Lackadaisy Vignettes


At first, he only has Esther.

Esther, who is brand new to his meager two years. Esther, who cries a lot and pinches him when he holds her up in his lap while Mameh is busy because the floor is exceptionally dirty today and no one has gotten around to sweeping. Esther, who bites his ears and kicks him, and throws the few toys they share with the other tenement children who share their front room.

Esther, who wakes him up in the middle of the night. Esther, who chases him. Esther, who back-talks. Esther, who gets him into all kinds of trouble. Esther, who won't stop calling him names. Esther, who rips the pages out of his school books. Esther, who doesn't want him to go to school, who cries the first time he's gone for that first half-a-day and who misses him, and hugs him tightly, and never wants to let him go again ever when Tateh brings him home at lunch.

Esther, who quickly gets over this affection. Esther, who takes his things even before he is too big for them and won't give them back no matter how politely he asks. Esther, who throws his good shoes down the air shaft even though he pointedly tells her that they were new and how crunched they are for money. Esther, who runs away from home and makes him go after her before their parents notice that she's missing and scold him for not watching her.

Esther, who doesn't like the sandwiches he makes. Esther, who is selfish. Esther, who bosses him as if she's the older sibling. Esther, who steps on his toes. Esther, who doesn't listen. Esther, who blatantly defies all rational thought. Esther, who sticks up for him and clocks one of his classmates in the school yard after they say something rude about her brother.

Esther, who is occasionally the timid, younger sister that actually needs him.

Esther, who still surprises him sometimes.

And then, suddenly, when he has finally adjusted to everything that is Esther - there's Rose.


(A/n) Fortieth story, and I'm not even entirely sure what this is. xD But. I've been writing a lot of random things that are turning out very small, so this is my place to stick them so they're not all scattered about and alone. A lot of these will actually, probably, maybe, be more Mordecai-centric than others, soooo, enjoy that!