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Dastan smiled gaily at his future wife, taking her hand in his and giving it a squeeze. She looked up at him and smiled back.

"You have the whole army looking for you, Princess," he said cheekily.

Tamina rolled her eyes as they walked out of her hiding spot and into the crowded streets of Alamut. "And yet, it is the man who I have supposedly never met before in my life who finds me."

The prince merely shrugged, the smile on his face never disappearing for a second. He just couldn't believe it. After being so terrified that Tus would be the one to marry his love, after wanting so desperately just to see her breathing and alive, he was granted everything he could ever dream of wanting. She remembered! He still didn't know how it was possible, but all he could think about was that she actually remembered everything that they had shared together. She knew who he was! And now, even more remarkable, he was going to get to marry that wonderful woman!

"Dastan, have you told your brothers anything? About what had happened?" she asked suddenly, looking around at all of the little shops on the streets, smiling at the men behind the counter politely while they only gawkedat her beauty. She seemed to be enjoying herself, Dastan thought, eyeing a man warily who had yet to catch Tamina's eye. He could already tell that he was going to hate having to scare away all of the men chasing after her.

Nevertheless, he tried to ignore the men and only focus on her. "No, I haven't. They've asked how and why I know the things I do, but I just tell them that the reasoning behind what happened is not important and what was, was that we were able to estinguish any possible corruption or tragedy."

Tamina looked back up at Dastan, worry in her beautiful brown eyes. "Do you ever plan to tell them?"

Dastan shrugged, looking down at the road. "Perhaps someday, when I see fit to tell them. The wound is still too fresh for me, I am afraid. Losing all of my family to someone in my family, losing you. Retelling something like that after I just saw all you...die. I can't do that. Not right now."

"Dastan, I am not trying to rush you. But I do believe that letting them know would be a wise decision. Take all of the time you need. I understand," she told him sympathetically, resting her other hand on his arm, the warmth spreading through his bones and soothing him.

The rest of thier little journey was silent and peaceful. It was nice not have to worry about anything. True, their love for each other had blossomed while they had been in great peril, but now that they had time to breathe and simply enjoy the other's company, Tamina knew that it was just going to be wonderful.

She rested her head on his shoulder lovingly, getting some surprised looks out of the people around her. They all knew he was a Persian-the one who destroyed thier city no less, and here their Princess treated him as a brother or even as a lover if one saw their entwined fingers and Dastan's thumb caressing the back of her hand. But Tamina did not care. For once, she had an opportunity to be whoever she wanted and to do whatever she wanted, and she was going to do just that. She was going to marry him anyway.

"People are staring at us, Tamina," Dastan whispered in her ear gently, making her sigh and snuggle her head into his neck cavity more.

"Let them stare. We are to be married anyway," she said simply, her breath tickling Dastan's neck in most teasing of ways.

"Yes, but they don't know that," Dastan pointed out. "They probably think that you are praising the man who destroyed your city, which would not be something popular for a monarch to do."

Tamina sighed, acknowledging his point and withdrew her head from his neck regretfully. "Dastan, I am supposed to be the logical one, not you."

"What am I supposed to be then?" he asked cheekily, his perfect arching in playful question.

"Something that takes up space," she responded playfully, laughing when she saw his pretend hurt gaze.

"'Something that takes up space?' I am the Lion of Persia and one of Persia's best fighters. And I happened to have saved the world once, and you tell me that I was created to take up space? How flattering a position that is," Dastan mused.

Tamina shook her head vigorously. "You wouldn't have been able to save the world if you didn't have me," she told him smugly pointing a proud finger at herself.

Her beloved simply shrugged. "I would have managed, I think. You talked a lot," he said, scrunching his nose up, making her arch her eyebrows. "Oh, don't look so innocent. You wouldn't shut up, even after I told you to."

She didn't say a word.

"And don't think that you can redeem yourself by not talking now. Things are different now," Dastan reasoned, beginning to get slightly worried with Tamina's silence. She always was rather tempramental.

She smirked maliciously and continued to not say a word to him, only looking around, obviously enjoying the new game.

"Tamina, I like hearing you talk now. It makes me happy," he tried once more, walking in front of her, thus walking backwards. He took both of her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

By now, she smiled genuinely at him, making him huff a sigh of relief. "And I like hearing you panic for nothing," Tamina said cheekily, patting his cheek affectionately. He glared playfully at her, though they continued walking until they came up to a little stand that sold assorted fruits.

Tamina looked excitedly at the fruit, admiring each one equally.

"Which ones are your favorite?" Dastan asked close to her ear.

Tamina looked up at him happily and pointed to a barrel of cherries. "They have always been my favorite. My mother, while she was still alive, would get the maids to freeze some cream from the cows. Then, we'd always play a little game. While waiting for the cream to come up to my chamber, we'd eat as many little cherries we could before the cream would come up. If I won, I'd get to rub some of the cream on her face. If she won, she'd make me give her a small bite of the cream. We did that after dinner almost every night." Tamina sighed, looking at barrel of cherries.

"If I had the right currency, I'd buy you some," he offered. But when the clerk wasn't looking, Dastan conspicuously stole two cherries from the barrel and offered one to her, popping the other one in his mouth. "Are all of the cherries like these ones?" he asked after the cherry slid juicily down his throat.

She nodded and ate her own cherry, biting into it delicately and savoring it. They were the best cherries in all of the world, she had been told. And there was no doubt she had in her mind about that little fact.

They walked a little longer before they ran into some of the guards. Once they saw their Princess in the possession of the Persian prince, some snorted in disbelief.

"Ah, the authorities. She was rather easy to find. You should learn more about her before you go searching in places she's never been," Dastan told them, passing Tamina into their care.

"He doesn't know what he's talking about, I assure you. Good afternoon, Prince," she said, bowing her head slightly before walking inside, butterflies flying about in her stomach.

He could make such a girl out of her!

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