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Ichigo wondered what building they were in. The dark looming walls were not inviting. Aizen didn't have a taste for bright colors. Ichigo saw Uryuu and Chad had already found two Arrancar. "Well seems like we are expected." Ichigo took out his Zanpakuto but Uryuu threw his arm out.

"Ichigo, we'll deal with these two." Chad said first.

"They aren't worth your time." Uryuu said. Toshiro eyes narrowed at the two Arrancar. Ichigo stopped Toshiro from drawing out his weapon. Hitsugaya gave Ichigo an annoyed look.

"I can take care of myself." Toshiro spat, "I don't need-" He winced in pain and held his side, his injuries still healing. Ichigo was not convinced by his tough act. He knew that Hitsugaya had a lot of pride. The tenth captain had to prove his worth through hard work. Being one of the youngest captains of the Gotei 13 he was most likely compared to a child.

"I'm not treating you like a child." Ichigo stated to the short captain, "I'm only letting Uryuu and Chad fight…they are getting a little antsy." Toshiro and Ichigo stayed on the sidelines as the two finished off the Arrancar. It was almost sad how quickly the two Arrancar fell. Ishida fought with much grace and speed. Chad strength diminished his enemy in a split second.

The building began to collapse. It was surprising such a stable structure was breaking. Ichigo, Ishida, Chad, and Toshiro made a break for it. Running through the long hall, the small group tried to escape. Ichigo looked back every so often to see if Toshiro was keeping up. Despite what Uryuu said, he glanced back as well. Toshiro fell a little behind, but kept up remarkably well for his injuries. He had a straight face and half ran half limped. His determination was expected. He had a large amount of pride, but was humble where it was due. All of them dodged the collapsing walls. Chad slowed down a little just in case Toshiro got into trouble. They saw the light at the end of the hall way. Everyone sprinted the rest of the way out.

Upon arrival to Hueco Mundo, they noticed three things. It was a seemly endless desert, it was day, and they automatically saw their destination. A gigantic palace in the middle of the desert, it was very indiscrete place. Ichigo wondered if it was to be a secret base. Uryuu, Chad, Ichigo, and Toshiro blinked in the harsh sunlight. Eyes adjusting to light, they stood for a while. All of them felt the blistering heat of the desert. Especially Toshiro, who had hated the heat more than anyone else. The group stood for a moment after their eyes adjusted, taking in their surroundings. Endless sand, strange trees and Aizen's base were the only things they saw. It gave Ichigo a feeling of solitude.

Toshiro wrapped his arm around his injured side. He winced only when no one seemed to notice. He knew he couldn't show weakness. It was bad enough he caused this mess in the first place. He felt something wet against his skin. He knew it was blood. He must have reopened the wound while running. He glanced at everyone. Seeing if anyone noticed. He looked at his hand, moving it slightly he saw that the blood seeped through the bandages. A small growing red stain grew on his uniform. He pulled his captain haori over the red area. He regained back his steel composure. Gripping the green sash for a moment before walked ahead of everyone. "If we keep idling around, we will not get anywhere." He had a straight posture.

"It seems you are healthier than I originally thought." Uryuu eyed Toshiro. He was suspicious of his sudden movement. Uryuu knew that Toshiro was still healing from his injuries. Despite what Toshiro said earlier, Uryuu knew that he would have to make sure that Toshiro didn't get himself killed. "Toshiro-"

"That is Hitsugaya-taichou to you, Ishida." Toshiro lead the way for group. Uryuu's eyes narrowed, annoyed with Toshiro's attitude. "That goes for you too, Kurosaki." Ichigo sighed. Toshiro was trying to be the cold captain everyone knew him as in the Soul Society. Hitsugaya turned his head and looked at everyone, "Are we just going to stand around?" Toshiro asked.

"No." Chad answered for everyone and started to walk. Uryuu was the last to follow. The group of four walked through the sands. It was silent between everyone. Toshiro unconsciously griped the star shaped clip holding his green sash together. It was almost like a good luck charm, but it was not. Whenever he felt nervous, he grabbed clip. It was odd. Toshiro grabbed his arm and pulled it away from the star clip. It reminded him of what a child would do. He twitched remembering how he got it.

"Hey, Shiro-chan!" Toshiro flinched hearing his name called. The young hollow had grown accustomed to calling him that name. Unfortunately. It was unbearably embarrassing. Naruto loved to constantly tease him about his name. Hitsugaya ignored Naruto, hoping the hollow would find something else to do. "Shiro-chan!" Toshiro pretended to be busy. They went to the market today, Naruto behavior this morning got on Toshiro's nerves, so he came up with the idea of going to the market outside of the shinigami's fort, where the common people lived. Toshiro then explained most souls sent to the Soul Society did not all become shinigami, only a select few. "Toshiro!" Hitsugaya blinked, Naruto really must have wanted his attention. He turned his head to Naruto who was right behind him.

