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Sookie paused for a moment, before wrapping her arms around Eric's neck and deepening the kiss. She slid her tongue along his bottom lip, as when he allowed her access, she seized the opportunity so massage his tongue with her own.

Eric lifted Sookie off the ground and set her down the edge of his desk. He slid her hands up and down her sides, letting his fingers slip underneath the soft fabric of her corset shirt. He stepped between her legs and slipped her sweater off of her, tossing it to the floor.

In a moment of clarity, Sookie shoved him away and caught her breath. Eric stumbled back slightly, and grabbed the closest chair. He looked at Sookie and she gasped. His eyes were now neon blue and Sookie forgot for a split second why she had ended the make out session. She had to literally shake her head, to clear her thoughts.

"What is this? What are we doing?"

"Well Sookie, if I need to spell it out for you, then I can only imagine how boring your sex life with Bill was." Eric laughed softly.

Sookie glared hard at him. "Do not talk to me about Bill. I don't want to want to hear his name." She slid off of the desk. "What am I even doing here? You aren't much better than he is!" She leaned down and grabbed her sweater and was suddenly held against a cold marble wall.

"I will not be compared to Bill Compton." His voice was quiet and cold. Sookie looked up into his eyes, and felt very small. "I never lied to you about anything. I told you what I knew, when I knew it. The only lie I ever made to you, was for you to drink my blood, so I could protect you. But I would never do what he did. Do you understand me?"

There was a silence in the office for another minute or so, before Sookie relaxed a little and found her voice. "I'm sorry…that was mean. I didn't mean it. You're right; you never did lie to me, even when you were being an ass…" She looked into his eyes, which had softened to just vibrant blue.

Eric loosed his grip on her shoulders and instead began to rub his hands up and down her arms, before resting them on her hips. "From what you have mentioned, you have no problem with my ass…" He purred, lifting her back onto his desk.

Sookie groaned softly, unconsciously slipping her arms around his neck. "What is this? What are we doing?"

"I am putting you on my desk, and I plan on kissing you again…just like this…" Eric cupped her face softly in his hands and kissed her softly, so powerfully that she felt it all the way down to her toes.

Sookie slipped her arms around his neck and dug her fingers softly into his soft locks, deepening the kiss. She wrapped her legs loosely around his, her tongue fighting with his for domination. Heat coursed through her veins as the kisses became more feverish and desperate. Like desert people finally sipping at cool water, the kisses were quenching, but yet not enough.

Eric slid his hands around the back of Sookie's shirt, and slid the zipper down. The strapless garment was added to the floor and Eric lightly stroked the soft skin that was now exposed. Sookie reached up and tugged Eric's tank top off of his delicious torso, and let it drop to the floor. She lightly dragged her nails down his sculpted chest and Eric moaned into Sookie's mouth, causing her to moan in response.

When her hands reached the top of his leather pants, Sookie expected to feel nervous, but was surprised when she didn't. She wasn't exactly a virgin, but the men she had slept with before, she had never been this attracted to before, never needed this badly before. She broke away from the kiss and locked eyes with her Viking, as she slid her hand down the bulge in the front of the pants. Eric hissed, and Sookie did it again, smiling softly at the reaction. The hiss turned into a soft growl, and Eric delicately removed Sookie's bra, sliding it slowly down her arms.

Suddenly Sookie felt very vulnerable and bashful. She knew that her body was nothing like the women Eric had been with before. Eric could feel her worry and stroked her cheek softly. "Will you stop worrying, Sookie? I have wanted this, wanted you, since the moment I met you. I have dreamt about this, day dreamt about this, and craved this for a long time now. You, are gorgeous."

"How is it that you can do that? One second you are a very dirty man, and the next, you let your heart show and can calm me in a second...You really are a mystery Eric Northman" Sookie laughed nervously. She leaned up and kissed him softly, going back to stroking the bulge that ached for her touch.

Eric lifted her off of the desk and carried her over to the couch. He sat down and placed her on his lap, one leg on each side of him. He slid his hands up her stomach and massaged a breast in each hand, groaning as Sookie arched her back and let out a deep moan. "Eric…." She purred, grinding her hips against his, her hand still between them stroking him harder now. Her other hand lay upon his chest, helping her keep her balance as she ground herself into her own hand and his lap.

His hands moved from her breasts, slowly down her stomach and to her legs, rubbing little circles with his thumbs, before letting his hands lightly travel under her skirt. Just before reaching her panties, Eric slid his fingers up and down on her thighs, teasing the moaning girl upon him with an evil grin on his face.

But the grin disappeared when Sookie suddenly had her hand wrapped around his aching cock. He hadn't even noticed her unbutton and unzip his pants, but there she was, stroking him. It was real, but the way it felt, was as if he were in a perfect dream still. A dream that he wished he would never wake from. "Oh Sookie…fuck…" Eric mumbled. He slid his hands those last few inches and connected with her silk panties, now soaked with desire and want. He groaned as he traced her through the garment, letting his fingers tease her.

