Hey, Has No Name here. Yes, I have come up with a new story. This time I hope to write this crossover. Naruto and Bleach; two worlds that are not similar in any way. Why pick these two? Well I had this plot stuck in my head for a month now. I thought about writing it, and now here it is. This is only the first chapter, and it has only to start the chaos that is to come. This story will consist of a lot of talking and explaining though, the first few chapters will be like that. Causing the story to be a bit lengthy at times, but hopefully the insight will be interesting enough.

Disclaimer: I don't not own Naruto, or Bleach.

Some characters may be out of character, but it is only to fit the plot. Now, hopefully, you get where the time is set. It is where Orihime is captured, Ichigo lost to Grimmjow. Now the manga moves quickly through this part of the story, but I wanted to add in my own plot.

Warning! The first few chapters might be a bit confusing…but it will come into place later on! I promise!

Now read on!


Ichigo was depressed, not only did he lose to the Espada, but also it was so quick loss. He also lost his friend, Orihime, in the process. The orange-haired shinigami cursed his weakness. He just woken up from his injuries. He was really beginning to feel weak. Grimmjow nearly killed him, and now he paid the price for being weak. A cost of a friend. He growled at the thought. He was wandering around his town, not knowing what to do. There wasn't much to do. There hadn't been any hollows around, but that could all change. Moreover, things around Karakura changed frequently. Ichigo sighed; he didn't want to go back to school. He couldn't face his friends, not with Orihime gone; some one would ask him what happened, "Yeah, she got captured by these creatures called hollows. You can't see them but they did almost kill me. That would go over so well." Ichigo huffed sarcastically. He kicked a rock frustrated with the events that had happened.

"Damn." He cursed, still rather upset with himself, "Orihime…please be ok." He said to the sky looking up. He sighed. He had been wandering around for quite some time. Not bothering of coming home until late at night. His father always yelled at him for keeping his family worried, but Ichigo didn't care right now. He didn't want to be around his sisters while sulking, let alone his father. They wouldn't understand. He kicked another rock down the road, but he watched it skip across the ground. Looking down the road a bit to see a something sitting in the middle of the road.

"What the hell?" Ichigo saw the something was actually a person. "Hey! Get out of the middle of the road! It's not safe!" Ichigo yelled the person didn't take to his warning. He growled and mumbled to himself. He quickly ran over to the person, to see that the person small like a child. A cloak covered the person completely, "Did you here me?" Ichigo asked the person looked up to him. Ichigo found himself staring into red eyes. Where the white of the eye would be was black.

"Yes…I heard…" a soft voice came out, but then a strange smile covered the child's face, "Doesn't mean I'll listen." Ichigo saw how pale the skin of the kid was. Kurosaki knew that red and black eyes were not normal and he backed away, "Not scared of me…are you?"

"Hollow." Ichigo said, giving the child an intense glare. The child nodded, with a small laugh and looked down the road as if expecting something to come. Ichigo wondered why this hollow wasn't as malevolent as the others were.

"I find it strange that no cars have come down this road." The hollow mumbled. The hollow almost sounded disappointed, "Don't you find it strange?" the child-like hollow asked. Ichigo felt the hollow was not completely here mentally. It seemed like he was speaking to more than one person.

"Karakura town is a very quiet place, not many people come through here." Ichigo explained to the small hollow. The hollow sighed and titled his head a little. "What the hell is a hollow doing here in the first place?" Ichigo asked the boy. He didn't really respond he just starred down the road, expecting something to happen.

"You are a shinigami?" Ichigo's eyebrows raised, "Are you not?" the hollow smiled in a boyish fashion. "I can tell by the way you smell…its smells of death." The hollow stated. Ichigo kept quiet, trying to ignore the hollows comment.

"What are your motives?" Ichigo inquired, the hollow let out an ear-piercing laugh, it sounded like a scream almost. Ichigo was disturbed out by this hollow.

"Motives?" the smile turned to a grin, a nasty one. "I have no motives." The boy frowned. Ichigo wondered if the boyish hollow was bipolar. He acted very strange.

"All hollows have some reason to be in the human world." Ichigo glared at the hollow.

"Ne? All hollows eh? Well then I guess I have one."

"Mind telling me?" Ichigo was growing impatient.

"That's a secret!" the boy giggled, Ichigo let out an irritated sigh.

"I guess I'll find out some time…most likely soon." Ichigo eyed the hollow.

"Actually very soon!" the hollow smiled darkly.

"You're a creep, kid." Ichigo stated.

"Actually I'm a monster." The boy corrected him. "You should know that as well." Ichigo was taken aback, he didn't know what the kid implied but he didn't like it. "Monsters are monsters; you of all people should know that, right?"

"What the hell are you saying?" Ichigo growled.

"You know."

"Care to explain?"

"You're just like I once was." The hollow started, "And you will end up just like I did…a monster." The boy had a toothy smile. Ichigo felt a ere aura pouring out of the boy. The hollow proceed to stand, and staggered a bit. Ichigo backed away from it. "It's my time to leave now. See you later!" the hollow then vanished with a blink of an eye. Ichigo looked around and couldn't find where the hollow went.