"Look at this!" Naruto said. He held out a star-shaped clip. Toshiro's brows knitted together, "It reminds me of your zanpakuto," He stated, comparing it to the end of the hilt. Naruto grinned a little a, "And it would go great in your hair!" Toshiro growled and smacked Naruto on the head. Naruto rubbed his head with both of his hands, dropping the clip. Naruto laughed despite his pain.

"Dobe!" Hitsugaya yelled. Everyone in the market place looked at the two. Toshiro face flushed, "T-this is none of your business." He stated with a cold glare at everyone who was staring. He regained composure and people got back to what they were doing. Toshiro looked back at Naruto with a glare.

"Hey you got to admit, it was funny! You, with a clip in your hair!" Naruto chuckled lightly. Hitsugaya frowned. Did Naruto laugh at him because he looked like a kid? How childish he appeared? Toshiro felt a little bit of bitterness creep into his heart. He sighed. It was old news that people only thought he was a kid. Why did it hurt now? He remembered earlier this morning some of the shinigami talking about him. Calling him a child, prideful, and arrogant. The words that stuck to him like glue. They joked about him constantly. Was Naruto no different?

"Hey!" Naruto shouted. Toshiro looked at Naruto with icy eyes. "I was only kidding." There was a pause, and an ere intense aura surrounding them. "Toshiro." Naruto crossed his arms. Naruto knew that Toshiro was upset about what he said. He automatically knew why. "You know, if I though of you as a child, I would never treated you as an equal." Naruto said with a serious voice. Toshiro turned away from Naruto. The blonde Hollow sighed and shook his head. "You aren't the only one that people underestimate." Naruto confessed. Still silence between them. "When I lived in Konoha, everyone said I would never become a ninja…you know what I told them?"

"What?" Toshiro asked quietly.

"I will be the best damn shinobi they ever saw." Naruto gave a wide smile, "And you know what happened?" Toshiro turned his head ever so slightly. "I was proclaimed the savior of the world, protector of Konoha, and the greatest shinobi that ever lived." Toshiro looked at Naruto. "That kid, everyone hated who they thought was stupid, childish, and a demon, rose up and became the greatest shinobi that the world had ever seen." Toshiro eyes fell a little, reflecting on his words. Naruto told him stories of his past. Hitsugaya never realized, to the full extent, that in some ways they were similar. Both Naruto and Toshiro were seen as children, nothing more. He found it strange that a hollow could teach him life lessons. Naruto stepped forward and heard a small crunch. Both pairs of eyes went to the now broken clip. Toshiro looked up to see a woman giving them a murderous look. Naruto gave him a sheepish grin.

"Well." Toshiro said picking up the star-shaped clip, with an empty expression. Naruto grew nervous. "I'm sorry ma'am." Toshiro said and walked over to the vendor, "It appears my friend broke one of your merchandise." Hitsugaya would forgive him this once. "How much does this cost?"

"10,000 yen." The woman replied with a cold tone. Toshiro turned slowly to Naruto, with an ere look.

"Naruto…" Hitsugaya growled, "YOU IDIOT! WHY THE HELL DID YOU SHOW ME A CLIP THAT IS 10,000 YEN!" Naruto smiled at Toshiro, before quickly walking away. "DON"T YOU RUN AWAY!" the woman grabbed Toshiro's arm. Her eyes blazing with anger.

"You have to pay."

After he paid, Toshiro found Naruto not to far away. "I don't know what I am going to do with this…" Toshiro sighed, "This is your entire fault." He grumbled to Naruto.

"I'm sure we can find something you can use this for…" Naruto snatched the clip. Toshiro glared at him but stayed quiet. One of the sides of the star broke off, and it could not clip onto anything anymore. Naruto frowned. "Flimsy for a 10,000 yen clip." Naruto knew he would have to fix it. Hitsugaya went on a rant why he shouldn't touch things that don't belong to him. When Toshiro wasn't looking, Naruto sped off to the blacksmiths. It wasn't long before Toshiro noticed his disappearance.

For a while, Toshiro couldn't find Naruto. When Naruto didn't want to be found, he wasn't found. That was the most annoying thing about Naruto, besides his teasing. After three hours of searching, he saw Naruto chopping wood at the blacksmiths. He had no idea why he was chopping wood. "Naruto, I hope you know I have been looking for hours, to only find you at the blacksmiths, chopping wood…"

"He promised to fix the clip if I helped him with this," he lifted the axe onto his shoulder, "After all you never give me money…" Naruto gave him a small frown. Of course the frown turned into a sly grin.

