He was mad at her; he always answered his phone, unless he was mad. Groaning, Clary stood up and decided to take a shower and relax before calling Jace again. She dragged herself to the bathroom and decided that she would try and wait up for Jace, whenever he decided to come back.

When she walked into the bathroom, she realised she wouldn't have to wait long.

"I was wondering when you would get here."

Jace was lying in the bath tub—big enough for two people—with bubbles around him. There was champagne and two flutes in an ice bucket and rose petals strewn across the floor and in the bath. Candles were lit around the bathroom and soft violin music played from a stereo.

"What is all this?"

Clary took in the sight and the smells and then returned her gaze to Jace. He was leaning back in the tub, completely at ease.

"I figured that instead of going out you would want to relax after work so," he gestured to the room as a whole. "Come join me."

Clary was giddy. This was one of the most romantic things Jace had ever done for her. She slowly peeled off her clothes, Jace watching her every move, and laid in the bath.

Her back was against his front and he wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands lying on her belly. Clary leaned her head against his shoulder and he placed a quick kiss on her temple.

He moved his hands up to her own shoulders and began rubbing them, Clary moaned. It felt so good and really relaxing.

"You like that?" He asked, his breath blowing on her ear.

"Mhm," she nodded as he continued needing her stiff shoulders. Too soon he was done.

"Champagne?" He asked her and if she wasn't mistaken his voice had a tone of nervousness in it.


He poured the bubbly liquid into the two flutes as Clary turned so that she was facing him. He handed her a glass and then wrapped his wrist around hers. She smiled and drank from his glass as she drank for hers, but there was something strange about his champagne. Clary put a finger in her mouth before swallowing the liquid.

"What the—" She cut herself off as she looked at the thing in her palm. Her eyes widened as she looked up at Jace. He was studying her intently.

In her palm, Clary held a ring. It had a silver band with diamonds along it and in the centre of the ring was a large, square shaped diamond, bored with smaller ones. Clary couldn't stop staring at it. It was beautiful and then the reason Jace was giving her slammed home and she looked at him in shock.

"Jace, what—"

"Clarissa Adele Fray Morgenstern," He said and Clary blinked away tears. He was using her full name. She had discovered she had had a middle name when she found her birth certificate and the last name Fray was her mother's maiden name so she kept it.

"You have made me the happiest man in the world; I can never imagine life without you. Will you make me ever happier?" Clary blinked.

Oh God, oh God, oh God.

"Clarissa Adele Fray Morgenstern, will you marry me?"

The world stopped as Clary looked across the tub at her boyfriend. She had never thought of Jace as the marrying type, she was just accepting the idea of him being able to commit to a relationship with her now he wanted to commit to a life with her?

It was so much, too much to hope for. She couldn't process it but could think of nothing else.

"Clary say something," He beseeched her and Clary's attention was drawn back to him.

Here was this beautiful man, asking her to marry him. She had hoped that one day he might want to marry her, but not so soon.

"Jace—" He cut her off again.

"I'm not saying I want to get married straight away, we could have a long engagement, but Clary. I don't want anyone else, ever. You're all I want, all I need."

Clary smiled, tears forming in her eyes as she handed him back the ring. He looked confused and hurt for a moment before she gave him her hand. He smiled at her and slipped the ring on her finger, kissing it once it was in place.

Clary moved so that she was on top of him, kissing him all over his face. She was aware that they were naked, in a bath and something hard was poking her thigh, but she didn't care.

"Of course I'll marry you, you beautiful, annoying boy!" She kissed him hard on the mouth and sunk into him.

Before their passion over took them, Jace whispered in her ear.

"Oh and Clary? Happy one year anniversary."


Clary smiled at the memory as she looked at her ring. Of course, they had not been dating for a year but when he proposed it had been one year, to the day, that he had found her in that alley way and so much had changed. That had been one of the happiest days of her life and then she thought of something else and frowned.

That can't be right. He asked me to marry him...We must have...I can't be...