"What the hell is wrong with that hollow?"


Uryuu was thankful for what Urahara had done. His father leaving him in that confined place for quite some time. Ishida was now traveling around the park late at night. He had a feeling a hollow was wandering around here for quite some time. However, why it hadn't been taken care of, Uryuu had no clue. He walked around the park cautiously knowing he was nearing the beast. Ishida pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, readying himself for the battle ahead. He saw a large lizard looking hollow. It looked rather hungry. It sniffed the air and moved forward, with its six legs, with little effort. Its eyes moved constantly, swiftly scanning the area for potential prey. Luckily, it hadn't notice Uryuu. Ishida followed the hollow, silently and efficiently. The hollow suddenly stopped, its tail stopped moving. It was ridged. Uryuu was confused, but then he came into realization. The hollows tail whipped quickly to the tree Ishida stood behind. He cursed and jumped away. The hollow wasn't as stupid as it looked.

"I knew you were there!" the hollow growled, its tail splintered the trees in its path. Uryuu drew his bow made of spiritual energy, it glowed its usual blue. He aimed at the hollow, who roared its glass-shattering cry. Ishida released the arrow, aimed for its mask. The hollow used some type of shield that destroyed the arrow when it hit.

"What?" Ishida said. Hollow whipped his tail at Uryuu again this time succeeding in hitting the Quincy. The tail smacked the boy in the face, sending the Quincy into a tree. Uryuu felt his back crack against the wood. He coughed, and landed on his knees on the grass. The hollow cackled. It neared the Quincy slowly, bulldozing the trees in its way. Uryuu tried to use his arrow to kill the hollow, only to have the hollow destroy it.

"Kukuku…stupid Quincy, you are all too prideful." The hollow chuckled, yellow eyes peering down at Ishida, the Quincy drew another arrow back, "An arrow will have little effect on me...now you will die." The hollow deflected the Quincy's last attempt to kill him. "Any last words Quincy? Before I devour you?"

"Is this really my fate? My destiny? To be eaten?" Uryuu said to himself, his pride was falling very quick. How was he supposed to save Orihime? He looked at the ground angry with himself. The hollow laughed at him. 'I guess I was the fool in the end.' He closed his eyes accepting his fate. The hollow then dove towards the Quincy with its teeth. Uryuu waited a few moments, but nothing came. He opened his eyes to see the Hollow a few centimeters away. It was frozen, but shaking. The hollow stepped away before collapsing to the ground. Ishida saw the hollow was cut in half. On top of the hollow stood a small figure in a cloak. The person's face hidden by the hood. "W-what? Who?"

"You really shouldn't give up so easily…you didn't use to." The person said. Uryuu watched the figure carefully, "The Neji I know wouldn't do that." The person sounded sad. Ishida wondered if he confused him with some one else. "Next time don't make me have to save you." The person jumped down to Uryuu. The person was no taller than four foot, two inches. Uryuu scowled at the person, who sounded much like a child.

"My name is not Neji." Ishida stood up shakily, he grimaced when he stood, but would show no stranger weakness. He dusted his arms and legs and watched as the person lazily drew up his arm past their head to look at their bloodied hand. It was an odd behavior. "If I may ask, who are you? Why did you save me?" Uryuu asked, the moon shinning on his glasses hiding his eyes. The child proceed to roll their head to the side, and turn slightly, only one eye gazing at Ishida.

"I am a monster. That is the answer to your first question." The child turned fully Ishida now recognizing one feature. Red eyes. "For your second question, I did not save you…I merely just don't like to share my space with weaklings such as this hollow." The child motioned to the hollow behind him. The boy smiled a crooked smile, "Though…you had some trouble with this weak one…" Uryuu glared.

"I was caught…unprepared." Ishida explained, pushing his glasses up, "And, If I am correct, you must be a hollow yourself." The child's smile faded. "I am assuming I am correct?" the hollow just stood there and moved slowly away from the Quincy. Uryuu drew out his bow, "I guess I am." The hollow laughed, and with a sudden movement vanished. Ishida looked around the area nervously, and felt pressure against the back of his neck. He froze.

"Do you honestly think you could defeat me?" the hollow asked, his nails digging into the back of the Quincy's neck, "I could kill you so easily. It wouldn't even be funny." The hollow said softly, the pressure faded from Ishida's neck, and the Quincy was surprised. "But that wouldn't be much fun. Now would it?" the hollow walked away from Uryuu.

"You think I am weak?" Uryuu asked his voice was icier than usual; he shivered slightly of how strange this hollow was. The child-like hollow only stopped and looked at Ishida with sad eyes. Uryuu wondered if the hollow was planning something, maybe the hollow was a part of the Espada.

"Once upon a time Neji…you weren't weak…but now, you falter too much." The hollow said, "If we meet again, hopefully you are much stronger. Or…you will die." The hollow mumbled at the end and disappeared from sight. Ishida sighed and felt his sides twist painfully. He fell to one knee.