"We both know why." Toshiro started, but an elderly man stepped out of his workshop. Hitsugaya wondered why Naruto was so keen on fixing the clip. "Is there a reason why you want to have the clip fixed?" Toshiro asked dryly.

"You spent 10,000 yen on it!" Naruto stated, "Besides we can find some use for it." Taking the expensive clip from the old man. He nodded to the guy. Taking it he walked over to Toshiro and smiled. He held it out. "Just don't put it in your hair." He laughed.

"You are such a strange hollow." Toshiro shook his head, but accepted the clip. What in the world was he going to do with the clip in the first place?

He was in his room feeling a bit cold, which was odd for him, picked up a scarf made by Baa-chan he was about to wrap it around his neck but he stopped. Thinking about how his zanpakuto nearly dragged across the ground every time it was around his waste he thought of an idea. He took the scarf and wrapped it around his zanpakuto before putting it over one shoulder and wrapping it around his torso. He took the clip and clipping it on. He walked over to the mirror and admired the new look. Well, at least the clip wasn't a total waste of money. Toshiro smiled a little. "It doesn't look too bad…" For some reason he knew that he would never hear the end of this from Naruto. "That idiot…" he smirked.

Yet Toshiro could never call Naruto a hollow now, not after learning more about him. Toshiro saw Naruto as a shinigami, a friend. As Naruto said, Toshiro saw him as an equal, a brother. Two completely different people, and yet, have so much in common. It didn't seem possible. A hollow and shinigami, friends? It was what Toshiro was trained to kill. Naruto was not supposed to be human, not even emotionally. Hitsugaya wondered how it was even possible to get along. Their personalities contrasted greatly. He sighed, "I won't let you destroy yourself."


"So that hollow loving son of a bitch left with Ichigo, eh?" A council member crossed his arms. His face held disgust. "I can't tell you I'm surprised." His eye narrowed dangerously at Yamamoto. The old captain of the Soul Society nodded, "I didn't expect anything less from that captain. He is only a child."

"What are we going to do about this?"

"Kurosaki, Ishida, and Yasutora have nothing to do with the Soul Society. However, Hitsugaya-taichou has gone against orders. With the knowledge that Hitsugaya-taichou was the watchman over Naruto, then I believe he has chosen a side…with Aizen."

"That is not true!" Matsumoto yelled. Yamamoto held out his arm telling her to stay put. The orange-haired woman growled, "Hitsugaya-taichou is honorable and would only do this because he found it necessary for the Soul Society's wellbeing!"

"That is enough, Matsumoto-fukutaichou." Yamamoto stated. She wanted to beat the hell out of the council member accusing her captain, but she stayed put, preventing anymore unnecessary drama.

"If I may speak on the behalf of the shinigami," Yamamoto said with a grand composure. The head council member nodded, "I wish to send some of the shinigami to Hueco Mundo."

"What is your reasoning?" A council member asked skeptically.

"I think that this could give us a hand in the war, as well as detaining the possible traitor, Hitsugaya-taichou." Yamamoto said. Matsumoto gave the wise man a surprised look. Her mouth open in disbelief.

"Yamamoto-soutaichou! You can't-"

"Quiet Matsumoto-fukutaichou." Yamamoto warned. "As I was saying, if we were to send shinigami, it would give us two advantages. One, the Aizen would not strike the Soul Society knowing that shinigami invaded Hueco Mundo." Yamamoto took a small breath, "And two, in the process we could possibly cripple Aizen's forces. We could possibly apprehend Hitsugaya-taichou before causing anymore harm." The council became silent for once. Many council members looked at each other for any sign of agreement or disagreement.

"Your proposition…is most intriguing." The head of the council broke the silence. Matsumoto's hands balled into fists. What was Yamamoto thinking? "We will consider this. You are dismissed." The council member made a single sweeping motion with his hand. Yamamoto bowed, but Matsumoto stormed out. Walking swiftly past the guards, Yamamoto walked slowly after the vice captain.

"Matsumoto-fukutaichou." Yamamoto said with disdain. She kept walking, "When I call your name, I expect you to turn!" He said with a strict voice. It wasn't quite yelling, but his voice demanded respect. She stopped and turned a dark glare in her eyes.

"I can't believe you would ever-!" Yamamoto held up his hand commanding her to stop.