Clary looked up at Jace and saw what she was fiddling with and smiled, but Clary didn't return it, she continued frowning. He looked at her in concern and she turned away. It wasn't possible that he hadn't told her, they were getting married and he hadn't said it...

He was still watching her and Clary didn't give in to his heavy gaze.

He has never told me he loves me...


Half an hour later, Clary was still mulling over her latest revelation in her head, realising that she too had not told him she loved him. She was scared too, what if he didn't say it back?

The sound of music made Clary rise and look to the doors of the church. She was up the front, in the middle of the pew. The mother of the bride was standing next to her and the father was walking the bride up the aisle. Clary craned her neck to get a view of the bridal party.

She had already seen the bride's dress and the bridesmaids' dresses. Isabelle had wanted Clary to be part of the bridal party but she had refused, she didn't want to intrude, but would gladly come as a guest and help her with the wedding stuff. Isabelle was now returning the favour for her and Jace.

Max, Isabelle's little brother, walked up the aisle with the rings on a small white pillow with blue lace around the seams. Isabelle's bridal party consisted of Aline, Maia and Isabelle's cousin Maria, who was the maid of honour.

The bridesmaid dresses were a deep purple, halter neck dress, the hem reaching their ankles and their shoes were purple and silver.

Then came Isabelle and Clary gasped at how beautiful she looked.

Isabelle's dress was something she had made herself; it had a tight bodice and a flowing skirt. It was held up by one strap, on her left shoulder, which was made up of material flowers. The waist had a band around it and two flowers sewn down her right hip. The skirt of the dress was made up if ruffled material, layered in waves and a small train. The shoes Isabelle wore were white open toed ankle strapped with two flowers attached to the shoes from the tow to the ankle. Her hair was down and in long waves, a diamond square clip pinning it back and off her face and atop her head she wore a small diamante tiara. Her makeup was subtle and she had decided against a vale. Her bouquet was a mixture of red and white roses. Clary couldn't help but think that she did indeed look like a princess.

She looked up at the front as Isabelle and her father nearly reached the rest of the party. Simon was a grinning fool, his smiled reaching ear to ear. Jace was his best man and Alec and Magnus his two groomsmen. They all wore slick black and white suits with a white rose on the lapel of their coats and black bow ties at their throats. Max was standing off to the side, pillow in hand and Clary remembered helping Simon pick out the ring he would give to Isabelle.

Isabelle had told her that it had to go with her engagement ring, which seemed impossible since the engagement ring was made specifically for her in the shape of a lotus flower, each petal a diamond and a bigger square diamond in the middle.

Clary tried though and eventually she and Simon settled on a ring that had a circular pattern around the band and the middle was a circular cut diamond boarded with a square of diamonds. Clary couldn't help but think that perhaps Simon had told Jace which ring to get her; she remembered gaping at the ring that was now on her finger.

Isabelle had reached Simon and they held hands, grinning at each other. There was no doubt, in that moment that these two were in love, deeply in love. Clary ignored the drop of her stomach.

Maybe he is just waiting for the right time.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony..."

Everyone sat and listened as the priest recited the usual wedding gibberish. Clary had already stated she did not want a church wedding; she had a rocky relationship with God.

Isabelle and Simon had written their own vows. Clary had also helped Simon with this. It was strange, Simon was the person she was closet within the group, not Isabelle, not Magnus but Simon. They related on a strange level. They liked all the same time and they both knew what it was like to lose someone they loved.

"Isabelle," Simon began, pushing his glasses further up his nose. "I have to say that you look beautiful, but you always do and I will never know what you see in me. You could have any man in the world, bowing you your every whim but you choose me. I am glad, though, I have been in love with you my entire life. I remember when I first saw you, your hair was shirt and you wore a bright orange dress with daises printed all over it. It was our first day of kindergarten and I turned to my mother and I said 'Mommy, that beautiful girl, I am going to marry her.' I never knew that my five year old self was a clairvoyant but today proves I knew something good was going to come from knowing you. I love you more today than I did then, than I did yesterday and I love you less today than I will tomorrow. Isabelle, you have always been the one for me and I will never stop loving you, not even when my heart stops beating."

