This story is a pairing of the characters Russia(Ivan) and Prussia(Gilbert) from Axis Powers Hetalia. In other words, it contains gay themes. Do not continue if this is not what you were looking for. It is purely fanfiction and is not related to the comic or animation at all. It is also barely - if at all, based on real history.
WARNING. This chapter does contain semi adult material! Do not continue unless you're old enough! There's a reason it's rated M.

The walk down the hallways had seemed long and almost painful. Gilbert spent as much of that time preparing himself to behave normal and to stay as far away from the blonde as possible.
After what he had just done – we didn't want the man coming anywhere near him.

Wandering down to the dining room, he could smell Toris' delicious cooking already. Well, there was a limit to how delicious the Prussian really felt the food was – but it was good to be a little bit optimistic. He found the large doors, which he had no doubts that they were twice as tall as him or more, and hesitantly moved to open them. But with a pull and a swing, the door was open and three sets of eyes fell upon him.

The dining room was massive with dusty chandeliers and candle sticks. Cob webs had made their way into the nooks and crannies, this room Toris seemed to ignore. Or maybe he was just never able to make it in here before some other mess appeared elsewhere? Other than that, there were hardwood floors, creaky with age and popular foot paths. The furniture was similar in here as the other rooms – dark wood. Gilbert couldn't imagine trying to move this massive table into this room, perhaps it had been built in here. The chairs were cushioned with long unused red fabric and tarnished gold trim.

'This place really has become a dump…' He couldn't help but thinking as he closed the door behind him and made his way to his seat to the right of Ivan – trying not to glance up at the faded dirty wall paper or the massive paintings of the Russian man's 'family'. He wished that Eduard had decided to sit there, but the man has chosen to sit on the left, with Latvia between him and the Russian. Prick.

Uncomfortably, he sat down, looking up to see that the Latvian had been looking at him, only to look down. He had a large bruise on his cheek that made Gil's blood boil. Abuse. Why did there always have to be abuse? You would think that the Russian would as least be grateful to the boy for participating in his disgusting games.

The albino glanced towards Ivan. The man was sitting relaxed in his chair, leaning closer to Gilbert now that he was there.

Clatter. Clatter. Toris came into the room, pushing a dining cart and wearing an apron. It was stacked with silver platters and dishes. Before long, the Lithuanian had laid everything out and served everyone before taking off his apron and sitting beside Gilbert. This man was certainly the trained bitch in the house.

"So. H-how are y-y-you s-settling i-i-in?" Everyone was surprised that the Latvian had spoken up, especially to Gilbert. The Prussian felt however that it was likely the Russian had spoken to him beforehand about making this dinner all the more awkward. He was the only one with a truly expectant look in his eyes as he sat there, silver ware in hands and a mouth full of food.

Gilbert couldn't really reject the question. He ought to behave and try to get through the dinner as easily as possible. Looking at the Latvian was hard though when the first thoughts that came to mind were the Russian's cruel smile, the bruising, and Raivis naked.
"Well. I suppose all is well. I have a roof, a place to sleep and hot meals. That is a luxury in its self in this country. Isn't it Ivan?" He said, his tone sweet with hidden daggers.

Ivan didn't even twitch. He just calmly finished what he was chewing on and wiped his mouth with a napkin before responding. "Mother Russia does all she can to provide for her children."Was all he said.

This pissed off the Prussian, so he turned to Raivis and gave him a concerned look.

"Raivis. What in the world happened to your face?"

Everyone got tense… except Ivan.

"I… I… I hurt m-m-m-myself." Raivis choked out, it seemed he was holding back tears already.

Gilbert looked to Ivan, who looked up at him and that single stare of purple eyes gave him chills. Now he could tell he was in deep shit. Toris, Eduard and Raivis all went back to their meals, obviously tense – but knowing that acting like nothing was happening would only better their positions in the moment.

A large Russian hand had snaked under the table and gripped the albino's leg painfully. Meanwhile the Prussian was in a trance, the hairs on his neck standing up as he locked eyes with his captor. Ivan had that wicked smile upon his face. He certainly wasn't pleased – but he was amused about some evil thought that had popped in his head.

And that smile was all it took.

With a flush of red, he quickly realized his member was throbbing again, and the Russian hand was only inches away. At the dinner table of all places! And he couldn't just stand up and walk away – it would be more obvious to the other three. He could only pray that Ivan didn't slide his hand up… but it was too late.

"Mff...!" Gilbert let out a muffled, surprised noise as he had looked away and put a fork full of food in his mouth.

Toris smiled. "I'm so glad you like the food."

Gilbert could only nod sheepishly and make more pleased 'MmmMmm!'sounds. Nobody realized though that Ivan had his hand gripped around as much of Gilbert's buldge as possible.

"Da. So delicious!" Ivan said with a pleased tone, forking more food, and rubbing more cock.

This had to be the worst dinner ever.

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