"I do not believe Hitsugaya-taichou is a traitor." Yamamoto stated. Matsumoto looked confused. "However, to get the council to act, I needed to convince them that The Gotei 13 is to be trusted. They fear us as much as Aizen." Yamamoto explained in a collected manner. Matsumoto closed her eyes, guilty for thinking that Yamamoto was that blind. "You must understand that I have to appeal to two different groups. The Gotei 13 and the Soul Society. If I do something that is outrageous, I am doing it for a reason." He paused, "It's for the good of our people." Matsumoto looked up at the old captain.

"Who would you send?" Rangiku asked.

"That would have to be discussed with the council, but on my own preferences, it would be people who know Ichigo. They would work with Ichigo, but of course, not under my knowledge." The man had a small twinkle in his eye. Rangiku understood. Just then yelling was heard.

"Sui-Feng-taichou!" a medical shinigami yelled at the stubborn captain. She grabbed the captain arm trying to stop her. "You are in no condition to be walking-"

"I will do as I wish!" she pushed the shinigami off her arm, sending the girl to the ground and stormed to Yamamoto. Her eyes held a deep rage, arms tense, and the aura around her was intense. People backed away from her as she stormed over. She was heavily bandaged, her arm in a cast, she walked with an obvious limp. Sui-Feng tried hard to look perfectly fine, but it did not work. "Yamamoto-soutaichou!" She nearly yelled, "I heard of the news!"

"As well as the others." Yamamoto replied.

"So that bastard Hitsugaya ran to Hueco Mundo! Same with that excuse of a shinigami, Kurosaki!" Matsumoto gave her a hard glare, but the short ninja captain ignored her. "What are you planning to do?" she stared directly into his eyes challenging him, a disrespectful thing to do. Matsumoto gave him a look protesting Yamamoto to tell Sui-Feng anything.

"If the council approves, I will send shinigami to Hueco Mundo-"

"I expected much." Sui-Feng scoffed, placing a hand on her hip, "If they do agree, I'm going." Yamamoto eyes narrowed; "Even without your damn consent!" she yelled placing a finger in his face.

"Sui-Feng," Yamamoto dismissed her status, "I believe I am the commander of the Gotei 13. I will decide who goes and who does not." Sui-Feng bubbled with anger. "And I know you will not being going." Sui-Feng growled, her face turning red.

"I don't give a damn about your consent!" She yelled, "You are an old, weak, senile man, who is too foolish to do anything right!" Yamamoto's straightened his back growing angry from her words. "If you knew how to run anything right you would have at least been able to stop Aizen from attacking us in the first place!" she nearly screamed. Suddenly the world became heavy, the reiatsu became thick almost crushing. Sui-Feng dropped to her knees in an instant. Matsumoto moved away before the effects could reach her. Sui-Feng quivered for a second feeling the power leak from the old man.

"I believe you must calm yourself before talking to me. You are embarrassing yourself and your division." He stated with a concerning calmness, "Do not think that I weak. I am the commander of the Gotei 13 for a reason, and you are the captain of the second division. You should not underestimate me or anyone else for that matter. Even yourself." His eyes narrowed down at the kneeling captain. The other shinigami watched with frightened looks. Matsumoto shook her head in pity. Sui-Feng's vice captain walked warily over. "Think about your actions." The reiatsu lightened dramatically. Sui-Feng could breathe again. She took a few shuddering breathes for attempting to move. The shinigami in the area watched for a moment before the commander walked away. They returned to their business and began to gossip about what happened. Sui-Feng got up slowly.

"Sui-Feng-taichou-!" Marechyo Omaeda reached to see if she was ok.

"Don't touch me." She said darkly. Matsumoto watched warily before deciding to leave the 2nd division captain to deal with own problems. The vice captain watched the petite captain stare at the ground with emotionless eyes. She began to wander in a random direction, anger still remnant. "Omaeda go bother someone else." She ordered. The vice captain sighed before walking off. He knew that Sui-Feng didn't recognize him as a shinigami, just a low life guard. Little known to her, Hiyori watched from a distance.

Hiyori growled, for some reason she wanted to knock some sense into the captain. "Wait, our time will come." A voice sounded. Hiyori rolled her eyes, "Shut up old hag."


Sui-Feng walked to the area where she first met Naruto, and strange enough, where she trained with Yoruichi. The tree she had always leaned against had grown a lot since then. She placed her hand on the trunk. So many memories, so many good times, and in a snap, both disappeared like her two teachers. She felt so weak now. Sui-Feng collapsed next to the tree and her body shook. She looked at her hands. Why had Naruto and Yoruichi abandoned her? The captain thought of all the reasons. She was weak, stubborn, and had anger issues. Maybe they hated her. Sui-Feng knew that Naruto hated her. She tried to keep him at the Soul Society; didn't he know she looked up to him? What was left of her heart broke when he left her. Sui-Feng pitied herself. She began to weep and tears rolled down her face.

