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Hey, Alyssa/Terra here! Here's my first Lion King fanfic. I hope you guys like it! :) I'm new to ... So don't be hard on me! XD

A young female hyena sat in the shadows of the elephant graveyard. She rested contently in the skull of an elephant, as the sunlight beamed through small openings in its cranium. The most noticeable thing about her was her odd mane, which could easily be compared to a porcupine's spines. Dark bangs hung over her face, and beneath, lavender eyes glistened. She remained menacingly still, ominously silent. An older hyena with a more weak stature approached her from behind.

"Aerona... Is that you?" She asked. A demon-like smile creeped across the younger hyena's face as she let out a chuckle. It echoed and rumbled around in the hallow skull, growing in volume and multiplying, as if an army of hyenas were all around. The older hyena took a step back. That laugh could send chills down the spine of any animal.

"Yes. I don't look quite the same, do I Shenzi?" The hyena called Aerona finally replied, still not looking at the one who was behind her.

"No, of course not.. May I ask, where you mother is?" Shenzi gulped nervously. She could see that Aerona tensed.

"My mother... Oh yes. And your sister."

"Please Aerona, I would like to know where Samanya is." Shenzi could already tell something must've happened to her. But she had to know.

"The Matriarch is dead." Aerona's voice was completely empty. Shenzi's eyes widened. How could this have happened? As if reading her mind, Aerona continued:

"She contracted an illness after you left, and our clan was too weak, for so many members had left to follow that pathetic lion. One of them being you, your mate, and your brother. Even one person could have made a difference, you know..." Shenzi held back the rage in her body. She wanted to attack Aerona right there, but she knew the now fully grown hyena could easily crush her skull effortlessly. "Who is the new Matriarch then?..." Shenzi said, mixed with a slight growl in her tone.

"You're looking at her."

Shenzi wasn't expecting anything like that. Aerona finally turned to her, and with a voice that could've scared satan out of hell, she spoke: "You betrayed us all. All to get some food. Steal, none the less. Those lions could give a shit about us. They want us dead. All they care about is themselves, we aren't apart of their sweet little circle of life. We have no place there. I don't even know what you three were thinking, stepping in there." Aerona's tone suddenly changed. A frightening grin spread across her face again. "Tell me what happened." Shenzi's fur bristled. Aerona wanted to hear the story of their failure. This hyena definitely knew how to tear someone apart, even is she wasn't crushing them between her jaws or clawing their eyes out.

"Well... Scar's nephew... we didn't kill him. We assummed he would die out there in the desert. Turns out we... were mistaken. He returned, once he was an adult, and took his place. Scar tried putting the blame on us. Once we got him corner, we decided he wasn't worth anything after all, like you said, a pathetic lion. We killed him. Me, Banzai and Ed. We were banished, and shortly after, Scar's mate and her followers were banished too. Zira."

The name caught Aerona's attention. "Zira?... Wait... Was she the mother of three cubs? Two males... a female?"

"Uh.. yes. Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu. Nuka was killed in some stupid war between the banished Outlanders and the Pridelanders, and Kovu fell in love with the King's daughter. Ridiculous right? Zira was killed as well, and all the outlanders returned to Pride Rock with a newfound realization that 'they are one'. Kovu's the heir to the throne. Prince Kovu and Princess Kiara. I'd get rid of them all If I had the ability to."

"Prince, hmm?" A devilish smile was plastered on Aerona's face. She came up with a brilliant idea. She began to laugh. The skull rumbled and roared again, many hyenas began to gather around to see what was going on. Aerona turned to Shenzi. "Just for such information, you are welcomed back into the clan my dear aunt. You, your mate, and your brother. Let them know that I will be departing. I have some business to attend to, by myself. I pass this role back to you, dear aunt. I must walk on my own for some time." the young hyena leapt out of the skull and into the open, breathing in the fresh air around her. She took a scan of the hyenas that were surrounding her. "My decision has been made. Shenzi has returned. And I must go. Perhaps we will cross paths again in the future." And the young hyena darted off into the dust, her wicked laugher echoing behind her.