Isabelle had tears swimming in her eyes as Simon reached behind him and took the ring from Max.

"Do you," The priest began as Simon held Isabelle's left hand and had the ring ready to place on her finger. "Isabelle Lightwood, take Simon Lewis to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, til death do you part?"

"I do." Isabelle said her smile growing as Simon slid the ring down her finger. Then she recited her own vows.

"Simon," She cleared her throat and blinked away tears and Simon grinned. "We met when we were five and have since grown from friends to best friends to a couple and now are growing into husband and wife. I couldn't imagine life without you and I never want to experience it. I remember when I realised that I was in love with you. We were sixteen and there was a thunder storm. You, Jace, Alec and Magnus were in the living room and I was alone in my room, I ran down the stairs and you comforted me, walked me back to my room and helped me fall asleep by telling me the plot of Star Wars and I remember that being the best night of my life, because you were there and you were helping me. I have loved you every day since then and will love you every day for the rest of our forever."

"Do you," the priest spoke when Isabelle finished. "Simon Lewis, take Isabelle Lightwood to be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, til death do you part?"

"I do," Simon said and Isabelle slipped the golden band on his finger.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," a glass was put near Simon's foot. They had decided to get married the traditional way and respect Isabelle's parents but would also have a small Jewish ceremony to respect Simon's parents. Simon stepped on the glass and then the priest said he could kiss his bride and he did.

Clary had to look away from the kiss, it seemed rude to look. Then the fanfare started and the wedding party left, Clary trying not to glare at Maria who was clinging to Jace. Jace saw this and smirked at Clary.

She headed out of the church and saw them taking photo's. She would wait to congratulate them, well she would have but Isabelle spotted her.

"Clary, come over here. I need a picture with you."

Clary reluctantly walked over and Isabelle and the black haired girl threw her arms around Clary in a massive hug. Clary returned it as the photographer took their picture; they turned to the camera and smiled.

"Jace!" Isabelle called, waving him over as she grabbed Simon. "Come on, a picture of the couple and the best man and his best girl." She winked at Clary who rolled her eyes. Jace sauntered over and stood to mimic the way Simon held Isabelle.

He held Clary around the waist with one arm as she faced Isabelle and he faced Simon, their heads turned to the camera smiling. When they were done the photographer walked off, following Isabelle as she led Simon over to their parents. Clary was about to walk when Jace tightened his hold on her waist.

"Where do you think you're going?" He whispered in her ear, turning Clary in his arms and looking down at her. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" He asked, tipping her chin with his fingers so that she had to look in his eyes.

"Nothing." She said carefully.

"Oh I see." He said with a small smile.

"You do?" She said, getting giddy. Was he going to tell her now?

"You don't think we will have as good a wedding because ours is outside." He grinned and poked her nose. "Don't you worry Miss Morgenstern, our wedding will be much better. Prettier to, I mean, look at me compared to this groom and you, well, you are always beautiful. Even when you wear my shirts and just your panties, which I find very sexy, perhaps you should wear that instead of a wedding dress."

Clary tried to smile, but she knew he would be able to sense that it was forced.

"Yeah, that's...That's what I was thinking. How can you read me so well?"

"Obviously I can't because you just lied to me, Clary," He sighed and placed his hands firmly on her shoulders. "Have I done something wrong?" Clary sighed, deciding it was probably best to tell him.

"No. It's something that you haven't done." He furrowed his brows and Clary decided to just tell him. "Jace, don't you think it's strange that you've proposed to me and you and I haven't even said 'I love you' yet?" He blinked at her, as if only just realising they had never exchanged these three words.

"What? No...That's not—we must have—" He stopped talking and widened his eyes, realising the truth. "Wow, we really haven't..." He trailed off, releasing her and walked away.

Did he just realise he had never told his fiancé he loved her and then walk away?