Why did they leave her alone?

Everything seemed to grow dark, like she just fell asleep. Sui-Feng was suddenly blinded by a harsh light. She threw her arms in front of her eyes, and closed her eyes tightly. Then the light disappeared to see a strange place. A giant sakura tree stood on a hill. It was raining, and the sky was gray. Sui-Feng blinked a few more times trying to adjust her eyes to the light. The sakura tree had no petals, it was barren. She shivered feeling the cold drops of rain against her skin. Sui-Feng had no idea what she was doing here, how she got here, or even where she was. It was odd. The tree looked so lonely on the hill by itself in the rain. For an odd reason Sui-Feng felt as she should climb towards the tree. The hill was pretty steep. She walked toward it and began to walk up it.

For a while it seemed simple, but the more she moved up the hill she realized she wasn't getting any closer. It was odd and she looked back. She was still at the foot of the hill. Lightning etched across the sky. Sui-Feng had a confused look written on his face. She thought she climbed up the hill. Looking back up to the tree she tried to walk up the hill again. Seeing the tree didn't get any closer. Seeing that she wasn't getting anywhere she grew angry. She ran towards it but still nothing. "What the hell is this!" she yelled, and growled. Sui-Feng stopped trying and turned around about to give up. She saw that there was some type of darkness was creeping towards the hill. The plain the hill was on was slowly being eaten away.


"Sui-Feng." Two voices called. She swung around immediately knowing whose voices they were. Her eyes grew wide. Naruto and Yoruichi stood at the top of the hill. They stood with calm postures next to the tree. Sui-Feng couldn't believe her eyes. The very people she had been yearning to see again were right at the top of the hill. She hesitated for a moment before trying to run up the hill again. Sui-Feng ran as hard as she could. Seeing that she was not getting anywhere she tried jumping up the hill. The hill seemed to stretch as she did. The sakura tree, along with Naruto and Yoruichi, got farther away. She felt like giving up, growing tired. Turning she saw the darkness was moving even faster to the hill.

'Keep moving! Don't give up!'

Sui-Feng started to run again. This time she was going somewhere, but the hill grew bigger. She saw her goal getter farther and farther away. The darkness reached the bottom of the hill and crept upward. Sui-Feng gave the tree a tired look. She felt like giving up. She walked slowly up the hill to find she was not even a quarter away from the bottom of the bottom of the hill. The darkness moved slowly now, but only got closer. This made Sui-Feng worried, what happened when the darkness reached her? Would she disappear? Taking another look at the top hill she debated on what she should do.


Sui-Feng sighed and began to run up the hill. "We don't even know why we trained you in the first place." Naruto said, his eyes a certain dullness. She shook his head at the captain, "So weak…you couldn't even put a scratch on me."

"I don't why I bothered with training you, Sui-Feng." Yoruichi added. Sui-Feng stopped in her tracks. She panted, and her body shuddered. The captain didn't know what to do. Tear formed in her eyes. Her teachers gave up on her, why did she even bother to try to make it to the top. She stopped and guilt filled her chest as she though about her teachers. The darkness was two feet away. "You were such a useless girl. You never did anything right. I wonder how you, of all people, became captain." Sui-Feng felt tears roll down her cheeks. "Just give up." Why did she even try? From the darkness, hands reached out and began to pull her slowly under. It was like quicksand.

"I don't even know why…why am I so weak?" She looked at her hands.

'What are you doing?!' the random voice yelled at her. 'Don't stop!' the voice told her. Sui-Feng allowed herself to be dragged into the pool of blackness. 'So this is it? You're giving up?' the voice asked and the 2nd division captain ignored the voice. 'So you are just going to allow yourself to be swallowed by the darkness?' Sui-Feng looked back up at the tree. 'You are pathetic! Pitying yourself? You make me sick. Why are you not doing anything? You have two legs! Get up and move!'

"I can't…I just…can't…" Sui-Feng cried.

'Do not underestimate yourself!' the voice yelled. Sui-Feng looked back up at the tree. Naruto and Yoruichi watched as she sunk into the blackness. She was now knee deep in it. 'You only have the power to move yourself! Pitying yourself will get you nowhere! Now get up and move!' Sui-Feng looked down at the darkness she saw herself. An exact copy of herself, in fact multiple copies of herself were dragging Sui-Feng down in the utter darkness. Sui-Feng looked back up to the top of hill. She knew how pathetic see was acting. 'Go! Make it to the top of the hill!' the small captain became determined. Yoruichi always told her to never underestimate yourself. Yamamoto-soutaichou told Sui-Feng not to either. Yoruichi would never tell her to give up. Sui-Feng felt a new determination. 'Go!'

