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Sesshomaru is turned into a little kid again when he denies to mate with the Eastern Demon Lord's daughter, the reason he would not mate with her is because he was already in love with someone. He searches out Inuyasha's group so that Kagome can help find away to turn him back to his original self.


Chapter one- And so it begins

Sesshomaru was sitting in his office and was reading over a letter that was sent to him by the Lord of the East, he was told it was very important, so important that he was awoken from his slumber to read this damn letter.

'Dear Lord Sesshomaru of The West,

I, Lord Taiki of the East, am coming over to speak to you about a very important matter. It has come to my attention, and every other Lord and Ladies attention, that you have yet to get a mate. You know that when a Demon Lord or Lady has reached the age of 1520 they must find a mate or step down from ruling. But do not fret young one, I have come up with a solution to your problem, and I will tell you what my solution is when I arrive.

-Lord Taiki of the East'

'What is that old fool going on about, I am not 1520 yet, I am 1519. True I am close to that age but I still have half a year until I reach that age. And that is just long enough to make the one I love love me back and mate with her.' Sesshomaru thought just as a servant knocked on his office door. "What?" He snapped he had just been about to get up and go back to bed and start dreaming of his lovely woman.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you My Lord, but Lord Taiki and his daughter Niigaki are here and wish to speak with you now My Lord." The servant said through the door. Sesshomaru growled and suddenly felt the urge to rip out his perfect hair.

'Why the hell did he have to bring that brat here?' Sesshomaru asked himself then stopped and looked at the door in horror as a horrible thought passed through his head, 'What if he wants me to mate with his daughter!' He felt his beast move around in his cage angry,

'No! Not Mate With Her! Mate With Love!' his beast growled.

"I intend too." Sesshomaru muttered, he then sighed and turned to the matter at hand. "Fine, let them in." right after he said that his door opened and a Man with long dark purple hair and bright pink eyes walked in with a young woman with long dark purple hair and bright green eyes walked in. As soon as the man saw Sesshomaru he smiled a warm smile that was suppose to but Sesshomaru as ease, but didn't because Sesshomaru saw the smile the woman gave him he was not about to relax. The woman gave him a smile that looked like she was about to pounce on him.

"Aw, Lord Sesshomaru, its been awhile." the guy said and Sesshomaru stood up and shook the guy's hand.

"Lord Taiki, it has been awhile," Sesshomaru said 'I was hoping I could make it even long, but you just had to ruin it.' Sesshomaru thought, "What do I owe this meeting?"

"Did you not read my letter?" Lord Taiki asked.

"Yes I read it, but I do not believe I should take it serious." Sesshomaru said.

"And why is that? Do you not wish to rule the western lands? Because if that is so I will Gladly. . ." Lord Taiki started.

"I am not going to give my lands to you." Sesshomaru growled. "The reason I thought I shouldn't take it serious is that I have yet to turn 1520." he said.

"Yes, this is true but it is best not to wait until you are to find a mate. So I have come up with the best solution, you should mate my daughter Niikagi. She has loved you since the first time you two meet, and you seemed to like her too." Taiki said smiling. Sesshomaru glanced over to the woman beside Taiki, when the woman saw that he was looking at her she sat up straighter and pushed her boobs out more and tried to look sexy, and failed.

"I will have to decline." Sesshomaru said.

"What? Why?" both Niikagi and Taiki asked.

"Because I already have someone I intend to mate." Sesshomaru said.

"Oh, and why have I not met her yet?" Taiki asked.

"Yeah, where is she?" Niikagi asked in full bitch mode.

"She is not here at the moment" Sesshomaru said.

"Where is she?" Taiki asked starting to think Sesshomaru made this woman up.

"My Lord, Inuyasha has just been spotted entering you lands." Jaken squawked running into the room, he slid to a stop when he saw Lord Taiki and Niikagi in the room, he bowed. "I am sorry My Lord, I did not know you were in a meeting." Suddenly Sesshomaru stood up and Jaken flinched half expecting to get kicked or something, what he did not expect was to feel Sesshomaru walk by him.

"Where are you going?" Niikagi asked.

"To deal with my younger half-brother." Sesshomaru said.

"I shall come with you." Niikagi said running after him, Sesshomaru stopped and turned to look at her.

"You will do no such thing." Sesshomaru said.

"But why, I'm going to be the Lady of the West soon I should be there when you punish that half-bread for trespassing on our land." Niikagi said.

"Oh My Lord, I am so glad to hear that you will be mating soon." Jaken said with tears of joy flowing down his face.

"I am not going to mate with you, where the hell did you ever get that thought?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Well because you obviously made up that lie about having some one you intended to mate with, just to try and play hard to get." Niikagi said running her finger down Sesshomaru's chest. Sesshomaru snarled at her then knocked her hand away from him.

"I did not lie, I do intend to mate with her, she just has yet to be informed of this." Sesshomaru said then walked away.

"You will regret ever denying me Sesshomaru, just you wait and see." Niikagi said her eyes glowing a dangerous dark green.


Kagome was setting up her sleeping bag yawning as Inuyasha tried to dig himself out of the thirty foot hole she put him in. He had tried to make them search for jewel shards the whole night, it was now around night and Kagome had convinced Inuyasha to finally let them sleep. After she unrolled her sleeping bag she grabbed her night clothes and walked behind a tree and changed into them. When she was done with that she walked over to the sleeping Shippo that was laying next to the fire Miroku had made for them and picked him up, she walked over to her sleeping bag and climbed into it setting Shippo next to her. He snuggled up into her cleavage mumbling incoherent words, Kagome gave him a sleepy smile before falling into her own restful sleep. She had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a very eventful day.


Sesshomaru ran through the woods trying to get to Inuyasha's group as fast as he could. He stopped and suddenly felt very strange, his body was tingling all over, he shook off the feeling as nothing and continued running. He never realized that his body began to give off a low glow that was slowly getting bright the more time went on. He soon began to realized that the trees were slowly beginning to grow larger. 'What in the world is going on here?' he asked himself.

'Whore did something to us.' His beast growled.

'What the hell did she do to us?' Sesshomaru asked noticing that his clothes seemed a lot baggier than when he first began his trip.

'Don't know. Kill her!' His beast roared.

'No first we must get to Kagome, she'll know what is happening to us.' Sesshomaru thought and began to run faster, or tried too but every time he tried to take a step he kept tripping over his pants. He growled and took them off, figuring his shirt would cover up his privet parts.

'Why your strip? Mate not near.' His best said.

'I had to to get to Kagome faster, other wise I would be face first in the mud every time I took a step.' Sesshomaru thought. A few hours later Sesshomaru found himself slowly walking into Inuyasha's camp tired as hell, he collapsed just as he heard Inuyasha yelling.


Kagome was jolted from her sleep when she heard Inuyasha began to yell. "Where the hell are you bastard, I know you're here I smell ya nasty scent!" At first Kagome thought he was to Naraku and shot up waking Shippo. She quickly climbed out of her sleeping bag and ran over to her bag grabbing her arrows. She looked around the camp but only saw Sesshomaru's shirt. . . wait why was that laying on the ground in their camp. Kagome, curious, walked over and noticed that a little kid was wearing the shirt and was on the ground.

"Oh my gosh." Kagome said and ran over to the boy, she picked him up and noticed that he looked no older than eight years old, she turned him over to see what he looked like and gasped.

Sorry that the First chapter is so short, I promise that the chapters will be longer.


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(Insert Awesome Pirate Story Title Here)


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