"It seems…I am weak." Uryuu smiled sadly, griping his broken ribs, "I guess I need to become more powerful…" he tried to stand again. Succeeding he walked towards the nearest hospital. If he didn't die, his father was going to kill him.


Chad had been quite tired this evening. Work today was very hard. Yes, he had a job to pay for his living. Though it was only part-time, it was better than no job at all. It was late tonight. Looking at the moon Chad sighed, he loved how cool the night air was. He watched as a cloud moved over the moon. "If only I could relax a bit more…" he mumbled quietly. He had been sensing a hollow around, but it had gone away. A shinigami probably killed it. Or something else did. For some reason, he was feeling like he had some one watching him. The feeling went away for the last two hours, but he felt tense because of it. He stopped, and felt the strange presence of another person. He saw a rather small person walking out of the park. The cloak made the person very suspicious. Chad new that had to be the person that was watching him. The aura was the same. The person looked straight at him. "Have you been following me around?" Chad called to the person, walking closer. He noticed how short the person was. It had to be a child.

"Maybe I have been…maybe not." The child said to him. Chad didn't know whether to angry or concerned on why the kid was following him. "Shino, you were the one who often followed me around, but the times have changed." Chad's eyebrow raised a little. He didn't know what he was talking about. "You were always a quiet one."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Chad said with his stoic soft voice. The child smiled a little at him. Chad felt awkward. The child just stared at him with a smile bitter smile. He kept quiet, not knowing what to say.

"I have learned to appreciate silence since the days of everyone's passing." The kid laughed a bit, but it was forced laughter. He looked at the ground; Chad wondered what the child was talking about. He felt sympathetic for the boy. "I guess it was my fault what happened to you Shino…I'm sorry."

"I don't know what you're talking about…sorry…" Chad mumbled. The child seemed depressed, and Chad felt a little nervous. He never knew how to speak to kids. He was more of a listener himself. The child looked up and gazed into Chad's eyes. Chad was surprised to see the child had red eyes. "Hollow…" he whispered.

"You're right as usual." The hollow smiled, though it was forced. Chad didn't know what to do. What did the hollow want? "You were always perceptive. I guess people never change…even when they die. " The hollow moved away from Chad.

"Why have you been following me?" Chad asked the hollow. The hollow looked up at the tall Mexican-Japanese high school student. The red eyes full of remorse and other mixed emotions.

"I have been scared Shino…" the hollow's eyes were showing great guilt, and then they switched to anger. "But I only came here to warn you." The hollow's character changed completely changed. Chad glared at the sudden threat, "You need to become stronger…or you'll end up dead." the hollow frowned.

"Are you so sure? That I would end up dead?" Chad asked. The bipolar hollow nodded. The hollow walked down the street away from Chad. "Why are you warning me?" Chad asked, "Why not just kill me now?"

"Because it wouldn't be fair and Shino…I'm sorry about last time…" The hollow whispered at the end. Chad watched as the hollow disappeared with a small poof of smoke. Chad wondered who was the hollow was talking about.

"I feel sorry for both Shino…and the hollow…" Chad spoke to himself.


Hitsugaya was standing on top of the school building, he had been watching the area for a while now. "Hitsugaya-taichou!" Toshiro turned around to see Rukia and Renji. "There was a hudge spike of spiritual energy a few moments…"

"I know." Toshiro cut off Rukia. Hitsugaya frowned, he knew this energy. His stood silently for a few moments. Both Renji and Rukia most likely had never felt this type of power. "I need both of you to come with me."

"Hai!" Both Renji and Rukia answered.

"Because if it's what I think it is…well we'll find out." Toshiro mumbled. He


Ichigo was scouting the town for any hollows. It was about 2:00a.m., and he didn't bother to go home. In his shinigami form, he was looking for any type hollow causing trouble. He felt some tremendous spiritual energy a few moments ago. He jumped across the buildings at a blinding speed. He then saw the same hollow he had met earlier in the day standing on the road, next to a dead child. Ichigo's blood ran cold. Kurosaki froze as the hollow stood over the dead human. Ichigo felt guilt, regret, and anger build up inside him. He jumped down from the house's roof onto the road. Ichigo had let the hollow live, and now the consequences a dead child. "You monster!" Ichigo yelled. The victim was cut into several pieces.

"Really?" the hollow turned around. Ichigo could tell the hollow had a smirk plastered on his face. "I told you, you would eventually find out." The hollow laughed. The hollow's eyes betrayed how sinister he acted. They looked sad, but then quickly turned to rage. "It would have been smart to try to kill when we ran into each other the fist time."

"You bastard!" The orange-haired teen growled. The hollow just smirked at him. Ichigo grabbed his sword and shot after the hollow. The hollow dodged, but its cloak got caught on the sword and tore. Ichigo couldn't believe what he saw.

"Surprised?" the hollow grinned.


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