"You don't need to tell me twice!" Sui-Feng struggled to get out of the black pool. It was like mud .It began to try to pull her down even faster. The copies of herself struggled to keep her from moving. "Let go of me bitch!" she jumped out of the darkness and sprinted up the hill. The darkness sped up as well. It kept up with her. Sui-Feng growled and sprinted even faster. She was moving up the hill slowly but surely.

'You can do it!' the voice cheered.

Sui-Feng was almost at the top. Then she felt something grab her leg. A copy of herself began to drag her to the darkness. This time it was much stronger. She fought with the pool of pity. "I will not give up!" Sui-Feng yelled, "Not until the day I die!" Sui-Feng kept fighting with the pool. She was fighting a losing battle. "I will never give up!"

'That's the spirit.' Suddenly a person Sui-Feng never had seen before punched the clone of Sui-Feng. The clone had a stunned look. Then the person let off a bright flash. The clone of Sui-Feng screamed and the darkness melted away. Sui-Feng felt a hand pull her the rest of the way up, and there, Sui-Feng stood on top of the hill. Yoruichi and Naruto faded away as well. The rain stopped and the sun shined through. The sun hit the tree and blossoms began to grow. The expansive plain was viewable from every direction. Flowers sprouted from the tall grass, and a breeze blew by. The grass swayed like the waves of the ocean. Sui-Feng awed by the view from the top of the hill. 'It's amazing is it not?' her rescuer said.

Sui-Feng got a good look of the girl. Girl was the wrong term to use. She was a beautiful woman. She had medium length hair that reached her shoulders; it was as pink as the cherries blossoms of the sakura tree. She also wore a strange headband on her head with some symbol. Her eyes were a warm spring green. They showed her knowledge, kindness, and wisdom. Her lips were naturally a light pink. Sui-Feng wondered if this was her zanpakuto spirit, but she knew this was not. The woman smiled gently at her. The outfit she wore was mostly red, white, and pink. She wore one piece dress that was red with white trim. The one piece exposed her thighs, but the shorts covered her upper thigh. Fish net tights covered her legs. There was a small collar on her one piece; however, fish netting covered her neck. Black fingerless gloves covered her hands. White bandages covered both knees. A kunai pouch on her leg and a small pack wrapped around her waist. She looked elegant but dangerous.

'My name is Sakura' the woman stated, her eyes shinning in the sunlight. Sui-Feng found it fitting. Sakura smiled at her, 'I'm glad you didn't give up.' Sui-Feng didn't know what to say. 'I'm sorry!" she apologized, 'I know it must be bizarre not knowing who I am. I will explain.' Sui-Feng nodded waiting for what she was going to say. 'I am you.' She started off. Sui-Feng looked confused, 'Well, to make it more understandable, you are my reincarnation.'

"So…I'm your reincarnation…is that why Naruto called me Sakura?" Sui-Feng asked. Sakura eyes dulled for a moment, she looked upset.

'Yes.' Sakura replied.

So…everyone who has these names…"

'Yes, glad you piece everything together.' Sakura said with a small amount of sarcasm. 'Look, I helped you. Now I need you to help me with something. It is of the greatest importance.' Sakura stated, 'You need to save Naruto. Get him out of Aizen's hands, and protect him from the council. Then get him as far away from-'

"I won't," Sui-Feng interrupted Sakura. The pink haired beauty gave her a surprised look, "All I care is getting him back." Sui-Feng had a serious face. Her eyes showed her determination. "I don't care if you think it's better for him to be away from the Soul Society. He's my sensei…and a criminal…"

'Don't be an idiot!' Sakura was infuriated. 'You are being selfish!'

"So be it." Sui-Feng spat, "You don't run my life. If anything, you are dead." She turned swiftly away from the woman. The pink haired woman looked shocked at first, but it turned to a strangely calm face. Sui-Feng could tell Sakura was angry and upset.

'So you are just going to leave…let Naruto suffer…let him turn into a monster!' Sakura yelled, 'You call him your sensei! You are nothing but a selfish, idiotic child!' Sakura said with a cold stare. Sui-Feng growled when Sakura called her a child. 'Of all people why did I have to be reincarnated into someone as treacherous as you!'

"Why does it even matter to you!?" Sui-Feng spun around, "You left him! Left him for someone who betrayed you and your village!" Sui-Feng hissed. Sakura's back straightened and her eyes softened. The green orbs were down casted, full of an emotion Sui-Feng couldn't place. Sakura's eyes closed and slowly opened again. Sui-Feng remembered of how Naruto told her of the girl he once loved name Sakura. Naruto explained that Sakura never loved him like he loved her, but he moved on to someone else.

