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"Ayee! Hyena!" Aerona looked down to see a meerkat scurrying away from her. She grinned.

"I'm only here to speak with your king." Aerona said as calmly as possible. A warthog appeared behind the meerkat. "Timon, it's only one hyena." he said. A hornbill flew down from a tree nearby, landing on the warthog's shoulder. "I'll get the King... You three stay right here."

Meanwhile at a distant Pride located in the Noblelands, southeast of the Pridelands, some ruckus was going on.

"OHH KOPAAA!" A high pitched voice squealed. Kopa sighed. "yes?"

"Kopa, I brought you antelope, your favorite!" a young lioness giggled.

"Thank you Shanti." He said, and began eating.

"are you excited to be king?" Kopa turned.

"I'm not going to be king, Shanti."

"But Kopaaaaaa. Rena loves you!" The lioness pleaded.

"I'm just a rogue, she deserves better." He said bluntly.

"Oh Kopa, don't be silly!"

Kopa didn't love Rena. Indeed, she was beautiful, perhaps not the brightest, but her father wanted her to be queen more than ever. Kopa couldn't help but think about his old childhood friend, Vitani. He wished they could reunite, but God only knows where she could be. And her mother tried killing him. He was old enough to leave this pride, wasn't he? But every lion here would become his enemy then... He was strong enough to return to his home though. Even if Zira was waiting there, ready to kill him. He never even got to see his baby sister grow up. He had to talk to the King about it.

He got up, completely forgetting that Shanti was there and went to the King, and Rena's father, Kokei. He was resting on top of a large pile of boulders, which was to the left of a small waterhole. Kopa climbed up and sat down next to Kokei, with a worried look on his face. "...Kopa, what's wrong?" the King asked.

"Your majesty... I request to... to... leave the pride." The king was shocked. Why would he want to leave? Kopa explained to him that he had a family in the Pridelands.

"You're Mufasa's grandson...?" Kokei asked. The king didn't know much about the Pridelands. Kopa nodded. "I just wish to reunite with my family." Sighing, he looked down. He felt guilty. He was supposed to be the future king of the Noblelands... but he just couldn't be. There was a bit of a pause, but Kokei finally came to a decision.

"I understand Kopa. You have a whole family out there. Give them my regards." He said smiling. Kopa's eyes welled up with tears as he embraced the older lion. He was so happy he understood. As Kopa left, Kokei's face faded to worry. He knew his daughter would not take this well. However, he also knew Kopa would never love her. He could just tell. This would help him find a new possible mate for his daughter. "The sooner, the better." the old lion sighed.

Kopa began to run, even as he got tired, he pushed on. He was too overjoyed. He couldn't wait to see his family again. A odd rock formation began to appear in the distance... Home.

Back at Pride Rock, Aerona was laying on the ground, her face flat on the dirt. "How long does this guy take to walk?" she growled. Timon jumped up. "Oh! Look! Here he is now!" Aerona's head turned, as did Pumbaa's. Kopa nearly bounded into them.

"Sim...ba?" Timon said, highly confused.

Pumbaa then spoke, "Timon... did Simba take a trip to the barber's and shrink slightly at the same time or...?"

"Pumbaa, that's not Simba. Hey kid, what do you think you're doing here? Are you with her?" The meerkat sneered, gesturing to Aerona. Aerona groaned and rolled her eyes, dropping her face flat into the dirt again.

"no.. Timon... It's me, Kopa." With that, Timon and Pumbaa looked at each other, looked back to Kopa, and let out a scream. "GHOOOSTS!"

The two ran in the opposite direction, tripping over Aerona, and landing in front of King Simba and Queen Nala, who had just arrived. Zazu was sitting on Simba's shoulder. Simba chuckled.

"Guys, what is..." At that moment, Simba noticed Kopa. Aerona finally got up and sat down nearby. Pumbaa and Timon also got up and sat next to Nala.

The father and son just stared at each other in shock. Finally, Kopa spoke. "Father..." He felt tears well up in his eyes. Simba couldn't believe it. Kopa was dead. Zira killed him... Had she not? This was much more than a miracle. He ran to his son and embraced him. Nala joined him.

"What happened to you?" she asked. Kopa explained how after Zira had attacked him, and he was badly wounded, according to King Kokei of the Noblelands. He doesn't remember much, but Kokei had told him they eventually brought him back to health. Kopa also told them how he now has a permanent limp in his front left leg from the attack, and that is all. He told them how he grew up in that Pride, and how Kokei had high hopes that he would become his daughter's mate. He told them how he thought of them every day, and that he knew this was his only home. The family continued talking happily. Aerona stared in confusion.

"that's it?" She hissed. Everyone turned. They forgot about her. Simba gave her a mean look. She ignored it.

"This male lion comes up to you saying he's your son... and that's it?"

"y'know, Miss Shady Hyena has a point." Timon added. She glared at him, and he hid behind Nala's leg.

"Wait, I'll prove it to you!... where's my sister?" Kopa asked. Zazu responded "I'll go fetch the young Princess," as he flew up into the sky.

"More waiting. Sweet." Aerona growled.

"Just who are you anyway?" Simba growled.

"I'm Aerona. I have a request."

"Go on." Nala said, stepping forward.

"I wish to be apart of your Kingdom." She said.

"With your attitude you won't be getting anywhere, hyena." Simba grumbled.

"well excuse me, your highness... Your little Prince owes me, actually."

"...Kovu?" Simba asked, confused.

"Kovu?... Kovu... is Kiara's mate?" Kopa asked, both shocked and excited.

"Yes, Kopa." Simba said, quite bluntly.

"Does that mean Vitani's here?" Kopa began to smile wide. He couldn't believe it. What on earth happened? It didn't even matter... Vitani was here! Vitani was home!

"You... definitely are my son." Simba said, noticing how excited Kopa was getting at the news. "Yes, Vitani is here." he added.

"Dad... I have to see her."

And right at that moment, Princess Kiara, Prince Kovu, and Vitani arrived. A huge burst of excitement erupted. The family was finally united. Vitani was so excited to see her best friend alive. Everyone was so happy, they once again, forgot about Aerona.

"Karrrrr!" That was the odd nickname Kopa gave Kiara when they were cubs. It was supposed to sound like a growl. "Kopa!..." The siblings embraced. Simba knew this was his son. The family was overjoyed. They couldn't wait to talk about everything that had happened since Kopa's disappearance. Finally, Simba returned his attention to Aerona.

"Kovu... This hyena asked for you." Kovu looked at her, as did everyone else.

"Aerona." she said in monotone, as if reading everyone's mind.

"Aerona... Areona!... Hello." He said, a bit awkwardly. It had been some time.

"Yeah, hi kiddo. I have a request. I'd like to join your kingdom." Kovu looked at her with an expression that read something along the lines of -Oh, I remember now.- He turned to Simba and said: "She saved my life when I was a cub." Simba sighed. She was just a hyena. One with a bad attitude, but... a lone hyena. He didn't want to, but guessed it wouldn't hurt. "Sure, why not."

She grinned. "I promise I'll be a good help here."

"Right." Simba said, turning around to lead them back to Pride Rock.

"Geez, two carnivores in one day." Timon whined.

"Maybe we can introduce them to our slimy, yet satisfying diet?" Pumbaa suggested.

"No, buddy, look. Crunchy." Timon grumbled.

"Slimy!" grunted Pumbaa.

The two continued to argue, and Aerona trailed behind the group. She rolled her eyes at the nonsense, but was glad to finally have a real home, a new beginning. Sure, lions... but whatever. And she knew just how she would help. No more of this simplicity.