Title: Feeling Guilty

Rating: NC-17

Spoiler: Season 6 South by Southwest

Author's Note : I always love reviews. Forgive me if this sounds like any ones story. I read a lot of fanfics and some of it might of slip in here. Didn't realize how hard it is to write this part.I didn't mean to keep teasing but I sometimes I start putting up a story and realize it is 12:30 a.m. and I have to be at work at 6:00 a.m. WARNING-The rating has changed to M. You know that means smut. Not into reading that or aren't of age , then its time to leave.

"No!" Abby continued her descent down the stairs and towards the person yelling at her.

"Abby!" Gibbs takes a step towards her like a tiger springing into action.

"No Gibbs. You aren't going to intimidate me like you do to your team. You can growl all you like but you just don't show up at my apartment, kiss me, tempt me, confess to me and then leave." Abby places her shaky palm on his chest making Gibbs stop at where he stands.

"Abby, I'm sorry." Gibbs tone is now lowered and without the anger. He sees the courage it took for her to come to his house.

"Sorry for what? Kissing me or saying you loved me?" Abby stops her pacing and looks to him for his answer.

Gibbs turns around and walks towards his workbench. He sits on a wooden chair he fixed a few days ago. "Neither." He says defeated.

"Then what?" Abby comes closer to him.

"For leaving." Gibbs says not looking in her direction.

"Then why did you?" Abby stands right in front of him waiting for an answer.

"Because of me. Because I might have made the wrong decision telling you." Gibbs begins to stand up from the chair but Abby pushes him down by his shoulder.

"So did you?" Abby still has a hold of his shoulder and brings her face closer to his.

"I was trying to decide the answer as you came down." Abby now straddles him on the chair. Gibbs reaches for her waist to try and pry her off him. Abby grabs his wrists and presses them hard against her waist. She caresses his face with hers.

"Funny thing about relationships is that both persons in them decide and not just one of them." Still holding on to his wrists she nibbles his ear and whispers,

"Here's what I decided." She lets go of his wrists and places her hands on the back of his head. With no resistance from him she slams into his lips hard. The taste of bourbon is on his tongue.

He lets her take control. Gibbs puts his hands around her waist and draws her in. He's unable to resist her and the truth in her argument. He slides his hands up and down her thighs. Abby leaves a line of kisses from his neck to his collar bone. Gibbs closes his eyes and leaves her thighs to grab her round bottom. He releases a breath of desire.

Abby continues her seduction kissing his chin then sucking on his bottom lip. As her lust for him intenses she begins to unfasten the first button of his shirt. Kissing down the front of his neck she stops and licks his throat. Gibbs changes the position of one hand to behind her back placing it under her cotton shirt. He runs his fingers up and down her spine.

Abby sits up to pull out her ponytails allowing her hair to flow. Gibbs hardly ever sees her with her down and takes a moment to admire her. Abby has other intentions. Kissing and licking down his strong chest with every button she unfastens. She brings her lips to his again at the same time taking off his shirt.

Gibbs is at the mercy of the beautiful woman in front of him He surrenders to her and anything she wants to do to him. As Gibbs hands wonder all over her body , he feels Abby slipping her tongue into his mouth. He obliges her with his. She rakes her fingers all over his torso. Playing with the hairs on his chest, she continues aggressively kissing him. A low growl comes from Gibbs.

Gibbs continues his exploration of her and shifts his focus towards her blouse. He unfastens each button and kisses her neck down to the tops of her breasts where the skin peeks out from her black bra. He keeps kissing down her ribs to her stomach. A sigh escapes her as she relishes in the moment.

Gibbs unhooks her bra and Abby slips it off. His traces a finger from her lips to between her breasts. Touching her from the top of her breast to around her firm nipple, he swallows her nipple in his mouth. Abby places her head on top of his and her hands hold his head in place. She moans into his salt and pepper hair, grabbing his shoulders as he traces her nipples with his tongue.

Gibbs then assaults her senses again by sucking on her other breast. His hot breath and tongue overwhelm her. Abby unzips her pants and stands up to take them and her boots off. Standing in her black lace panties , she admires Gibbs sitting there shirtless.

She kisses and straddles him again. She feels his desire even more for her. Abby knows she is driving him crazy. Gibbs moves his hands to her inner thighs but this time without the constraints of fabric. He sucks on her neck and slides a hand under the lace. Abby moans into his ear delighting in his touch. Bringing her hands to his jean, she unbuckles his belt and unzips them allowing her hand to slip in. Gibbs throws his head back in a moan as she continues touching him.

Lust over taking her, Abby sheds off the last of his clothing and hers. She slips Gibbs into her and lets out a sigh in his ear and he snarls back at her. She grabs the top of the chair and gradually moves her hips into him. She strokes her face with his and brushes her breasts on his chest. Gibbs grabs her bottom and moves his hips in rhythm with hers.

He opens his eyes and watches her for a moment. She is beautiful with her hair flowing down her shoulders. Her lips are cherry red and her cheeks are flushed. She opens her eyes and sees him watching her. A mischievous smile appears on her face as she lunges for his lips. His blue eyes and smile have always been a turn on for her. Abby throws her head back and moans louder as she grinds him harder.

Abby digs her nails into his shoulders as everything around her is forgotten. She lets out a cry and bites into his shoulder. Eventually her senses come back to her and lowers her head to his shoulder to embrace him. Gibbs holds her tightly while her body slowly stops shaking.

Sucking on his ear lobe she manages to whisper, "Up stairs" to him.

He smiles into her cheek. Abby grabs a hold of his hand and leads him up the basement stairs. Stopping at the top for a long intense kiss. Gibbs leads her into his bedroom. He still had a lot of things to make up to her and Abby planned on collecting every bit of it.

End-I now need a cold shower