Clary stared at him; her mouth opened in shock as he walked up to Simon and patted him on the back. Simon looked up at her, obviously they were talking about Jace and her's upcoming nuptials and cocked his head to the side as he saw her expression. Jace looked at her and gave her a small wave.

Did that son of a bitch just walk away from the 'I love you' and fucking wave at me?

Clary made it look like she was going to wave back but at the last minute she flipped him off and glared. Simon widened his eyes and Jace's face fell. Clary huffed and walked towards the car park, planning on driving to the reception now, rather than have to wait for everyone else. She scanned the place for her brother and saw him talking to Alec, who annoyingly was standing right near Jace.


Clary walked up to them, trying to get Jonathan's attention but he was thoroughly ignoring her. When she reached them, she ignored Jace who was now next to Alec, speaking to Magnus and hugged Simon instead.

"Congratulations." She smiled at him.

"Uh, thanks Clary." He smiled back but he looked uneasy. Obviously remembering her flipping Jace off.

"Simon you idiot, look at your bow tie." She straightened it for him while shaking her head. "I really hope it hasn't been like this for the pictures or else Isabelle is going to kill you." Simon gave her a relaxed grin.

"If that happens, I'll just come live with you and Jace and hide behind you. She won't hurt you to get to me." Clary raised her eyebrows at him. "I'm going to have to move to Mexico aren't I?"

"Not far enough." Clary teased and his face showed mock horror.

"Don't worry my friend," Jace said, clasping him on the shoulder. "You are always welcome to stay with us." He said, walking to Clary and taking her hand. She pulled it back quickly. Jace scowled.

"Jonathan," Clary said turning to her brother. "Shall we go? Get out before everyone else starts to leave?"

He nodded at her, a questioning look in his eyes. He obviously saw the exchange between her and Jace.

Clary kissed Simon on the cheek and waved at Magnus and Alec, pointedly ignoring Jace.

"See you guys at the reception." She said walking away with her brother towards her car. She still couldn't believe she could drive and own a Jaguar.

"What was that about sis?" Jonathan inquired as he slid into the passenger seat. Clary shut her door and clicked her seatbelt into place.

"Jace being an asshat." She said, putting the key in the ignition and starting the car, easing out of the parking lot.

"What else is new?" Jonathan said. "What'd he do this time?"

"He didn't tell me he loves me."

"...Is that it?"

"If you would let me finish. He hasn't told me he loves me," She paused waiting for him to interrupt, he didn't. "Ever."

Jonathan whistled and Clary looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"You're marrying someone that has never said that to you? What'd he do when you said it to him?"

"I haven't said it to him either."

"Oh Clary, love is not a one way street. You need to tell him how you feel too."

"I know but—"

"Clary, he wouldn't have asked you to marry him if he wasn't sure he would spend his life with you." He patted her knee. "Tell him first little sis."

Damn him for being right!

Clary nodded and drove in silence to the reception.


"Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Lewis!" The DJ called and everyone applauded as Simon and Isabelle made their entrance. They were smiling broadly and high-fived people as they came out and walked up to their table, taking a seat.

Clary had also told Isabelle no to sitting at the bridal party table and instead sat with the parents and Jonathan. Their food was served, but Clary hardly noticed what she was eating, she was too nervous about what she was going to say to Jace.

He was sitting up there, Maria hanging off of him. Clary really wanted to hit her, but instead sat there fuming.

Jace did this a lot to her, he liked it when she was jealous, he wouldn't thwart the attentions of any girl if Clary was around because he said she looked so cute when she wanted to kill someone, as weird as that sounds.

Clary looked around the room, people were dancing, some still eating other just mingling when she saw someone very familiar and smiled to herself.

Well Jace, two can play at your game.

She got up and tapped him on the shoulder, he looked up at her in surprise and then a lazy smile appeared on his lips.

"Clary?" He asked and she held out her hand.

"Come dance with me." He looked warily over her shoulder, no doubt at Jace, but Clary pulled him to the floor.