'Because…you remind me of myself.' Sakura said somberly. Sui-Feng body seemed to grow relaxed. Her shoulders became limp and mind became numb. 'I used to think like you do.' She spoke softly, eyes dimming. 'It's something I regretted all of my life. Being so selfish…hurting others…' her eyes jumped to Sui-Feng, 'You cannot be as I once was.'

"But the Soul Society!" Sui-Feng tried to reason with Sakura, "He is a criminal…a-a monster…my…my sensei…" The further she thought of her words the more she tried to reason with herself. Was she a bigger monster than Naruto was? She caused this entire war. It was her fault. He was with Aizen now. Naruto was becoming the monster that Toshiro and the others tried to prevent. "I never meant for this to happen…I-I-!"

'You cannot undo what is done.' Sakura stated with a heavy voice, 'However, the future is not set in stone.' Sakura walked over and placed a hand on the young woman's shoulder. 'Sui-Feng, you have the ability to help Naruto, but you have to want to help him.' A large gust of wind blew by both of the women. Sui-Feng squinted and Sakura began to fade into petals in the wind. She smiled softly, 'I will be here to help you…and so will Tsunade…" she completely disappeared, her words whispering in the wind. The wind blew harder until she felt like the wind was carrying her further away from the sakura blossom tree. Sui-Feng felt at peace for a moment. Everything soon faded to black.

'I will always be there…'

For the first time in a long time, Sui-Feng believed.


Sui-Feng's eyes opened to the familiar training grounds. She was resting against the old tree that so many memories danced around. She blinked at the harsh light of the sun, holding her arm above her eyes, blocking the sun. She felt her cheeks were wet, the foreign feeling of tears. Maybe Sakura would be the first mentor to ever stay with her. She sighed, she truly believed in the woman's words. She heard the sound of feet padding against the ground. Sui-Feng blinked looking in the direction in which the sound was coming from. The figure was short and the person's hair was unruly. It stuck out from both sides of the person's head. "Staring isn't going to win ya' any favors." The figure snorted. It was obviously a girl, but one she had never met. "Get up!" she told her. Sui-Feng glared but did as the girl told her.

"You're one of the criminals…" Sui-Feng stated. The blonde, short, extremely bad tempered and foul mouthed girl was once a shinigami. If Sui-Feng remembered correctly it was none other than Hiyori Sarugaki, previously the fukutaichou of the 12th division. Hiyori rolled her eyes and mumbled something inaudible. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you." Hiyori stated, "Even if I think you are a bitch. The old hag is worse than you in my opinion." The blonde added bluntly. Sui-Feng would have started yelling at her, but she knew that she deserved it. She grimaced at how true Hiyori's words were. "You know, you should be grateful. You've been given a second chance without penalty." The girl said with a little bitterness. "Others haven't been so lucky."

"I-I…I never wanted to…I-It's my entire fault isn't it?" Sui-Feng said in despair tears reappearing. "I-!" Hiyori pulled back her arm and gave a swift and brutal punch to the ninja's face. Sui-Feng flew backwards at the mere power from the strike. She tumbled back until she could recover from the shock and regain her composure. She brought her hand up to wipe the blood from her now split lip. The blonde stood more than fifty feet away with an upset look. She glared at Hiyori. "You are now subject to-!"

"Save me the shinigami bullshit and your tears! Sakura didn't waste her time to bring you out of your self pity for no fucking reason." She growled crossing her arms. Sui-Feng eyes narrowed but she did not attack Hiyori. Her eyes flashed with some recognition, like there was a small amount of compassion. "You owe everyone that much…"

"What do you want?" Sui-Feng asked standing from her crouched position.

"It's not what I want…more of what the old hag, Tsunade, wants." Hiyori walked over to the ninja. There was something off about Hiyori as she walked over, "You must understand, you are the reincarnation of Sakura, therefore you will be necessary to bring him back." Hiyori's voice was different. Patience and strength was evident, as well as a wisdom earned from living for many years. "I need to help you." Sui-Feng understood she was no longer talking to Hiyori but Tusnade, "This is no longer an argument, but war. The question is…are you willing to fight?" Sui-Feng gave a single nod.

'I hope you know what you are doing…old hag.' Hiyori commented.

"Always." The ninja said. Tsunade had a small smirk.


