This story is a pairing of the characters Russia(Ivan) and Prussia(Gilbert) from Axis Powers Hetalia. In other words, it contains gay themes. Do not continue if this is not what you were looking for. It is purely fanfiction and is not related to the comic or animation at all. It is also barely - if at all, based on real history.
I hope you enjoy reading! :)

It began when he spotted the man sitting on a bench alone. Had Gilbert known, he would have kept walking; but there was a sadness in the man that struck him funny. The weather was chilly at sun rise, and even the birds were still sleeping.
Ivan sat stoic, silently observing the world pass without him, awakening almost. He was in a quiet place, with quiet people and quiet lives. The bench was cold and the man kept his jacket wrapped close.

Ruffling his hair, the Prussian man cautiously approached and sat at the other end of the bench. He could see his breath freeze as it left the confines of his body, and nervously he slowly turned his gaze to the tall blond man.
"Good morning."
There was a pause as Ivan's purple eyes fell upon the source of the new voice. Noise.
"Da, Good morning."
Gilbert felt the words like ice as a shiver went down his spine. Quickly he wrapped his arms over his chest, hands under his arms.
"How are you?" The words felt awkward as he spoke.
"Good. You?" The Russian accent was thick.
"Fine... My name is Gilbert."

Ivan looked at him, a smile appearing on his solemn face. "I know. You may call me Ivan."
Gilbert chuckled. So, he did remember him. "I remember you."
The Russian turned away, looking as the street started to once again come to life.

"This world. It is always changing, Gilbert. Soon we will be nothing but stories, names, history. And eventually... We will not exist even in that."

The pale man swallowed hard. His crimson eyes looking down at his shoes as he quietly moved his foot in the left over snow.
"Not me. I'll be remembered... Forever."