The song was a dance one and she and Sebastian danced to the beat, he would occasionally twirl her. She saw Jace watching them on the edge of the dance floor, no Maria in sight and smirked at him. He glared back and walked up to her, snatching her wrist and pulling her to him.

"Sorry to cut in," He said to Sebastian not sound sorry at all as he pulled Clary away. They were off the dance floor when she pulled her wrist away.

"Jace, what the hell?" She asked, keeping some distance between him.

"What the hell? Oh, I don't know Clary, how about I just watched some guy drool all over my fiancé as he held her."

"We were just dancing."

"And the stork really does bring the babies." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Why are you so jealous?"

"Because that guy you were 'just dancing' with, used to have feelings for you. Remember? You brought him to the company party and he kissed you, right in front of me."

Clary sighed and massaged her temples.

"Well, at least he told me how he felt."

"You think—Clary, I have told you how I feel about you every fucking day."

"Oh really?" She asked with sarcasm dripping from her tone.

"Yes!" He seemed exasperated and ran his hands through his hair. "Clary, I'm crazy about you. I've never—I've never wanted to be with just one person for the rest of my life and I want to be with just you for the rest of my life. Clary I—"

"I love you." She whispered, cutting Jace off. He stared at her for a moment before pulling her to him and kissing her, hard and sweet, on the mouth.

"Thank God, I thought you hadn't said it because you didn't love me."

"Ditto. Ehem." She fake coughed and waited an expectant look on her face. Jace smirked.

"Clary baby, I love you too." She smiled and brought his lips down to hers, before they touched her spoke again. "I hope to never see you in another man's arms again."

"But Jace," She said mocking him. "You look so cute when you're jealous."

"Right you are." He said kissing her as the music change to a soft melody.

"Clarissa, might I have this dance?" She nodded and let him take her to the dance floor. She leaned her head against his shoulder, her hands around his neck as he rested his on her waist. She listened to the words of the song and shook her head.

"How does the perfect song always come on when we have just had a moment?" She asked.

Jace grinned at her as they danced.

Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in

Lie down with me
And hold me in your arms

And your heart's against my chest, your lips pressed in my neck
I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet
And with a feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We're falling in love

Settle down with me
And I'll be your safety
You'll be my lady

I was made to keep your body warm
But I'm cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms

Oh no
My heart's against your chest, your lips pressed in my neck
I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet
And with this feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We're falling in love

Yeah I've been feeling everything
From hate to love
From love to lust
From lust to truth
I guess that's how I know you
So I hold you close to help you give it up

So kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We're falling in love

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We're falling in love

Clary looked around at the other dancers, seeing Isabelle and Simon, Aline and Maia and Alec and Magnus. Jonathan was dancing with another girl Clary had never met and Maria seemed to get the hint that Jace was off limits and was now making out while dancing with Sebastian.

"Clary," Jace whispered, holding her close to him. "Do you mind if this song is our first dance?"

Clary blinked up at him and smiled.

"How about we have an extra long first dance and have this one and the one from our first date?" Jace grinned.

"Or have two first dances."

"I don't think it works like that."

"Well it's going too," He kissed Clary lightly on the lips. "What you do to me...I am hopelessly in love with you Clarissa Morgenstern."

"Jace, from the moment we met I don't think there was ever a doubt that I would fall in love with you. That night you found me, I thought you were an angel, a golden angel come to take me away, but it turns out that you are just a man but to me, you're an angel. My angel. I love you and I don't think I have ever not loved you."

Jace kissed her again, softly, their lips not opening. It was a sweet kiss, a lover's kiss. A forever kiss.

"Clary, I don't want to wait. You said yourself you have waited long enough. Let's get married, as soon as we can." Clary smiled.

"I've been waiting to hear you say that ever since you proposed."

He pulled her head back to her shoulder and they continued dancing, a new song was playing but the final words from the last song kept echoing in Clary's mind.

We're falling in love

~The End~

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