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Forgotten Ones

Chapter 1: A New Challenge

A week had passed since the party and Jacy and Kera had gone back to their own realm whilst Blane had settled in with Talea at her home, or rather their home. Both of them decided that they'd spend most of their time as dragons so that Dex wouldn't be confused as to who his parents were and because it felt more natural to both of them. Everything seemed to be going well until, out of nowhere, Jacy appeared in the middle of their living room severely injured.

"Jacy!" Blane shouted, quickly shifting to his human form so he could help him better. The human looked to be unconscious and had several wounds covering his body, his clothing ripped and torn in various places, and he had a long scratch tracing the side of his face.

"I'll go get the gems from the garden outside!" Talea said quickly before she ran outside. Right after she left, Jacy's eyes shot open and he took a gasp of air.

"What happened to you?" Blane questioned.

"Merikh…survived," Jacy said, coughing up blood and spitting it on the floor, "He…came after…Kera and me. We fought him but…he was much stronger than before. I opened a portal…so she and I could escape. She pushed me through it…I don't know what happened to her."

Just then Talea came back in the house in her human form, carrying green and red gems in her arms. She went over to Jacy and laid them down next to him before she picked up a few and placed them in his hand. He crushed them and absorbed them, his wounds beginning to heal and some of his energy beginning to return. He pulled himself into a sitting position before looking at the two in front of him.

"I need you to come with me, Blane," he said seriously.

"Of course," Blane said unwaveringly.

"I'm coming, too," Talea said.

"Not happening," Blane said turning to look at her.

"No," Jacy agreed.

"Why not?" she demanded.

"It's too dangerous," Blane answered, "And someone needs to stay here with Dex."

"But–," Talea started to protest before Jacy cut her off.

"Blane will fight better knowing you and Dex are safe, Talea," he said, "and someone needs to inform everyone else as well."

"Alright," Talea said, turning to look at Blane, "You better not die."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he said, grinning before he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Jacy stood up, grabbing a few more of the gems as he did and crushing them, and looked away. When they pulled away from one another, they stood up and watched as Jacy opened a portal to his realm. It swirled and pulsed with greenish energy, almost like it was alive.

"Do you have everything you need?" Jacy asked, not turning around.

"Hold on a moment," Blane said before he went over to where his sword was hanging on display on the wall and grabbing it, pulling it over his shoulder, and went over to where Jacy was waiting, "I'm all set."

"Good," Jacy said, "Because this is going to be the worst battle you've ever faced."

"Good luck," Talea called as they stepped through the portal. After they'd passed through it, the portal winked out of existence, leaving Talea alone in the room. She shifted into her dragon form once more and sighed.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?" came a childish voice from behind her. She turned to see Dex looking up at her with his big amber eyes.

"Daddy's helping a few of his friends, baby," Talea said sweetly, "He'll be back."

In Jacy's Realm…

Blane and Jacy stepped out of the portal and found themselves standing in the remains of what looked to be a city of some sort. It didn't look like any city that Blane had been to during his time in this realm but he did remember that Jacy said they moved around a lot so they wouldn't be found by any of their enemies, which they had quite a few of.

The city looked devoid of life, which wasn't all that surprising as few humans were left alive and intact after the near-apocalypse. Jacy closed the portal behind him before putting his hands into two smaller portals that he made near them and pulled out a pair of pistols, Desert Eagles if Blane remembered correctly. He holstered them in the thigh holsters he had attached to his legs before one of the portals closed while the other got larger. He placed both hands into it and, after a moment of struggling, pulled out an MG4 machine gun before the portal closed.

Blane unsheathed his sword and pulled a small dagger that he kept in the side of his boot out. He'd crafted it himself, made of a steel-titanium alloy, and had a small ring attached to the bottom of the hilt so he could spin it if he needed to.

"It's a lot more dangerous than when you were here, Blane," Jacy said, his eyes scanning everywhere as the two of them began to move forward, "The Survivors, the group of humans and a handful of nonhumans that I used to lead, were all but wiped out and there were a good thousand of them. They were based here and I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them were 'hanging around,' if you catch my meaning."

"Were there any who survived?" Blane asked, holding his dagger with the blade pointing behind him while his sword was held out in front of him.

"A few," Jacy said, "but I don't know where they are now. They were…different than most of the others that I led."

"Different how?" Blane asked curiously just as he saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He spun to face it quickly only to find what appeared to be a little girl grasping a teddy bear.

Jacy, recognizing the child, went over to her and knelt down in front of her before saying, "Sarah, where are your parents and the others?"

Sarah clutched the bear tightly to her chest before pointing behind him and Blane. They turned around to see a man and a woman standing on top of a rather small, decrepit-looking building. As he looked at them, Blane realized something was…strange about them. They both had a pair of large, bird-like wings growing out of their backs.