Sookie began to slide her hand up and down Eric's length. She still couldn't believe the size. Sure, she had seen it before in the basement when he had been taking care of Yvetta, but to have it in her hand, really touch it, it was much bigger, and that much more exciting. She could feel him throbbing in her small hand, as she stroked him a little harder and faster. Sookie had a small smirk on her own face at the reaction she was getting from Eric, but it was all forgotten when he slid his hand past the barrier and began to touch her bare flesh. She let out a soft scream.

Eric ran his fingers along her wet folds and without warning, sank his fingers inside of her. Sookie bucked against them, and he slid them in and out of her, in rhythm with her own strokes. They locked eyes, intensifying the pleasure coursing through both of them.

"Eric…." Sookie moaned.

"Yes Sookie?" Eric asked his voice no more than a whisper.

"I want….you. God I want you…" Sookie whimpered as Eric curled his fingers, hitting spots even she herself didn't know.

Eric chuckled softly. "I can tell, Sookie. The feeling…oh…is mutual…."

They continued their play for a little longer before Sookie couldn't take it any longer. She moved Eric's arm away and before he could say anything to question her actions, she positioned herself over Eric's cock, teasing them both, taking him in slightly, before pulling him away again. Eric gasped as he watched the actions taking place, and he held onto the cushions of the couch tightly to stop himself from thrusting.

When the teasing was too much, Sookie shifted and sank down onto him . It was like thunder with no sound, the rush of pleasure that tore through both of them. Neither of them moved for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of finally being together.

Eric placed his hands on Sookie's hips as she put her hands on his shoulders and used him as leverage to move herself up and down on him. She drove him deep with each downward movement, feeling him shudder under her hands. The warmth of her core wrapped around him and Eric felt like he was drowning in pleasure. She ground her hips against his, causing delicious friction that made Sookie arch her back and let out a loud moan.

His hands slid up her body and back up to breasts as Sookie leaned back over rested her head against his. She slid him out and deep back inside again, driving him deeper each time. Eric growled and moaned every time she came back down on him again.

The feel of this, of Sookie really being on top of him, moaning and writhing, was still amazing to Eric. He looked deep into her eyes and could feel the pleasure she was feeling through their bond. He thrusted up to meet her movements, and he felt his climax begin to build.

"Oh Eric…oh god…" Sookie moaned out, and she began to ride him hard and fast, taking everything he had to offer inside of her. Her sweet release was almost in her grasp and she wanted to take Eric over the edge with her. She flipped her hair over to one side and bare her neck to the Viking under her. "Bite me."

"What?" Eric purred, his voice coated is pleasure.

"Now, Eric. Bite me." Sookie moaned.

Eric opened his mouth, and when his fangs clicked into place, he leaned forward and sank them into her neck, letting the warm liquid fill his mouth. The feel of his teeth sent Sookie of the edge and she screamed his name as her orgasm rode through her body. Once Eric tasted Sookie's blood, his sweet release claimed him and he held her tight against him as they both rode the waves.

Eric pulled his head away and let it fall back, and Sookie slumped forward onto him. For a little while, neither of them had the brain capacities to even think about basic motor functions.

"Wow…." Sookie mumbled into Eric's neck. He couldn't help but chuckle softly.

"Not really the word I would have gone with to describe it, but I think that sums it up." Eric responded.

Sookie sat up slowly and rest her forehead against Eric's. "What is this? I mean…what is this?"

Eric sighed softly. "Humans, honestly. Must you always have labels and definitions for things?" He smiled softly.

She huffed, and got off of Eric's lap, tugging down her skirt. "I won't just be another random floozy Eric Northman. I am not some dancer that you hire and screw 10 minutes later." Sookie grabbed her shirt off the floor and tried to do it up, but kept failing.

Eric got up from the couch and wrapped his arms Sookie, forcing her to look at him. "Must you always be so dramatic Sookie Stackhouse?" He looked deep into her eyes. "I don't know what this is exactly, alright? What I do know, is that you are in my mind and I can't make it stop. No other female has had this affect on me before and its confusing. But…I don't hate it. Okay?"

Sookie looked right back into his deep gaze and couldn't help her smile. "Ok', was all that came to mind. She let Eric help her zip up her shirt, then he replaced his own garments. She grabbed her sweater from the floor and slipped it on.

"I should hate you, you know." Sookie smiled, turning back to Eric.

"You keep saying that, but it doesn't seem to be true in the slightest." Eric sat on the edge of his desk again. "Come back to me tomorrow night. We can talk then. Actually talk. Alright?"

Sookie nodded. "I think that's a good idea. Goodnight Eric…" And with that, Sookie walked out of his office and through the club, ignoring the looks she was receiving.

"I'm glad someone had a good night, Sookie." Pam sang as Sookie walked past her. Ignoring her, Sookie almost ran to her car and climbed in, slamming her door shut.

She sat in the driver's seat for a few minutes in silence, thinking about the events that just happened. "What the hell just happened?" Sookie mumbled to herself as she rested her head against her steering wheel. She had let another vampire into her heart.