What the Mirror Saw

By Bandgeek252

Synopsis: After Harry finds the Sorcerer's Stone and keeps it from Voldemort, Dumbledore asks Snape to hide the Mirror of Erised so none of the students will be tempted. Snape gets ready to move the mirror, but sees something in that makes him stop.

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1992- Year One

Severus Snape had been played many roles in his fairly young life. From the brilliant loner of the Slytherin House during his school years at Hogwarts to double spy for the Order of the Phoenix, there had been many masks he had to undertake and not all of them pleasant. After the fall of the Dark Lord Voldemort and the horrible deaths of his arch nemesis James Potter and Severus's long lost love Lily Potter, Snape tried to remain focused in his goal. Protect Lily's son at all costs. The task, his whole reason for living, was turning out to be more difficult than he had originally thought. Due to Potter's inherited need to arrogantly disobey the rules, Severus found himself keeping an eye on Quirrell most of the time. Dumbledore had surmised that Quirrell would try to take the stone for Voldemort and thus placed his most trusted friend in charge of watching him. The first year for Harry Potter had been a near escape when he and his fly by night friends went after the Sorcerer's Stone. Severus had held his breath as he witnessed Dumbledore escort Harry's unconscious body to the Hospital Wing. Severus entered the wing hoping that his presence would remain unnoticed. The last thing he needed was for people to think he cared about Harry and his dark sneering reputation to go up in smoke.

"He lives, Severus." Dumbledore said softly not looking away from Harry's face. "It was a close call, but he lives." Snape heard him and then without taking a second glance turned away from the limp eleven year old boy he had vowed to protect. He billowed out of the Hospital Wing and returned to his dungeons for a nice stiff drink. He couldn't be found there looking on the boy. Despite his reminding Dumbledore that the Dark Lord was never going to return to power, Dumbledore was still unconvinced and kept Severus as a double agent.

After his third drink, Dumbledore entered his chambers. The old wizard looked tired, but his brilliant blue eyes still had their fire.

"Drinking again Severus? Is that sincerely necessary?" He scolded his former student.

"I find that after today, one is sorely needed. Don't fret I'll still be at breakfast tomorrow bright and early."

Dumbledore sat down on a comfortable arm chair looking slightly grim. "Severus I need you to do me a favor."

"Yes?" He said not looking up from his drink.

"I need you to hide the Mirror of Erised somewhere where the students won't find it. The Room of Requirement might work. I don't want Harry to go looking for it again." Snape knew the power of the Mirror of Erised. Students could get lost in the Mirror's power.

"I suppose Potter saw what he wanted in it?"

"Yes, he saw his parents." Dumbledore said softly sadness dripping in his tone. Snape's dark eyes snapped up in shock.

"He saw her?" he asked in barely a whisper.

"He saw them both, yes. Please hide it. The temptation would be too great for him. I hope to steer him clear of it, but I don't want to take the chance." To this Snape nodded. He didn't want Potter getting lost in the Mirror's elusive powers.

Snape found the Mirror where it had been left. The evidence of the battle between Voldemort's shadow and Harry Potter had been long swept away. The room was chilly as he held the cloak he would cover it with to transport it so he wouldn't be tempted with the Mirror's offering.

The Mirror of Erised stood beautiful as ever as Snape unfolded the cloak and tried to throw it over the mirror. The Mirror reacted before he had a chance to hide his deepest desire and a swirl of clouds covered his reflection and then cleared.

Severus's jaw dropped as he saw a red-head beauty with emerald eyes smiling warmly at him. The background was still a swirl of gray clouds, but he didn't care for he was staring face to face with the woman he had loved for so long. The piercing sadness crushed his heart, but he didn't care. He wanted to bask in her beauty and just drink in her features. Those fair cheek bones and freckles on her incredibly pale skin. It was as if not a day had gone by since the last time he saw her. For an hour he just sat and starred at her.

Realizing the time he figured he had to move the Mirror quickly otherwise he would never leave. But then a thought. He could always come back and visit. Only for once a year and only for an hour at a time. He didn't want to spend too much time with the Mirror. Dumbledore might get suspicious and question his ability to control himself. Taking it to the Room of Requirement he placed it in there safely. Checking the date to see when he would return. He saw that it was May 21, just two days before Lily's birthday.

I will return in another year on Lily's birthday. Merlin, how old would she have been this year, 30? The thought saddened him a bit, but he tried to shake it off at the thought that he would see her again next year. The bittersweet taste in his mouth told him that this would not bring her back, but he didn't care as long as he could see her again, smiling up at him. He truly in his cold lonely heart had wanted to see her smile like that at him forever, but she never did and never would. The thought made him shiver as he left the Room of Requirement to return to his dungeon like tomb.

With a heavy sigh, he undressed himself and turned in. Final examinations were coming up quick for the students of Hogwarts and Snape needed his wits about him if he were to transform those dunderheads into intelligent wizards and witches. "Until next year, Lily." Snape said right before he went to sleep.


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