Summary: Yankumi and Shin; liar, liar, pants on fire.
Notes: Takes place during episode 11 of the drama. Italicized lines are taken directly from the show.

"You won't be fired because of us, will you?"

"Of course not."


She knows it, of course. The trick, though, is making Sawada think it's the truth. Because Sawada, of all her students, is the one most likely to do something rash. He'd deny it if she said it, of course, but he's the one most like her, the one most likely to jump in without thinking. She can't let him think that it has anything to do with him or the others.

Sawada's smart. And Kumiko has always sucked at lying. But he wants to believe her at least as much as she wants him to believe her, so the lie stands, bald-faced and complete. She can only hope that it stands through the following day. If it doesn't…

Kumiko forces her thoughts away from that possibility. If her lie falls through, she'll have to be cruel to make him and her other precious students believe that they have nothing to do with her quitting. It would break them, and she can't let that happen.

They have to graduate. She'll fight for their chance, because no one else will. This is her last act for them, and she has to make it her best. She can do no less.

"I'll protect you guys. By any means necessary."