Hello! Everyone is in high school and there is no war, so basically, I'm just using the characters and their personalities. Enjoy :D

"What's this? Is this a note from mommy and daddy asking how school is? Do they miss you?" taunted Ai, a school bully. I shook my head and told him to give it back. I jumped, trying to get it, but though I was very tall, I couldn't reach it from this giant. Kids were laughing at me and he was pushing me away when I came at him. I needed that paper because it said that they moving and had a new number. I needed to know where they were.

"Please, give it back!" I pleaded.

"No, Kasahara, I think I 'll keep this, send a letter to your mommy and daddy, wait, no, he's not your daddy! You don't have one! He's your step father, or, really, just a stranger. Sorry, you're basically an orphan," Ai shrugged. I shook my head again and reached for the paper. Ai twisted my arm and pushed me to the ground with my books. He laughed above me and I could hear others laughing too.

"Give that back to her, Ai," someone said from behind me. I turned my head to see a boy standing behind. He was probably an inch shorter than me, and wore a school uniform like the rest of us. His brown eyes were fierce and obviously mad at the bully.

"Why? She your girlfriend?" Ai teased.

"No, I have never met this gril before, but give it back to her, Ai, or I will have to do this physically," the boy threatened, his voice strong and serious. I couldn't help but notice the butterflies in my stomach, no one had ever said they would fight for me before.

"Fine, here's your stupid note."

"It's not stupid, you're just jealous, now move along and stop causing her trouble," the boy ordered. The bully shrugged and walked past him, hitting him in the shoulder. The boy didn't do anything, but instead took my hand and helped me up.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, just my arm, it's sore," I answered, looking to my aching left arm. He took my left hand and examined my arm.

"Nothing's broken, it'll just be sore for a few hours," he told me. "My name is Dojo, Dojo Satashi."

"Hello Dojo, I'm Iku Kasahara," I bowed.

"Nice to meet you Kasahara. You can't let those bullies get to you and your stuff, it just encourages them and makes you a target," Dojo explained.

"Yeah, I know. Thank you, by the way, I really appreciate it," I told him, picking up my books and letter from my mom and dad.

"No problem-," Dojo started, but was interrupted by someone calling him.

"Dojo! Where'd you go?" someone called through the fading crowd of students. IT was a boy, probably my height, with dark blond hair and a smile on his face. We saw us and came over. "Hey Dojo, where'd you go? I had seen you watching someone and you just ran away suddenly, were yyou mad at me or something?" the boy asked, then saw me, and smiled a mischievous smile at Dojo.

"You were watching me?" I asked.

"No, I just noticed you and was looking at you," Dojo answered.

"Hello, I'm Komaki," Komaki bowed.

"I'm Kasahara," I answered.

"Dojo is a nice guy, don't get the wrong idea, "Komaki smiled.

"I know, he took care of a bully," I told Komaki. Dojo blushed slightly as Komaki raised an eyebrow at him.

"You took care of a bully for this young lady?" Komaki repeated.

"Well, uh, I guess," Dojo rubbed his neck uncomfortably.

"Oh! This is such a sweet romance story!" Komaki exclaimed.

"What?" we both asked.

"Never mind," Komaki smiled. I smiled back and looked at Dojo who laughed nervously, but good naturally.