"Hey." Ichigo yelled, "Do you guys see that?" he pointed towards the distance. Everyone looked the direction he was staring off too. Surely enough, there seemed to be a little girl running from three hollows. Hitsugaya watched, and knew there was something off about this. "Why is a little girl in Hueco Mundo?" Ichigo asked. It didn't matter to Ichigo how she got there, but the hollows that were chasing her. He ran unsheathing his zanpakuto. The rest of the group ran to aid Ichigo. Seeing the girl running from the hollows made him think of his sisters. The hollows seemed confused as Ichigo ran towards him with a weapon. With a small war-cry he swung his sword effortlessly. The hollows managed to dodge his attack. The three hollows were shaking in terror. One on the verge of tears. Ichigo couldn't believe how strange these hollows were.

"Stop!" the green haired girl yelled, "Stop bein' so mean to dem!" she had a pouting face. Ichigo turned and looked at her with knitted eyebrows. She looked perfectly human. He blinked she had a mask. A large crack resided on it. She was an Arrancar. "Don't be a meany! Ya big bully!" she pointed at him. The rest of Ichigo's party caught up and were battle ready.

"Ichigo…" Toshiro saw the girl and his eyes narrowed, "So she is an Arrancar."

"Should have known." Uryuu pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Uwah! Ya' don't have ta' be so mean!" The Arrancar with the large mask said. He trembled and hid behind his hands. The purple Arrnacar hid behind the one with a large mask, shaking in his boots. Then a giant worm like hollow cried. It was a pathetic display to be honest. Almost to be considered comedic.

"We were just playing a game!" the purple Arrancar stated.

"A game?" Chad repeated.

"Eternal pursuit!" the lanky Arrancar answered throwing his arms out.

"Eternal pursuit?" Toshiro shook his head, "Why of all things, are you playing tag-"

"It's not 'tag' it is eternal pursuit." The Arrancar with spots corrected standing on his two feet.

"Then why are you playing 'eternal pursuit'?" Toshiro growled a little. "What is the point-"

"It's fun Nii-chan!" The girl told him. Toshiro twitched a little. Uryuu smirked in amusement. "You should play wit us sometime." She smiled at him.

"I will only tell you once, I am not a child. Do not call me Nii-chan. My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya. You refer me as Hitsugaya-taichou." The white haired captain said in a sharp manner. He gave her an icy stare, "And I will not play tag-"

"Eternal Pursuit-" the purple Arrancar interrupted.

"Eternal Pursuit with you." Toshiro growled. He got more agitated by the minute. His took deep breaths trying to calm himself.

"Nii-chan!" she squealed unhappy with his answer, "Why are you so gumpy?"

"My name is not Nii-chan. I'm am not 'grumpy' I am irritated."

"Why are you irrated Nii-chan?"

"Irritated, not irrated. Didn't I just tell you not to call me Nii-chan." Toshiro glared.

"Yeah, you did Nii-chan."

"Then why are you calling me Nii-chan?"

"'Cause your name is too long. Hisugagya-taichu-"

"It is Hitsugaya-taichou."

"Yeah what you said. That name sounds so funny…it doesn't fit. Nii-chan is easier to say."

"It is not a choice!" He snapped.

"You're so mean Grumpy-chan!" Toshiro really wanted to strangle her. Ichigo stepped between him and the small Arrancar. Toshiro just crossed his arms and grumbled to himself.

"Who are ya' guys anyways?" the polka-dotted Arrancar asked.

"Not very often do we come across anyone out here in Hueco Mundo, sides' a couple of hollows…" The lanky Arrancar explained.

"Well, Toshiro and I are shinigami." Ichigo started. Toshiro gave Ichigo a glare for not adding 'taichou' at the end of his name. The four Arrancar tensed without the others noticing. The Arrancar huddled in a small circle. Ichigo, Sado, Toshiro, and Uryuu raised a brow. They could not hear the Arrancar talk, but they were plotting something. The polka-dotted Arrancar gave them a quick look before turning back to his own group. They all gave a quick nod before turning back to Ichigo's group.

"We decided we are going to include you…" the lanky Arrancar stated. Toshiro didn't like the sound of that. Suddenly he heard his zanpakuto be withdrawn from its sheath. He turned sharply to see the little girl Arrancar run off with both his and Ichigo's zanpakuto. "In our game of eternal tag!"

"You brat!" Toshiro growled running after the green haired Arrancar, "Come back here!" Ichigo ran after the girl as well. The polka-dotted and lanky Arrancar followed close behind the girl. Sado and Uryuu were being chased by the large centipede like Arrancar. Ichigo could feel something was off. They weren't alone. Toshiro must have noticed it by now. Toshiro could feel another energy moving closer to the group.

"Aizen has been expecting us…" both Toshiro and Ichigo thought.


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