The man had close-cropped, silver hair and blue eyes, his wings the same color as his hair and speckled with white. He wore a grey shirt that was ripped and torn in places, the sleeves missing completely, and a pair of torn jeans. He had a thin scar tracing the side of his cheek and he held an Intervention M-200 sniper rifle in his arms.

The woman had shoulder-length black hair and silver eyes, her wings as black as her hair with patches of silver. She wore a white shirt covered in dried blood with rips and tears covering it, and a pair of tight, skinny jeans that hugged her form nicely. She held an M21 EBR sniper rifle and had a long scar going from her right shoulder to the tip of her middle finger.

"Good to see you're alive, Jacy," the man called, his voice deep but not menacing, "but it seems you lost one friend and found another."

"He's here to help, Aingeru," Jacy said irritatedly, "You know as well as I do that Merikh wouldn't kill her because he knows I'd feel it if he did. He wants me to try to rescue her so he can capture me, so I'm trying to get as many people that can help me save her as possible."

"You care so much for this girl yet you have yet to put a ring on her," the woman commented, "seems like you don't care for her as much as it seems."

"For your information, Rosangela, we were attacked while I was proposing," Jacy said angrily, "if you want to see the ring I'll gladly show it to you."

"I see what he meant by strange," Blane muttered, "Didn't realize that angels really existed."

"There are stranger things than angels," an eerie voice spoke from behind Blane, causing him to spin around and slice through a transparent figure. "Good thing I'm dead or that would've sucked."

The figure standing in front of Blane was what appeared to be a man in his late twenties wearing a slightly torn blazer over a ruined dress shirt. His pants were torn and ripped in places, but the most shocking feature about this man was the fact that Blane could see through him. His hair was a dark, almost black, brown and his eyes were a strange shade of grey.

"In case you haven't realized, I'm a ghost," the transparent man said, his tone showing nothing but humor, "Name's Trevor."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Trevor, but you're not the first ghost I've seen," Blane said kindly, grinning, "It's nice to meet you, though."

"Ah, but I'm probably the first one you've seen that was able to do this!" Trevor said before he dived right into Blane's chest. Suddenly, Blane lost all feeling in his body before it started to move of its own accord. Realizing what was happening, Blane immediately put a barricade around his mind which caused Trevor to come flying out.

"Don't do that again, ever," Blane said, glaring at Trevor.

"Deal," Trevor said, "but you have to tell me how you did that!"

"Easiest way to put it," Blane said, "is that you're not the first to try to control me."

"If the two of you are done," Aingeru said impatiently, "we should get back to the safe house, it's not safe to be out in the open."

"Right," Jacy agreed before Aingeru and Rosangela jumped down from the building and landed just in front of them. Sarah ran over to Rosangela and she picked her up and held her one arm while she held her gun with the other.

"I'll meet you all there," Trevor said before he dissipated into a cloud of smoke.

"Damn ghost," Aingeru said before he and Rosangela began to walk forward, both of them on alert as they moved, with Jacy and Blane following close behind.

As they walked, Blane heard something behind them and turned around just as a fist connected with his skull, hard enough to knock him unconscious. Hearing the noise, the others spun around to see a black cloaked figure putting the half-dragon over his shoulder before he vanished from sight.

"Shit!" Jacy shouted, throwing his gun onto the ground and shouting at the sky, "Merikh, you bastard! Show yourself and fight me! Stop taking my friends you damn coward!"

There was no discernable response, but there was a loud groaning caused by a large group of familiar creatures.

"Zombies," Aingeru said, looking at Jacy with fury, "I hope you're happy, you fool, you've attracted a damn horde of them!"

Jacy didn't respond, just created two portals by each of his hands. He stuck his hands inside each and pulled out a pair of twin, differently colored katana. One of the katana was a deep crimson, with the word Fury engraved on the blade while the other was a light blue with the word Serenity engraved on it. He crossed them in an X in front of him before pulling them apart, creating a flurry of sparks.

"What are you doing?" Aingeru demanded.

"Standing my ground," Jacy answered emotionlessly, "If he's going to take my allies, I'm going to kill his."

"Are you insane?" Rosangela demanded, "Fighting this many is suicide!"

Jacy turned to look at the two of them to reveal that his green eyes had changed to two different colors. One was a dark, crimson red while the other was amber yellow, neither of which showed the normal calm and kindness they normally showed.

"I've been insane my entire life," he said, "and I've stared death in the face several times before, so I refuse to step down now."

"Who…are you?" Aingeru asked.

"I am Jacy, Wolf, and Kain," Jacy said, "and I am the one who bears the mark of Creation, the one destined to bring this planet back to its former glory, and it's time I started acting like it."

He turned back to face forward just as a huge horde of zombies came around a corner. They stopped for a moment to look at the small group in front of them before they charged. Jacy drew a line in the dirt with Fury before he looked up at the approaching threat. Jacy watched as the zombies seemed to slow down and he ran at them with his katana with the blades facing behind him before he collided with the mass of zombies.


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